14 Style Tips for Short Women To Make You Taller in an Instant

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Tall women have likely thought more than once that their lives would be much easier if they were at least an inch shorter.

Meanwhile, short girls are always looking for ways to look taller, at least visually. This can be achieved using a few tricks. It’s all about the strategic use of clothing and accessories.

What Is the Norm in the Fashion Industry?

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Fashion brands develop their designs for a “fitting model,” who is typically between 5’5″ and 5’7″. Most models on a runway are even taller.

But the average woman is shorter. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the average American woman is 5 feet 4 inches.

Style Issues for Shorter Women

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The good thing is that more and more clothing stores are paying attention to the needs of shorter women and creating petite lines for them.

However, shorter women still face problems when it comes to shopping.

Clothes for standard-height women can make a short woman look clumsy. So, short women often need a tailor to shorten pants and sleeves and adjust the waist, which is higher in smaller-sized clothes.

Shorter women can’t be summed up as one type. Like tall women, they can be both thin and large, have extremely feminine figures, or be completely petite.

Still, there are a few universal tips that most short women can use.

1. Choose Pants With a High Waist

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Very narrow, fitted, or wider, but straight-cut trousers will suit a short woman. A high waist will create the impression of longer legs and, therefore, a taller height.

Don’t even look at flared pants; they’re only for tall and slim girls!

2. Do Not Be Afraid of Long Skirts

Flowing maxi dress look
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If you want to wear a long dress or skirt, you should pay attention to their silhouette. The skirt should be slightly flared, not puffy in any way. Avoid stiff, hard fabrics.

Wear neutral tops with a long skirt. Also, ensure that the lower part of the top is tucked into the skirt. This trick creates the illusion of a high waist and long legs.

3. Chose Short Skirts Carefully

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Knee-length skirts will make you look shorter – so try to go above the knee. Don’t be afraid to go quite short because doing so will visually elongate your legs.

Of course, if you opt for a mini skirt, keep the look playful yet elegant. Pair your mini skirt with open-toe, ankle strap heels, espadrilles, or chunky platform sandals.

4. Prefer Pointed Shoes With a Heel

Girl in denim clothes and white heels
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It’s probably obvious that heels add height, so they’re perfect for short women. Choose a heel height that is acceptable and comfortable for you, at least a medium-height heel is recommended. Pointed shoes will give the foot grace so that the legs will look even longer.

5. Avoid Massive Jewelry and Accessories

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In most cases, a huge handbag or a massive necklace can only draw attention to your short stature and make you look out of proportion. Choose medium or small handbags and jewelry.

6. Always Emphasize the Torso

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Look for coats, shirts, and dresses with a defined waist. Otherwise, take the initiative and cinch the waist with a belt.

This way, you will divide the figure according to the so-called one-third principle, which will visually raise your waist and add a few inches.

7. Remember One-Third Rule

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By all means, avoid clothes that visually divide your figure into two equal parts. For example, a jacket that reaches the hips and a skirt that reaches the knees.

Combine the outfit that divides the body into a 1/3 top and 2/3 bottom (or vice versa). This creates a more elongated and balanced look.

8. Wear Skinny Belts Only

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Just as oversized accessories can make you look small, so too can big belts.

If you want to look taller, you’ll need to stick to skinny belts. Skinny belts flatter your figure by defining the waist without breaking up your silhouette. On the contrary, thicker belts appear to cut you in half.

Skinny belts are perfect for cinching dresses, accentuating high-waisted pants, or adding a subtle touch to a blouse. All while maintaining a sleek and cohesive look.

9. Wear V-Necks

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When shopping for tops and jumpers, be sure to add a few v-neck options to your cart. V-neck items create the illusion of a longer torso, helping you look leaner—an added bonus!

For nights out, go bold with a top featuring a plunging v-neckline to really amp up your vertical appeal.

10. Go Monochrome

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Dressing in solid color from head to toe will instantly make you look taller. This is because a single color will create a long, continuous line. It can be of similar shades and close colors.

Choose from various sandy, brown shades, white, black.

Another trick that visually lengthens the figure is flesh-colored shoes that create the illusion of longer legs.

11. Carefully Combine Heavy Fabric

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Thick fabrics such as tweed or thick wool and clothes with an exaggerated silhouette can seem to compress a very small woman even more.

Therefore, if you plan to wear this type of clothing, let it be the only such detail of your image. All other clothing should be light fabrics (fine cashmere, cotton, silk), properly sized and fitted.

12. Select Clothes With Vertical Patterns

Woman in blue striped nautical dress
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Vertical stripes and patterns will visually add height and make you look slimmer. Remember that fine patterns are better than large ones.

Avoid clothes with horizontal or diagonal stripes or large patterns. They will make you look shorter and wider than you really are.

13. Choose Tailored Blazers

Woman in blazer in the office
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Tailored blazers are a great addition to the wardrobes of short women. They create a sleek, elongated shape.

A well-fitted blazer that nips in at the waist can accentuate your curves without overwhelming your frame. Look for blazers that hit at or just above the hip to avoid shortening your legs. Tailored blazers with a single button closure or minimalistic designs make you appear taller. Pair such a blazer with high-waisted pants or skirts to further enhance this effect.

14. Use Long Cardigans and Coats

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Long cardigans and coats are excellent for adding height visually. When worn open, they create vertical lines that draw the eye up and down, giving the illusion of a longer frame.

Choose styles that fall below the hip, preferably around mid-thigh or knee-length, to maximize this elongating effect.

As mentioned, avoid overly bulky fabrics. Instead, opt for lightweight materials that drape well. Pair these cardigans or coats with slim-fitting pants or jeans and a fitted top to maintain a balanced silhouette.

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