How To Style Sweatpants: 7 Tips For A Fool-Proof Look

How to style sweatpants

Some may consider sweatpants to be too slouchy or casual, but in the last couple of years, these comfortable trousers have made a huge comeback.

You can change your style game by incorporating some comfy sweats into your favorite outfits.

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These can make you look more on-trend than you may think too. Here are some of the best ways to style these sweatpants.

How To Style Sweatpants

1. Color-Match The Outfit

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Matching colors in outfits plays a big role when it comes to putting outfits together. Whether you’re bright and bold or perhaps you prefer subtle tones, getting the hues of your outfit right makes a difference.

This is where matching sweats can be handy. Picking a pair of comfy sweatpants with a coordinating sweatshirt can save time when putting an outfit together and will always match.

Go for bold colors if you’re trying the matching look. Having one bright sweatpants outfit will look stylish and keep you comfortable at the same time – everyone’s favorite feeling. Key colors to try out this year are green shades and sky blue. These are bright and bold for the summer.

2. Go For Neutrals With Sweatpants

Not everyone is a fan of bright colors, so if you wince at the thought of a bold sweatsuit, we understand. Instead, going for a minimalist color can still be very effective.

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Greys and beiges can be good options if you want a more subtle sweatpants look. You can experiment with adding a pop of color to these outfits via accessories or shoes if you wish to, but keeping them monotone is also a great style idea.

When you’re wearing neutrals, it can be easier to pair a heel or boot with the sweatpants outfit. As the colors aren’t too bright, accessories can be played in. Essentially, you won’t look like a hot mess.

3. Get The 2000s Look

The Y-2K look (or the 2000s style) is making a massive comeback in 2021. From thrift stores to online re-selling platforms like Depop, these sweat sets are everywhere.

The iconic Juicy Couture sweatpants are a particular favorite, with many influencers donning the velour tracksuit in all colorways. Wearing a full velour sweatsuit has never been more stylish, showing that you’re ahead of the trends and embracing the off-duty model look.

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Pairing these comfortable trousers with a matching hoodie is excellent, but many have started to pair the sweats with bodysuits and crop tops for an evening ensemble. Think Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. This look is all about throwing it back to the start of the millennium.

4. Go Big With Coats Or Go Home

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If you are looking for sweatpants that can be worn day to day or for a city trip, go for a neutral pair and combine them with an oversized coat. This is a formula that always results in a stylish look, keeping you looking casual yet stylish every time.

Great coat options to pair with sweats are elongated denim jackets, trenches, and even puffer coats. These all feature unique cuts and different textures, so play around with what feels good to you. Trainers are a great way to finish the look-off. These can be another way to incorporate some extra color into the look too.

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Layers can be a great way to add a statement to this outfit. Try finding a cross-body back or an intricate necklace to add dimension to the look. While the sweats aren’t the star of the look, it’s a great way to style them for a day out.

5. Add A Slouchy Knit


For some of us, comfort is the number one priority sometimes. A slouchy knit can be your best friend when it comes to comfort and style. Whether you go for a cardigan or jumper, it’s up to you, but getting something slouchy and oversized is perfect.

If you opt for an oversized knitted jumper, try tucking the front into your sweats in a french tuck style. Pair this look with some boots and a leather jacket, and suddenly you’ll be ready to leave the house without sacrificing your comfort or squeezing into some jeans.

6. Try Metallic Tones

Sweatpants can absolutely be worn in the evenings, and not just in front of the tv! Going for a pair of sweats in a metallic fabric is a great way to experiment with fashion, and it will add bolder looks to your wardrobe.

While these metallic sweats may not be as slouchy as a standard pair of sweatpants, they have the same cut and won’t be tight like a pair of jeans. These are best paired with a neutral or black top. Keep the rest of the outfit plain and let the pants do all of the talking.

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We recommend a high necked black polo or a simple off-the-shoulder black top with some stilettos for a perfect date night sweats look. A necklace or clutch that matches the color of your pants will complete the look perfectly!

7. Take Them To The Office

If you’re still unsure how to make sweatpants formal, we’ve got your back. With a blazer and heeled boots, you can take your favorite pair of sweats and make them office-ready in no time. This is also the perfect formula for a zoom call, business on the top and sweats on the bottom.


Mix a tailored blazer with a casual top and sweats. Make sure to tuck the top into the sweatpants as leaving it hanging out can look too slouchy. Finish the look with some heeled boots, but also make sure to turn the hem of the sweatpants up for a cropped style.

This is a great business casual look, perfect for a casual office day or drinks with friends. It may seem like a foreign idea if you tend to avoid sweats until your day off, but it’s 2021, and more people are embracing the casual style than you may think!

8. Experiment With Tie-Dye

We can’t talk about sweats without mentioning the tie-dye phase that all influencers had in 2020. Though it was popular last year, this trend is still popular now – plus it’s easy to do at home if you feel creative!


Matching tie-dye sets are a key look at the moment. They match, they incorporate bold color and pattern, and they don’t sacrifice your comfort! Though you can buy these online from most fashion stores, you can easily do this trend at home with some plain sweats and dye.

We particularly love all of the pastel-colored sweats. Try wearing a matching set for a spring-summer look that is Instagram-ready. You can also pair a band tee or a cropped tee with some tie-dye bottoms for a street-style ready look. Have fun with color!

The Takeaway

Our styles have changed over the last year, and sweatpants are now a staple for everyone’s wardrobes. Comfort is usually sacrificed when it comes to fashion, but this year comfort is in for once!

It’s time to embrace the sweatpants and take them to the streets in style. Hopefully, this list has given you some style inspo. Let us know what you think about the sweatpants trend – are you embracing it?

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