Summer Fashion Essentials: 7 Must-Have Pieces for a Stylish Vacation Wardrobe

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Going on vacation, as much as relaxing, can also be a hassle—especially with getting ready and packing. 

While packing for winter might be exhausting, packing for summer could be quite the opposite if prepared beforehand.

Sometimes we wish we could take all the pieces of clothing and fit them in a suitcase. But since that’s impossible, we are here to help you pack perfectly and practically for your upcoming summer vacation.

So here is a list of seven must-have pieces for a stylish vacation.

1. Pack a Few Shirts

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You can wear shirts over anything in the summer, with some light pair of jeans, pants, shorts, or skirts. But this is not all. For example, a shirt goes very well over a bikini as a coverup for a day at the beach. 

There are many shirt materials approved for summer, but if you don’t know what to choose, try a white linen shirt that you can wear in many ways and will be a lifesaver if you don’t like spending too much time getting ready since vacations have to be relaxing and not stressful. 

2. Find a Maxi Cut-Out Dress

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Cut-out dresses have been around for a while now. If you do not like short dresses, now it’s the perfect time to get a long cut-out dress. Not only will you look fashionable on a night out, but you will also feel cooler during hot summer nights. Such dresses work well for more exquisite events like winery visits, hosted dinners, etc.

Pair it with some heels or flat sandals to be more comfortable.

3. Pack a Few Pairs of Bikinis for a Beach Vacation

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If you don’t want to stress over washing your bikini every day at your beach vacation, consider packing a few pairs. It will save you some time and will be less stressful.

Also, if you prefer to avoid owning a lot of swimsuits but with higher quality, consider getting materials that dry faster after washing. 

4. Don’t Forget Your Favorite Shoes

Summer sandals
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Shoes can take up a considerable part of your suitcase, so choosing wisely can help save some space. In addition, shoes that go well with everything are a lifesaver.

So opt for neutral color shoes such as sandals that go well with anything during the day and heels paired with anything for the night.

Finally, if you know you will walk often, remember your favorite sneakers to make you feel more comfortable on those exploring walks.

5. Sunhats & Sunglasses

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Lastly, but not least importantly, if you want to be more protected from the sun, remember to take a good quality sunhat and a pair of sunglasses. Not only will they protect you from the sun, but they will also be an excellent option to accessorize your daily outfits. Sunhats will give glamour to any outfit during the day, and sunglasses are a must for most people during the hotter days.

6. A Pair of Shorts

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If you want to feel cooler during the day or night, don’t forget to take a pair of shorts. Usually, shorts do not look elegant, but they are a great option if you want to feel more comfortable during the heat!

Pair with a white linen shirt and sunglasses, and you are ready for the day. 

7. A Classic White Blazer

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White blazers in the summer are a must, especially during the night. If you don’t prefer some of the breezy nights of the summer, then a classic white blazer is your savior. It looks elegant and goes well with almost everything, such as a maxi dress, mini dress, jeans, pants, shorts, and skirts.

Bonus Tip: Pack Lighter Colors

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While black is very flattering, it usually attracts heat much more than other summer colors. So, if you are a black color lover, it is time to reconsider it during these superheated months.

Try going for lighter colors such as white, baby pink, or baby blue, and neutral colors overall. 

What also helps is picking a color scheme for a vacation. For example, if you go to Greece, you can choose colors such as white, blue, and tan over vibrant colors. Knowing your color scheme beforehand helps in picking individual items and helps to avoid overpacking.

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