The 16 Most Iconic Movie Dresses of All Time

Iconic movie dresses (collage)
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox, StudioCanal, Paramount Pictures.

Did you know that some costume designers’ creations are more famous than the movies they were premiered in? Do you remember The Hours from 2002? Exactly. But the movie still won the Costume Designer Award for Ann Roth.

Since movies and fashion go hand in hand, the pieces and entire outfits featured on big screens often become an inspiration to many.

From the famous red jacket that James Dean wore to the silk Valentino gown that Anne Hataway wore in Devil Wears Prada – these famous items are no longer just costumes.

1. Holly Golightly’s Long Black Dress in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Holly Golightly's long black dress
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

The moment Audrey Hepburn appeared on the screen in her black gown with pearls around her neck, the look became an instant classic. The dress was created by none other than Hubert de Givenchy. Their friendship and fashion collaboration continued throughout Hepburn’s movies. 

2. Sharon Stone’s Gold Dress in “Casino”

Sharon Stone's gold dress
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Sharon Stone’s gold dress with embroidery was created by Bob Mackie. The glamour, elegance, and on-screen power that Stone’s character gives is certainly one of the most famous ones, as well as the movie – Casino.

3. Elvira’s Cross-Back Slip Dress in “Scarface”

Elvira's cross-back slip dress
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

This dress shows how it pays to not get ‘dressed’ at all. Designed by Patricia Norris, the dress from the movie Scarface is minimalistic and as such, inspired many fashion moments since the movie premiered in 1983. Michelle Pfeiffer’s character Elvira wears a Halston-inspired dress in teal with a plunging neckline.

4. Kate Hudson’s Yellow Evening Gown in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

Kate Hudson’s Yellow Evening Gown
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

The dress worn by Kate Hudson was instantly recognized. Plunging back and diamonds are stunners. The movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days couldn’t have a better choice.

5. Andy Sachs’ Black Gown in “The Devil Wears Prada”

Andy Sach's black gown
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

The Devil Wears Prada is one of those movies that every fashionista needs to see. Costumes, as well as the transformation of Andy Sachs from anti-fashion to the real expert, is truly amazing to watch. One of the most iconic dresses is the Valentino black gown that overgrown the movie’s popularity.

6. Scarlett O’Hara’s Emerald Green Curtain Dress in “Gone with the Wind”

Scarlett O’Hara’s Emerald Green Curtain Dress
Image Credit: Selznick International Pictures.

Who could forget the stunner made from Scarlett O’Hara’s famous Tara’s curtains? The striking emerald green dress with gold tassels is one of the most striking dresses in the movie. 

7. Marlyn Monroe’s Fuchsia Gown in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”

Marilyn Monroe's Fuchsia Gown
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

Even though she had many, one of the most famous Marlyn Monroe’s looks was in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. During her performance in the movie, she wore a strapless fuchsia dress by costume designer William Travilla. The look was completed with gloves and sparkly jewels.

8. Baby’s Light Pink Dress in “Dirty Dancing”

Baby’s light pink dress
Image Credit: Vestron Pictures.

Fans of Dirty Dancing argue if the dance number is the most memorable part of the movie. But there is no denying that Jenifer Grey’s chiffon light pink dress is. After this, there wasn’t putting ‘Baby in a corner’ anymore.

9. Vivian’s Red Strapless Dress in “Pretty Woman”

Vivian's red strapless dress
Image Credit: Touchstone Pictures.

The off-the-shoulder red dress is surely one of the most famous pieces Julia Roberts wore on screen. It is completed with glamorous white gloves and an excellent hairstyle worn by Robert’s character Vivian in the movie Pretty Woman.

10. Kirsten Dunst in “Marie Antoinette”

Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.

It is hard to pick only one iconic dress in the movie about the controversial queen Marie Antoinette. Costume designer Milena Canonero did an excellent job in recreating the wardrobe of the French aristocracy.

Nonetheless, the dress that Dunst wore during the ball is surely one of those that will be remembered forever.

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11. Cinderella’s Dress in “Cinderella”

Image Credit: Disney Enterprises.

It wasn’t easy for costume designer Sandy Powell to create designs for the Cinderella movie. The blue dress has eight layers with the outer layer embroidered with over 100,000 Swarovski crystals. A tight corset looks fabulous while only allowing the actress Lily James to eat liquid food while wearing it

12. Keira Knightly’s Green Dress in “Atonement”

Keira Knightly's Green Dress in "Atonement"
Image Credit: StudioCanal.

Even after so many years, this is still one of the most remembered dresses from the movie Atonement. The specific green color of the jewel evokes drama and has ‘30s-style vibes. 

13. Miranda Prisley’s Black Gown “The Devil Wears Prada”

Miranda Prisley's black gown
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

You can’t mention The Devil Wears Prada without Meryl Streep. One of her iconic looks is surely the black Valentino gown that she wore to the charity ball. Valentino himself even made a quick cameo in the movie. 

14. Alicia Silverstone’s Yellow Checked Set in “Clueless”

Yellow Checked Set in "Clueless"
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Cher taught us too much about high school, boys, and, of course, about fashion. Arguably, her most iconic costume is the yellow checked skirt and tailored jacket. The look is completed with white socks and a knitted waistcoat. 

15. Kate Winslet’s Sequined Dress in “Titanic”

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

No one who watched Titanic can forget the scene where Rose waits for Jack in her sparkly sequined dress. The dress features a sharp square neckline and was finished with a pair of white satin gloves and a large jeweled necklace.

16. Cleopatra’s 24-Karat Gold Costume in “Cleopatra”

Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

Everything about this costume is iconic. The headdress and cape that she wore arriving in Rome are unforgettable pieces from the movie. It is one of the most memorable movies with the most iconic costumes worn by Elizabeth Taylor.

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