How To Elevate Your Casual Look With Stylish Cargo Pants

A collage with women wearing stylish cargo pants

If you follow the latest style trends, you know that cargo pants are back in style. Once very popular in the ‘90s, this staple piece is back, thanks to Y2K style, that took the hearts of many fashionistas.

Often called bulky and ugly with big side pockets, stylish cargo pants are a must-have item this year. 

Can Cargo Pants Be Stylish?

Also called utility pants, the stylish cargos can be styled in multiple ways. Believe it or not, you can style them just like your jeans, trousers, or even leggings.

These pants can be incorporated into any style. There are so many models to choose from – from denim to wide-leg and even ripped. 

With a simple switch from your regular flats or boots to high heels, the whole outfit with cargo pants becomes undeniably chic. Trust us, fashion influencers are already trying out the combo heels + cargo pants, and they love it. 

What Body Type Looks Good in Cargo Pants?

Thanks to the soft lines and different types of cargo pants, they will probably suit everybody. A high waist and side pockets are crucial in making this pair of trousers utterly comfy. 

However, even when you run to the store to pick your new stylish cargo pants, make sure to pay attention to the following things: 

  • Make sure pockets are placed in the right places. This means that they shouldn’t enhance the parts of the body that you want to hide. If you want to draw attention away from your buttocks, choose pockets located on your hips or otherwise. 
  • Choosing the right waist is one of the crucial things to do. The higher the waist, the more likely it will enhance your figure. You know the best which type of wait suits you, so choose accordingly. We know that low waist is returning to style, but if it is not your choice, don’t go for it only because it is trending. 
  • Elastic bands are part of some cargo pants. They look amazing, but if you are petite, watch out for it. The elastic band makes your legs look shorter. If you have this concern, picking straight or wide cuts is better. 
  • Oversized cargos are very popular, but you need to know something. They tend to make your proportions look bad. Even though oversized cargo pants can make you feel comfy, always try them on before buying and combine them with a tight bodice.  

20 Inspiring Examples of Women in Stylish Cargo Pants

1. Playing With Lengths and Textures

Photo: Instagram/@imfashionbabe

To make it comfy but stylish, turn to this outfit inspiration. These chunky denim cargo pants are paired with a classic white tee and a long soft cardigan. Playing with different textures is the key to creating this look. 

2. Beige and White Classic

Photo: Instagram/@cargopants.women

The look that everyone can pull out – a white long-sleeve shirt, beige cargos, and black accessories. Add comfy sneakers, and there you go – a simple yet chic and very comfy travel outfit or a look you can wear from day to night. 

3. Black Leather

Photo: Instagram/@cargopants.women

A real winter look with a leather jacket and black cargo pants brings a classy vibe and comfiness. The all-black combination is broken with a brown leather bag and a colorful sweater. This is one of those Scandi looks that inspire every year during CFW. 

4. Coachella-Inspired Look With Stylish Cargo Pants

Photo: Instagram/@camilacoelho

Coachella is the place where all the trends can be seen. Influencers are wearing things that are almost immediately copied by street-style brands and worn by many people. A sparkly top with low-waist cargo pants is the perfect outfit for these kinds of occasions – concerts, festivals, and regular night outs. 

5. Chunky Fit Pants

Photo: Instagram/@emilisindlev

One of the things you should pay attention to is the cut of your cargo pants. When the cut is chunky, the bodice should be tight. However, sometimes you can look for a denim jacket that has a wider cut and layer it over a t-shirt or a bodysuit. You surely have a denim jacket in your closet. 

6. Comfy Cargos

Photo: Instagram/@leoniehanne

Who said that the best cargo pants couldn’t be comfortable? They can be made of different materials, similar to leggings. Mix styles with an elegant coat, a modern hoodie with a logo, and big sunglasses. 

7. All-Black-Everything With Vargo Pants

Photo: Instagram/@tineandreaa

And this is how you wear all-black-everything. Perfect lines, minimalistic style, with one color – this outfit is great for work and a girls’ night out. Cargo pants have military vibes, only in black material. Wear them with ankle boots.

8. Denim Cargos

Photo: Instagram/@vikyandthekid

Wide cut, big cargo pockets made of denim – this is how we describe this model of trousers. Relaxed-fit is excellent for women who prefer comfort over style. However, in this case, you will have both. 

