10 Women’s Fashion Influencers We Recommend Following in 2024

Women's fashion influencers worth following
Photo: Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Not everyone likes to admit that sometimes they need styling help, but most of us do.

Following the right fashion influencers and bloggers can help you step up your style game and will help you catch on to the newest trends before your Instagram feed does.

Where Do I Find The Best Influencers?

While the classic fashion blog still exists, influencers and style gurus post the majority of their content on Instagram these days. The ‘gram isn’t just for selfies and coffee photos anymore; influencers can now make a living sharing their style online. While other apps like TikTok and Pinterest are also excellent sources of inspiration, Instagram is the one we recommend for on-the-go fashion advice.

There’s a different influencer for literally every fashion niche out there. Whether you want to be minimal or vintage, there’s an influencer out there posting your favorite styles. Our list has a variation of 10 completely different influencers to make sure everyone’s taste is catered for.

Making sure you follow the hottest fashion influencers is key, so we’ve handpicked a list of the 10 best fashion influencers to make sure you don’t miss out on any fashion tips!

Our Top Women’s Fashion Influencers

Depop And Y2k Inspo: Isabella Vrana

Photo: Instagram/@isabella.vrana

One of the most popular fashion styles this year is the vintage 2000s look. Some may think that low-rise jeans and velour tracksuits are fashions of the past, but these are coming back at an alarming rate. Isabella Vrana is one of the fashion influencers at the forefront of this trend, specializing in sourcing and selling 90s and 00s fashions while also styling them for Instagram looks.

Isabella created her Depop line while studying at UCL. This online store gained so much popularity she started pursuing it full-time after she graduated. Many follow the influencer to get styling inspo and buy her personally sourced vintage pieces on her Depop.

So, if you want more fun streetwear looks on your Instagram feed and an inside look at running a vintage business, give Isabella a follow at Instagram/@Isabella.vrana

All Things Knitted And Quirky: Ella Emhoff

Photo: Instagram/@ellaemhoff

She may be the vice president’s stepdaughter, but Ella Emhoff is, more importantly, a style icon. Graphic knits and crochet clothes are a staple trend, thanks to Ella.

The Parsons School of Design graduate started designing knitted coats, hats, and shorts, which she sells through her Instagram feed. These designs always feature clashing colors and bold geometric patterns, a theme that runs through Ella’s own wardrobe. Ella was also signed to IMG Models earlier this year, cementing her status as a fashion It Girl.

If you’re a fan of quirky fashion and like to stand out from the crowd, Ella’s Instagram is an excellent source of fashion inspiration.

Colorful Dressing Inspo: Zeena Shah

Photo: Instagram/@heartzeena

East London-based fashion influencer Zeena Shah is a must-follow for anyone who loves ultra-girly colorful clothes. Some may say the influencer dresses in a ‘cottage-core’ theme, but the bright colors take the aesthetic into an even cooler look.

Zeena works as an art director and stylist and dabbles in print design and illustration when she can. Her blog is a fashion fan’s dream, with insider tips and fashion advice for any occasion. This is a great place to go for gift recommendations and also advice on homeware decorations – she does it all!

To make Zeena’s fashion career even more impressive, she was interviewed in ELLE India this month about her Instagram and its vivid colors! Zeena is a must-follow for anyone who loves bold and colorful fashions.

Alternative Chic: Alexa Chung

Photo: Instagram/@alexachung

Alexa Chung is a well-known name in the fashion scene. She’s been around for a while, and her style game has never slipped. Though she’s busier these days due to her own clothing brand, Alexa is still one to follow for simple, alternative looks and constant outfit posts on Instagram.

The fashion influencer’s brand was born in 2016 and encapsulates the designer’s signature style she became known for. Alexa has over decades of experience collaborating with high fashion brands, and her style is tied closely with her British roots and love of vintage style.

Don’t be put off by her brand, though, Alexa’s Instagram isn’t just promotion and adverts. Alexa posts daily fashion looks for constant inspiration and streetwear styling that the fashion lover can’t miss.

Plus-Size Fashion Tips: Rosey Blair

Photo: Instagram/@roseybeeme

It’s no secret that some brands are pretty poor when it comes to plus-size fashion options. Thankfully, the industry is changing and starting to make space for all body sizes. However, influencers like Rosey Blair are the best to follow for accurate and honest plus-sized fashion advice and style inspiration.

From casual outfits to evening wear, Rosey does it all. She uses Instagram to post stories and photos to give recommendations to her followers, who often ask for advice on size-inclusive brands and where to find them. Rosey is a great example of an influencer who engages with her audience. If you’ve got a question, she will answer it!

