40 Summer Travel Outfits to Make you Feel Comfy

Summer season is almost here, and now it is the perfect time for us to get inspired by some fabulous travel outfits worn by bloggers and It-girls.

The summer season is almost here. Now is the perfect time for all of us to see some travel outfits that can make us feel comfy and stylish while going on a train, plane or bus.

You can actually wear anything for traveling, as long it is comfortable. Also, don’t forget to layer items and always wear a jacket or cardigan. You never know when it can get chilly.

We have collected some of the best travel looks from our favorite It-girls, bloggers, and influencers. They all tend to amaze us even when they travel. Check the looks and find out travel tips for your next journey. Bon voyage!

Long Black Dress

Long Black DressPhoto: honeywerehome.com

The black cotton maxi dress is one of those items that every girl want to have in her closet. This staple is great for everyday wear, but also for women who travel a lot. Combined with a straw hat and flat sandals, this dress will make you feel comfy whether in a plane, bus or a car.

Black and White Combo

Black and White ComboPhoto: fashionwanderer.com

White pants might get dirty quickly, but they are so stylish. Combine them with a white jacket, black bodycon turtleneck, and animal print scarf for travels. You will look both chic and comfortable. Don’t forget to finish everything with white sneakers.

Denim with Sporty Leggings

Denim with Sporty LeggingsPhoto: fashionwanderer.com

A denim jacket is definitely a timeless piece that you can always pull out from your closet. It is excellent for everyday wear, to drape it over the shoulders when it is chilly or to travel in it. The key feature of a denim jacket is its versatility. You can wear it with leggings and still look great and not like you are going to the gym.

Camel is Chic

Camel is ChicPhoto: fashionwanderer.com

If you are a fan of jeans, then you can always travel in a pair. Black jeans are a good match with a white sweater and camel coat. The details on the sweater are great if you are going to mountain skiing or to a snowy resort.

Comfy Leather Leggings

Comfy Leather LeggingsPhoto: blog.bloglovin.com

Grey cashmere cardigan, black leather leggings, and a basic white tee – these are exceptional items for all sorts of traveling. No matter if you are traveling by bus, airplane or a train, this outfit will serve you great. Looking chic in while traveling is no longer impossible.

Pleated Button-Down and Jeans

Pleated Button-Down and JeansPhoto: fazhion.co

Skinny jeans and the pleated button-down combination is comfortable and great for traveling. You can always dress plain white tee and take off the button-down if you feel too hot. Adidas Superstar sneakers are a great choice to finish off this look.

All White Look

All White LookPhoto: fazhion.co

If you are going on holiday by plane, then all-white-everything outfits are more than appropriate.

If you want to break the white, switch from white blouse to the blush, and pick beige moccasins. This girl decided to match the outfit with a straw bag.

Denim and Black

Denim and BlackPhoto: fazhion.co

Combining black and blue jeans is now more than possible. You can choose to wear a blue denim jacket, either on your shoulders or around your hips. Mix it with skinny black jeans and a t-shirt with some exciting print on. White Stan Smith’s are obligatory.

Striped Blouse and Black Pants

Striped Blouse and Black PantsPhoto: stealthelook.com.br

Chic and comfy – there is no better combination than this one. Airports can be tough, so the most important thing is to feel pleasant. These pants will definitely help you feel like that. The blouse gives you that plane-chic look.

Loose and Casual

Loose and CasualPhoto: thesweetestthingblog.com

Loose T-shirt and jeans are classic travel clothes that everyone can pull out. It is also more than appropriate for moms that travel with their little babies. A hat and leopard mules are stylish accessories that will make you fashionable even while traveling.

High-Waist Jeans

High-Waist JeansPhoto: christobeltravel.com

Blue jeans, white shirt – it is a simple yet timeless combination that works for both casual and travel occasions. This fashion blogger wears this combo with a light grey cardigan and unique sneakers. The green bag might be an unexpected, but surely a very fancy item.

Straw Bags

Straw BagsPhoto: christobeltravel.com

Straw bags are great for summer. You can style them with almost everything, so with your travel outfits. Ripped jeans and sneakers along with loose and comfy button-down are all great pieces to wear while traveling to your wished destination.

