12 Practical Styling Tips for Tall Girls

Styling tips for tall girls
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Supermodels make dressing the tall figure look so easy, but without stylists and crew, it can be difficult to know what to wear when you’re tall. The same (or even more so) is true when trying to find great-looking clothes for skinny girls. It can also be challenging to find clothes that fit too – why are all the standard jean legs so short?

If you’re struggling to create new looks or want to restyle your wardrobe, here are some styling tips for tall girls. We hope you’ll get valuable, practical ideas helping to dress a tall body type.

12 Style Tips for Tall Ladies

#1: Embrace The Maxi And Midi Skirts

Maxi skirts, maxi, or midi dresses are in every store right now. These are becoming more and more popular as we embrace spring and summer. These styles are perfect for tall girls, allowing your legs to do all the talking without exposing them.

You can opt for a looser fit that drapes well or a bodycon – both are perfect if you are tall. Don’t think these styles are too ‘dressy’ for daytime wear, these are popular choices for models off duty and are always in street fashion.

If you have the legs to do so, make sure you take advantage of these styles as there will always be a short girl who wishes she could. When you see a long dress or skirt, go for it – longer pieces stylishly highlight your legs and height.

#2: Find A Waistline That Suits You

When considering various jeans styles, actually the high-waisted jeans are the go-to style for most girls, but it’s always a good idea to move out of your comfort zone and try other waist styles.

If your torso is longer, you may want to be careful with high-waists as these can appear too high on your body and throw your proportions off. Instead, experiment with the low-rise trend or offset the ultra high-waist with a cardigan or chic denim jacket.

High-waists can highlight your height and figure, but sometimes the waist can be too high and make you look longer. Another way to avoid this problem is to find high-waisted trousers with the right rise (crotch area). Sometimes this varies between stores, so shop around to see what you prefer.

If you’re struggling with the opposite problem and your waistline keeps appearing too low (without you meaning to do this), you may be buying pants that are too small for your figure. The pants could be a mid-rise on an average height girl, but if you’re tall, these will become low rise on you. Always inspect what the inseam measurement is, and make sure you know your own!

When it comes to empire waistlines, make sure you are cautious. An empire waistline is basically from under your chest area and can make you look super tall. Try to style these looks with garments that will bring your body back into proportion, such as jackets or belts.

#3: Befriend jumpsuits

Like the maxi dress tip, make sure you embrace jumpsuits. These all-in-ones are designed for tall figures, perfectly complimenting your height. It’s a known fact that jumpsuits look better on tall girls as for a one-piece outfit you need some height to fill it! Shorter girls are best to avoid them, so own the jumpsuit and make them jealous.

You can play with jumpsuits too. These come in practically every color and even loud prints. They can be worn in summer or winter. Lightweight fabrics are a comfortable option for summer days, whereas classic denim jumpsuits can be worn with layers in colder weather.

#4: What Jeans Type Should You Wear?

Jeans are a classic, and everyone should own them, that’s a fact. But every woman should be a little bit picky here and wear only the best jeans for a specific female body type. So, which ones suit taller girls, actually?

Stylists often suggest that skinny fit jeans are the best option for taller figures. Fit and tightness are more important than length with these, as you can always turn the hem up or rock them in a cropped fashion. When the jeans are cropped to your skin, the length they reach doesn’t matter as much.

On the other hand, with boot cut or flared jeans, they often don’t have a long inseam measurement, which can look too short on long legs. In comparison, skinny jeans will usually look longer even if they are shorter in length.

If you aren’t a fan of the classic skinny cut, try the slim-fit or straight-leg jeans, these offer a more relaxed look but will often fit better than flares. When choosing straight-legged jeans, make sure that they slim towards your ankle for the most flattering cut.

Also, remember that most stores have dedicated ‘tall’ ranges when it comes to jeans, so give these a browse and see what styles they have in your measurements!

#5: Rock The Oversized Trend

Loose-fitting clothes are perfect for taller frames, plus they’re in at the moment, so you can rock a trend! These are perfect for tall girls as they don’t hang awkwardly on your frame and can drape off you well.

A bonus to the oversized look is that it’s comfortable. While tight clothes can be fun, wearing what’s comfortable will always make you feel better. Wearing uncomfortable clothes can show through your expressions sometimes, so watch out!

#6: Long On The Bottom And Short On The Top!

Wearing long, tight garments on your bottom half with a cropped top can sometimes flatter you in the wrong ways stylists suggest. This look can accentuate your legs to look even longer than they are, and a crop can emphasize a long torso. This isn’t necessarily bad, but if you’re feeling conscious about your height, this may not be the best combination.

Switching a crop top to a longer top can make your torso look shorter and can make you appear shorter, too – so if this is a worry for you, try this tip out and see what you think.

#7: Layer, Layer, Layer!

The key to the best layering combination on a tall girl is making sure all the layers fit well. That includes sleeve length and body fit. Layering a mix of too small or too big clothes can throw the look off, and you can end up looking quite messy.

If you are opting for a longer coat or cardigan, make sure the layer under is shorter. Also, try to avoid lots of long layers, mix up the lengths to create depth and texture in the look. For example, a long jacket looks great when paired with shorts in summer.

#8: Try Out All Textures

Since being taller allows you to wear baggy clothing without looking like a blob, you can play with more textures. From knit to embroidery, these embellished fabrics are a great way to try out some of the latest fashions, and they will always suit you. Be careful of overdoing it, though – too much going on at once can look like a hot mess!

#9: Breaking It Up

If you don’t fancy featuring your height, the best way to go is break your lookup into sections. This could be done by incorporating different colors or going for two-piece looks instead of all-in-ones. Accessories like belts can also be a simple way to do this too.

#10: High Necklines Over Low Ones

If you are slender, you may want to avoid the lower necklines and embrace high ones! High-cut blouses, halters, and turtlenecks were made to dress your taller frame and will accentuate your body. Also, halter necklines can add curves to taller body shapes, so experiment with these – especially in summer.

#11: Hairstyles To Compliment Your Style

Hair might be one we forget a lot, but playing with beauty and hairstyles can have a larger effect on your overall style than you realize.

Try wearing your hair in styles that don’t have a lot of volume or height at the crown of your head as this just adds more height to your appearance. Lower hairstyles are usually the way to go. Also, shorter or more severe hair cuts can often look too striking on a taller woman. The best height to opt for is shoulder length or longer styles.

#12: Know When To Break The Rules

Though these tips are good general advice, we all have different body shapes. Use these as a good rule of thumb, but if you don’t like maxi dresses or skinny jeans, experiment with other options! Fashion is personal, and your style won’t fit a list, trying things on and creating your outfits is key.

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