Rosey is also a lifestyle influencer, so she’s a great account to follow if you need any general life inspo. Her Instagram stories are archived with the best general life recommendations, from bras to make-up and even bike seats!

Vintage Vibes: Forever Yours Betty

Photo: Instagram/@foreveryoursbetty

Forever Yours Betty started as a lifestyle blog and a place for vintage fashion finds. However, now Betty has taken her archive of inspiration to Instagram where she posts daily.

Betty is a Scottish-based fashion influencer who loves vintage style and the color orange, so if avant-garde fashion with a quirky twist is your thing, make sure to give her a follow! Betty often focuses on pattern and color, and her looks are always on-trend, so if you want to learn how to dress ‘out there’ and still look good, this account is a must-follow.

“Fashion with joy” is Betty’s motto, and that translates well across her feed. She often posts mood board posts on her stories, showing her outfit inspirations. This can be a great insight into how to put together a more conceptual look.

Timeless Streetstyle: Grece Ghanem

Photo: Instagram/@greceghanem

With over 500k followers, Grece Ghanem is a loved style influencer and always someone to watch. Grece has worked with brands like Dior and Calvin Klien, proving her style is always cutting edge. If you like pops of color and neutral tones for everyday wear, Grece is your girl.

Grece’s Instagram story highlights are a real-time archive of relevant fashion and beauty inspirations with additional lifestyle and travel tips too. Not only that, but Grece proves that age doesn’t matter when it comes to style. Anyone can be fashionable, no matter how old they are.

So, if you need some on-trend streetwear style advice or want to live a fabulous life through someone else’s Instagram feed, you know who to follow!

A Mix Of Sustainability And High Fashion: Samata

Photo: Instagram/@iam_samata

Sustainability is a buzzword at the moment. Many brands talk about it, but are they actually being green? Well, fashion influencers like Samata are getting to the bottom of this and showing how to dress well and sustainably at the same time, how to avoid fast fashion and look amazing – without getting caught up in brands that rely on greenwashing to sell.

Samata is a British-born Ghanaian entrepreneur who works in fashion and sustainability. Her career is one to follow as she is committed to making a positive change within the industry and always looks good while doing it. Samata has been featured in BOF, VOGUE Italia, Instyle, and many more, proving her style is high fashion.

If you love to learn and want to dive into the fashion industry, Samata also founded ‘The Tribe,’ a global collective for women to empower and celebrate each other through fashion!

Follow Samata on Instagram/iam_samata

Outfit Inspo And Celebrity Styling: Kelly Augustine

Photo: Instagram/@kellyaugustine

From red carpet-ready looks to gym wear, Kelly Augustine does it all. Kelly is a fashion and celebrity stylist and a judge on The Shade Room’s “Thick House,” so if you’re looking for a fashion influencer with industry experience, Kelly is your girl.

Kelly Augustine was born and raised in NYC and connects her blogs to her NYC lifestyle, perfect for anyone who needs fashion tips for a busy life. She also has a PR and journalism background, with a BA in Advertising & Public Relations from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Kelly is one to subscribe to for any self-proclaimed Girl Bosses out there!

For those of you who love a vlog or a YouTube video, make sure to check out Kelly’s channel too! From plus-size fashion recommendations to gift guides, all the fashion knowledge Kelly has picked up while working in the industry is shared for all to know. Kelly also covers thrift store shopping guides, hair tutorials, and fun vlogs of her life.

Minimalist Fashion: Olja Ryzevski

Photo: Instagram/@oljaryz

Minimalism, in general, has been a huge trend in the last few years. From the success of the minimalist documentaries to the Youtube vlogs where people record their lives living as a ‘minimalist,’ this movement has been prevalent.

The idea of wearing fewer clothes or simple designs goes hand in hand with downsizing your wardrobe. Simple garments are easier to mix and match, saving you the hassle of putting outfits together and clearing out storage space at home.

If you love the minimal look or feel like it’s something you may want to try, check out Olja’s Instagram @oljaryz. The Siberian-born influencer has a BA in photography and was nominated for an ‘AboutYou Award’ – the biggest influencer award ceremony in Germany.  Olja is currently a John Frieda ambassador and has been featured in VOGUE Germany, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Olja frequently posts minimalist outfits (which will give you serious wardrobe envy) alongside artsy photography and lifestyle posts. Alongside her husband Mauricio, Olja is working on fashion content for brands like Burberry, Cartier, and Calvin Klein.

Who To Follow?

Hopefully, there’s a fashion influencer here that speaks to your style and interests.

With so many brands and influencers out there, it can be confusing to find one that aligns with your personal niche. However, there’s always someone out there to inspire you! Do you know a fashion influencer we haven’t mentioned? Contact us and let us know who deserves the spotlight!

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