6 Fashion Tips When Picking Clothes For Skinny Girls

Clothes for skinny girls
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It can be hard to embrace certain fashion trends, like mom jeans or mini skirts – some clothes for skinny girls can be difficult to style. Similar to rules and styling tips for tall girls, there are some dos and don’ts for slim girls.

Don’t worry, though, when it comes to trends, it’s sometimes better to ignore them and style yourself in clothes that suit you best.

If you’re tall and, especially, slender, then you may feel self-conscious about your clothes. Finding clothes that fit maybe even harder. We’ve got your back, though! Here are some of the best ways to dress if you’re a skinny girl.

How to Choose The Right Clothes For Skinny Girls

#1: Avoid Heels In Skinny Girl Outfits

Though we all love heels, sometimes they’re not the best option for smaller frames.

Wearing heels can make you look even thinner and taller, so if this isn’t the look you’re going for, try swapping heels out for some cute flats or boots. These are easier to walk in and can balance out your more petite frame.

#2: Go Bold And Bright

Bright colors can take attention away from your weight, we all know the age-old belief that ‘black is a slimming color’ so take this advice and avoid it. Full black outfits emphasize your silhouette, so throw in a mix of colors.

You can also use prints and textures to your advantage here. These will draw the eye’s attention to the clothes and not your body. Florals can be fabulous, especially when you mix the size of florals between different scales. Go for a large printed dress with a scarf that has a smaller print – this creates an interesting look and clashes for all the right reasons.

#3: Avoid Mid-Waist Belts

Mid-waist belts are an accessory that will make you look slimmer than you are, so if you can avoid these. When it comes to styling belts, wear them lower than the waist, and it’ll help balance your figure more.

Belts can be a great addition to most outfits. From different colors to different skins, these aren’t something to feat. They can make themselves look more professional, so play with them and see what works for you.

#4: Vertical Stripes Are A No-Go

This may be an obvious one, but if you wear trousers with vertical stripes on you’ll look thinner than you are. They act as an optical illusion and can also make you look taller too. Try playing with horizontal stripes to see if you can create the opposite effect. If not, printed jeans with abstract patterns can be a great way to compliment your figure too.

#5: Try Monochrome Looks

Monochrome dresses or jumpsuits with one color or pattern all over are a good tip for those who are slimmer. These can create an illusion of bulk, making you look less thin and very chic at the same time.

Monochrome outfits are also always in style, they can be as bold or as subtle as you want to. Whether you piece together an outfit or go for an all-in-one, it’ll look chic and won’t take you ages to find in the mornings!

#6: Try Some Scarves

Sometimes skinny girls worry about their necks since being thin can make your neck appear longer. If you’re worried about this, try scarves – not to cover your neck up, but to create an illusion of a fuller chest, making you look less skinny.

The takeaway

These tips for taller and slender girls are here to help, but remember that fashion is about you and show your style! Hopefully, you’ve found these helpful, and you’re ready to rock your new style with confidence. Make those heads turn when you walk into the room!

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