Like a Supermodel

Like a SupermodelPhoto: pinterest.com

There is no better look to copy than the airport look worn by supermodels. All in a black, comfy sweatshirt, as well as a chic bag – these things are the ones that you need to copy this look. Minimal makeup with red lipstick is definitely airport-appropriate.


All-Black-EverythingPhoto: fashionmenow.co.uk

This British blogger knows how to dress all in black and how to make it seem airport appropriate. Comfortable travel can also mean you look stylish at the same time. A leather jacket is always a good idea for traveling.

Sporty Sneakers and Camel Coat

Sporty Sneakers and Camel CoatPhoto: galmeetsglam.com

Sporty sneakers became a statement piece a few seasons ago. You are now allowed to pair them with dresses, suits, as well as travel outfits. A camel coat is a kinda elegant piece, but you can now pair it with white pants and sporty Nike sneakers.

Edgy Leather

Edgy LeatherPhoto: Instagram/@aninebing

Leather pants might not be your first choice when you go traveling. However, if the destination is short, then why not? You can combine them with a long and oversized grey sweater. This whole combo is a bit edgy and very chic.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable ShoesPhoto: Instagram/@emilietommerberg

One of the most important things to consider when preparing your packing list is to take comfortable shoes. After a long flight, your feet can get simply swollen and make you feel uncomfortable. With this outfit wear Birkin sandals or mules that have orthopedic sole.

Stripes are Timeless

Stripes are TimelessPhoto: Instagram/@tuulavintage

Stripes are great for everyday wear. In combination with jeans, you can easily look like a Parisian. The striped blouse is one of the favorite pieces of chic French girls. Bucket bag, straw hat, and white sneakers suggest you are going to some place where is warm and sunny.

Sporty Dress

Sporty DressPhoto: thesweetestthingblog.com

Not all dresses are elegant. Adidas makes great sporty dresses that are perfect for occasions like traveling and casual events. You can match this blush pink dress with white sneakers and a cardigan, knotted around your waist.

Bell Jeans and T-shirt

Bell Jeans and T-shirtPhoto: thesweetestthingblog.com

Bell bottoms are more comfortable than skinny ones. Match these jeans with a military green tee and leather sandals with a wedge heel. The big bag is the must-have for long flights. You simply need all your skincare and favorite book close to you.

Chic and Sporty

Chic and SportyPhoto: pinterest.com

Combining sporty and chic items is a new aesthetic that all It-girls adore. You can now wear sweatpants with a plaid blazer and feel perfectly okay about it! Make sure everything is in neutral colors, like black or beige.

In a Sweatshirt

In a SweatshirtPhoto: Instagram/@thefashionfraction

Wearing oversized sweatshirt on the airport is probably the best thing you can do. Maximum comfort is granted! You can combine this loose hoodie with denim shorts and edgy moto boots, great for both travel and walking.

Crop Top

Crop TopPhoto: pinterest.com

The crop top is a perfect item for summer wear, beach, as well as parties by the pool. However, some girls tend to layer them with longer denim jackets and high-waist pants for their airport outfits. You can absolutely try this great mix if you are traveling somewhere warm.

Long Red Cardigan

Long Red CardiganPhoto: pinterest.com

Feeling all cozied up is very important if you have to wait for your flight or you have to travel for ten or more hours. Layer this great long item with classic sporty leggings, short top, and white sneakers. For achieving superstar look, wear oversized sunglasses.

Rose Gold

Rose GoldPhoto: pinterest.com

The sporty satin combination might not be your first choice when it comes to traveling. We completely get it. However, if you style it like this girl, you have no worries. Feeling comfy in satin sweatpants and sweatshirt was never more achievable!

Grunge at the Airport

Grunge at the AirportPhoto: pinterest.com

This blogger and fashion designer knows how to wear grunge all the time. She doesn’t leave behind her leather jacket, printed rock ‘n’ roll tee and skinnies even when traveling by plane. A statement bag, as well as moto boots, are great items that people will notice.