9. Beige Creamy Combination With Stylish Cargo Pants

Photo: Instagram/@carodaur

Cardigan can be worn like this if you have a bit of courage. It is appropriate for a dinner or a night out in a club. If you wondered what to mix it with, we would suggest cargo pants in a similar beige shade. Black details on the pants will enhance the look and complete it. 

10. Double Denim

Photo: Instagram/@thefashionguitar

For some, the double denim trend is still unknown, or they don’t know how to wear it. Here is an excellent example of combining denim cargo pants with other denim garments. A denim vest with a classic and simple white shirt underneath is everything you need in your wardrobe

11. Camo Cargo Pants

Photo: Instagram/@nlmarilyn

If you ever thought, “I should wear camo cargo pants,” now is the time to try this trend.

This outfit is made for women who are always on the move – running errands, going to work, and traveling by metro. You can be sure of two things – feeling comfortable and utterly chic at the same time is guaranteed. 

12. Square-shaped Sandals with Cargos

Photo: Instagram/@nlmarilyn

Should you wear cargo pants with heels? We say go for it. Many fashionistas adore this trend, so why don’t you also try it? Pick straight-leg cargo pants with standard length. Then add a classic white tee and black jacket and finish everything off with white strappy sandals with a square shape. 

13. Summer Linens

Photo: Instagram/@smythsisters

A linen shirt is a summer staple. You need to have even one in your closet. This material is so comfortable, letting your skin breathe, yet it is very stylish and approved by high-end designers. Combining a dark linen shirt with cargo pants creates a chic, minimalistic, and most comfortable look – especially when the temperatures hit high.

14. 90s Vibes With Cargo Pants

Photo: Instagram/@hannahlewisstylist

The 90s as well as 2000s were such inspiring years when it comes to fashion. Big tv shows, such as Friends, and movies like Clueless brought many trends that are timeless and wearable even nowadays. This look reminds us of Rachel from Friends. Crop top, wide and low-waist cargo pants, and flats – you need nothing else for a comfy and chic look. 

15. Elegant Cargo Look

Photo: Instagram/@hannahlewisstylist

Many women wonder how and even if they can make elegant looks with cargo pants. Guess what? You absolutely can do that.

You will just need fitting cargo pants and appropriate accessories. These cargos are heavy and wide, but they are matched with a short blazer which gives an elegant vibe. Zebra-printed sandals are great as an accessory, even for the cargos. 

16. Ultra Crop Top and Cargo Pants

Photo: Instagram/@ashbegash

If you still don’t have a crop top, it is time to get yourself one or two. They are great for combining, so pick neutral shades like black or white. This model of cargo pants with white seams seems to be very popular. They have Y2K vibes, that is for sure.  

17. Short, Long, Wide, and Tight

Photo: Instagram/@raeannlangas

Playing with different lengths in one outfit is what surely wins. A long trench coat or a cardigan should be layered over a tight bodysuit or a t-shirt. Stylish cargo pants made from nylon can be chunky and wide. This is how you create a perfect balance. 

18. Simple Daily Wear

Photo: Instagram/@taylasnts

A stylish pair of cargo pants is something that you can wear daily. For example – with a classic T-shirt (with or without print), a bomber jacket, and white sneakers. This look is safe for everyday wear, whether going for a drink, coffee, or a walk with friends. 

19. Stripes Forever

Photo: Instagram/@laurajadestone

If you ask French women what they would wear daily, they would all say: stripes! Truth be told, strippy tops, button-downs, and even dresses are great for combining. The strippy sweater is mixed with beige cargo pants for a nice, chic everyday outfit. 

20. Black Sophistication

Photo: Instagram/@lisaremerr

Black denim is one of those things that you can wear without being bored. When you add cargo cut to this equation alongside a black patent-leather jacket, you get the cool girl look in a second.


Cargo pants have evolved from utilitarian roots to become a stylish and versatile fashion choice for both men and women.

They offer a unique combination of functionality and trendiness, making them a go-to option for elevating your casual look. Regardless of your body type, cargo pants can be flattering when styled appropriately. Their roomy nature allows for comfort and ease of movement, while the multitude of pockets adds practicality to your outfit.

Here we showcased examples of women confidently rocking stylish cargo pants, demonstrating their adaptability to various fashion aesthetics. So, whether you prefer a sporty, edgy, or casual chic look, cargo pants can be effortlessly incorporated into your wardrobe.

With the proper styling techniques, matching accessories, and footwear choices, you can transform cargo pants into a fashion statement that reflects your style. Embrace the versatility of cargo pants and take your casual outfits to the next level.

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