9 Dresses To Wear With High Top Sneakers (Style Tips With Pictures)

Find top dresses to wear with high top sneakers
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Some style combinations will always work, but some have the potential to look wrong if poorly styled. Sneakers and dresses can look chic and city-ready, but you need to plan the outfit first!

If you want to embrace this it-girl trend, we’ve got your back. Once you nail the sneakers and dress combination, it’s a perfect fusion of casual and urban style. We want to focus on high-top sneakers rather than low-style shoes, as these give the outfits an extra detail.

Looking for dresses to wear with high top sneakers? Keep scrolling for some key inspiration!

How to Wear High Top Sneakers

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Before we detail how to mix sneakers and dresses, we’ll quickly explain the best ways to wear high top sneakers. This might sound silly, but there are wrong and right ways to style shoes! Especially when you’re mixing them with a feminine dress, so take some notes.

The key points to remember when wearing high top shoes:

  • Think about your socks. It often looks cool to pair long socks with high-top sneakers, but think about colors here. If the colors clash too much or if there’s too much pattern, you may want to avoid this look.
  • Do you want to add a subtle anklet? Again, this sounds like a picky detail, but adding small and subtle jewelry choices to your shoes can elevate your whole outfit.
  • Could fishnet tights add some drama to your shoes? If your high tops are black or white, some black fishnet tights could be a great addition.
  • This tip isn’t focused on style, but we do advise wearing some trainer socks whilst out and about to avoid any blisters!
  • Also, remember to give your sneakers a quick wipe for that “fresh and new” look.  

What Are The Most Popular High-Top Sneakers?

Haven’t bought your high tops yet? Here are some of the top sneaker styles to invest in for a versatile and on-trend look. From popular brands to popular prints, these shoes never leave the street style realm.


Vans are usually known for their low style and oldskool styles, however, they also have some popular high styles too.

With their trademark design and popular gum soles, you can find Vans high tops in a range of colors to match any wardrobe. Not only that, but these sneakers are durable and will last the test of time.


Converse is another veteran sneaker brand. Their hightop options are sophisticated, slightly retro, and ideal for stepping out in style.

Arguably, the most popular colorway of Converse shoes is their traditional white pair, so if you want shoes that mix with every outfit pick these. 

Leather High Top Sneakers

This isn’t a brand recommendation, but keep an eye out for leather high tops.

Whether you pick leather or faux leather, this different material gives your shoes a unique look and they will last longer than canvas options. We love the all-black leather style as this works for day and evening wear.

Animal Print Sneakers

Want to go bolder? Animal print might be the pattern for you. Of course, the popular beige and yellow leopard print is a good pattern to go for, but you can find different designs too. We recommend high tops in a black and white zebra print for a subtle print. 

What Dresses to Wear With High Top Sneakers

Okay, now you’ve picked your sneakers and you’re ready to pair them with a dress. Here are the top dresses to pair with your trainers and some styling points too. 

1. Maxi Dresses

Photo: fashionmenow.co.uk

It’s difficult to go wrong with a maxi dress. This dress option saves time as you don’t need to find pants and a top that compliment each other, however, you’ve still got to match your shoes!

We recommend going for an all-black look. This complements all figures and makes it quick and easy to match your shoes. Tie a contrasting denim jacket around your waist for a pop of color. 

2. Skater Dresses

When it comes to skater-style dresses and skirts, high-top sneakers are a classic pairing. The full skirt gives you a feminine look and emphasizes your waist, while the sneakers give the outfit an urban twist.

Try wearing tones of black and gray with colorful sneakers for a contrasting look.

3. Little Black Dress

Photo: blackdenims.com

If there’s one wardrobe staple any woman should own, it’s the little black dress. Whether you opt for a tight one or a looser style, this is essential. You can wear little black dresses on nearly all occasions, even with trainers too! If you want to complete the all-black style, add black shoes, but we also love patterned sneakers with this look.

4. Loose Dress

Photo: heartfelthunt.com

Do you prefer looser dress styles? These are more comfortable and ideal for warmer weather. Add some high-top sneakers, and you’ll be ready to go in style. We love the monochrome look with white sneakers for a lighter color palette. 

5. Slip Dress

Photo: heartfelthunt.com

The slip dress and sneaker mix is another combination that can’t be ignored. Slip dresses are a great way to embody 90s grunge without committing to a darker aesthetic. Adding a high top makes the outfit ideal for a casual situation, perfect for day-to-day style.

6. Knitted Dress

Photo: helloadamsfamily.com

We think jumper dresses and knitted dresses need more love. These pieces are versatile, great for layering, and they suit sneakers too. A beige jumper and some animal print sneakers are perfect for a cohesive look, but you can also play with contrasting colors here too. 

7. Ruffle Dress

Photo: mgetsdressed.com

Tiered dresses, also known as ruffle dresses, are another popular spring/summer wardrobe option.

One of the benefits of these casual, floaty dresses is that they instantly work with low-key high tops. This is a great outfit choice if you want to run errands or hang out with friends. Not only is this look comfortable, but ruffles are always in vogue. 

8. A Chic Shirt Dress

Photo: Olia Nayda / Unsplash

​​If you prefer minimalist styles or want to avoid bright and frilly dresses, the shirt dress might be the one for you. Shirt dresses work well with high-top sneakers, especially when color matched too. Try this silhouette in crisp linen or cotton fabrics for a luxury touch. 

9. Swap The Dress For A Skirt

Photo: dreamingloud.com

This won’t be for everyone, especially if you’re dead set on finding a dress.

However, a skirt and high tops is another great combination, plus you can also add different top layers and patterns. This is a great outfit idea for anyone that wants to experiment with more skirt and top combinations for an extra layered look.

This is also better for casual events, where some dresses aren’t.

Extra Styling Tips For High Top Sneaker Outfits

Want some extra tips for styling high-stop sneakers? Here are some of our favorite tips.

Add A Leather Jacket

Photo: justatinabit.com

A leather or faux leather jacket is a great way to dress an outfit up. This is also a great way to add some alternative edge if needed, especially if you’re wearing a feminine dress. Bonus style points if you pair the jacket with similar sneakers. 

Play With Florals

We’ve suggested a couple of prints for your shoes in this article, but you can also play with floral printed dresses. These are a great way to add some femininity into your collection, but the sneakers will keep the style casual and not too dressy. For the bolder stylists, try clashing printed trainers and a printed dress! 

Try A Bright Color

Photo: citizensofbeauty.com

It’s easy to get caught up in black and white clothes as they match everything. If you want to bring some color back to your wardrobe, especially in time for spring, try a bold dress. Bright color and a pair of high tops is a go-to pairing, so be bold and see which color suits you!

Are You Ready To Rock Sneakers?

For some, sneakers and a dress is a must-wear combination, but this may seem a bit daunting for others. Make sure you add these comfortable shoes to your list this spring. You’ll thank us in the long term when your feet aren’t hurting from high heels!

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