Summerish Outfit

Summerish OutfitPhoto: pinterest.com

When summer temperatures hit us, all we want is to feel comfortable and leisure. Shorts, crop top, and sneakers are great for all those girls who will spend some time traveling on a plane, train or a bus. However, always have a cardigan or a jacket somewhere near you. You never know when it’s going to become chilly.

Parka and Jeans

Parka and JeansPhoto: Instagram/@brittanyxavier

Parka is one of the favorite fashion pieces of many women. It is masculine and chic, practical, and timeless. You can always carry it for your travels – combine it with ripped tight jeans and white sneakers for a chic and comfortable look.

Winter Outfit

Winter OutfitPhoto: frame.bloglovin.com

Color combination of camel and grey is unexpected but very chic and stylish. Frayed hem jeans match perfectly with white Adidas Superstar sneakers, which are also very comfy for long traveling. You can pull out this combination not only for the airport but for the everyday wear as well.

Chic at Traveling

Chic at TravelingPhoto: pinterest.com

The trench coat is absolutely a winner when it comes to practical, timeless fashion items. You can wear it all year long, with both jeans at the plane, or flowy dresses at the designed holiday destinations. Easy and comfortable, we would say. Don’t you agree?

Polished in Black and White Look

Polished in Black and White LookPhoto: fashionjackson.com

You can look polished, even if you are facing the 10-hour flight. Black coat, matching black cuffed jeans, a white sweater, and white sneakers will make you look flawless, stylish, and so comfortable. Always seek for both style and comfort when picking your travel outfits.

Snuggled and Cozy

Snuggled and CozyPhoto: pinterest.com

You can look all snuggled and cozy in an oversized white sweatshirt and grey leggings. This fashion blogger seems happy and comfortable in this outfit match. If you are traveling during the winter season, the cap on your head is the must-have.

White Athleisure

White AthleisurePhoto: crossroadstrading.com

Switch from your favorite pair of jeans to these beautiful and pretty cozy sweatpants. You will feel equally stylish but probably even more comfortable than in your skinnies. For the top, pick a striped blouse. It is a versatile and chic piece that goes with anything you wear.

Neutral Colored

Neutral ColoredPhoto: crossroadstrading.com

That is stylish travel. Neutral colors such as camel, beige, black, or white should be your main choices for travel outfits. These hues are versatile, still very elegant, and perfect for your trips. Camel coat and the rest of the all-black-everything outfit is something that will make you feel sophisticated and ready for your flight.

Peachy Suit

Peachy SuitPhoto: starstyle.ph

The suit in lovely peach color might not be your first choice when it comes to traveling. However, this blogger shows us how we can rock it! Pair it with sneakers in the same shade, and finish everything off with oversized sunglasses.

Layered Look

Layered LookPhoto: starstyle.ph

Sometimes, the most crucial thing with travel outfits is layering. Many pieces won’t make you feel discomfort. On the contrary, you will have more choice, and the weather shouldn’t surprise you. Don’t forget to wear comfy dad’s sneakers.

Statement Boots

Statement BootsPhoto: starstyle.ph

Snakeskin boots seem like an unusual choice for the airport. However, some girls want to look fashionable wherever they go. Combine high boots with a long coat and an olive green dress. That is how you will be ready for the party, the moment you land.

Fanny Pack and Jeans

Fanny Pack and JeansPhoto: tsangtastic.com

Since they came back to fashion, fanny packs, as well as belt bags, became one of the most stylish items among bloggers and It-girls. They are quite practical for traveling since you can always have your items close.

Earth Toned Style

Earth Toned StylePhoto: Instagram/@negin_mirsalehi

An earth-toned outfit like this is great not only for travel but for everyday summer wear. Khaki cargo pants, parka, and a basic white tee are great items that make you feel comfortable and look fabulous. Cargo boots will provide your feet with all-day comfort as well.

Matching Sporty Suit

Matching Sporty SuitPhoto: pinterest.com

There is nothing more casual than matching the sporty suit. Crop top and sweatpants seem very cozy, while also looking stylish. Break the beige color with black-and-white sneakers. This look is perfect for long flights.