23 Fashion Aesthetic Types That Everyone Should Know

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Fashion aesthetic types are everywhere, whether you notice them or not! Knowing the aesthetic outfits you want to dress in can change the game when you’re putting your wardrobe together, making it easier to source new clothes. 

Different clothing aesthetics can also align you with certain subcultures or groups. This can be a way to find a community of like-minded people, or it could be a new way to express your personality. Many artistic people use fashion aesthetics to express themselves, but we all technically dress in our aesthetic style, too.

Are you ready to embrace a new fashion aesthetic? Keep reading to learn about aesthetics and to get some outfit inspiration at the same time.

Most Well-Known Fashion Aesthetic Styles

Here’s a rundown of popular fashion aesthetic types. This is by no means a complete list, as there are many more less-known names for different styles. However, this list should give you a sound basis for understanding different fashion types and different different clothing aesthetics.

1. E-Girl Aesthetics

This year, one style that can’t be ignored is the “e-girl” aesthetic. Born on Tiktok during the initial lockdowns, this style copies anime characters and mixes in some alternative or dark influences.

Many followers of this trend dye sections of their hair and bangs, use hyper-stylized makeup, and have many accessories like chokers. 

This is like an aesthetic version of the standard alternative style. It’s not for everyone as it can need a lot of upkeep and sometimes is hypersexualized.

2. VSCO Girl

Though VSCO refers to a photo editing app (abbreviated by its company name – Visual Supply Company), this is another popular style, which came into the scene around 2020-2021.

Key themes for this aesthetic include leggings, oversized shirts, and hydro flasks! Scrunchies are a crucial accessory, too, and so are stickers. This may sound odd, as some aren’t fashion accessories, but similarly to hipster girls, VSCO girls are chilled out, and the look is also a lifestyle.

3. Cottagecore

Another trend that became popular during lockdown was “cottagecore.”

This dreamy aesthetic refers to basic countryside styles from the past. This sounds slightly like a costume, but this style can also be modernized. Think about cute floral prints, puffy sleeves, long dresses, and more. 

This is more of a summer style. However, it can be transformed for winter as well.

4. Arty

Many recent aesthetics have come from social media platforms, and this is true for the latest arty style. With a focus on enjoying nature and art, this style is about a lifestyle, too. 

Many girls who dress in this style own dungarees, yellow clothing, berets, and cozy turtleneck sweaters. Opt for pops of primary colors, stripes, and denim to get this look.

5. Baddie

Ready to feel yourself? The baddie style is perfect for anyone who wants to walk into the room and own it. This style is about looking flirty, fit, and young. Baddies always look the best with tight jeans, glam makeup, and interesting dresses. 

This is a more high-maintenance aesthetic, and you’ll always need your hair and nails on point, but the results are worth it!

6. Normcore

Though it may sound strange, there is an actual fashion aesthetic called “normcore.” Fashion outlets often describe this as a trend where the wearers let go of the need to look distinctive.

It’s basically dressing in simple clothes and basics. This doesn’t mean boring, though! Clothes in this style are often well-fitting and made of good materials. Think of cardigans with matching pants as an example.

7. Retro Vintage

Vintage style references a wide range of different fashion aesthetic types. However, one common trend is retro style.

This usually mimics traditional outfits from the 1950s but with a modern twist. If you like to stand out and are not afraid to invest in genuine vintage clothing items, dressing vintage could be a fun and rewarding journey.

8. Y2k Style

Another fashion aesthetic style that’s popular at the moment is the “Y2k” style. This references the 2000s and the interesting street style that was popular at the time. From low-waisted jeans to full Juicy Couture tracksuits, this trend is eccentric, playful, and flirty.

If you’re looking for an aesthetic that’s super popular at the moment, this is a good one to experiment with/ 

9. Hippy

The hippy style is loud, bright, and fun. This fashion aesthetic mimics the original hippy culture from the 1970s, perfect for anyone who loves fashion history. This style involves flares, loose-fitting clothes, jumpsuits, and more. Patterns and accessories are a must too!

10. Boho

Bohemian is a similar style aesthetic to hippy, however, this look is more modern and on-trend with current fashions.

It still carries a sense of freedom and a laidback edge, but it is mixed with modern purses, heels, and jackets too. Jewelry is prevalent in this aesthetic, especially when it comes to dainty body chains and gemstones or as simple as hairpins.

11. Pin-Up

The pin-up style is similar to the previously discussed retro style as they both reference 50s fashion. The main difference is that this particular style is edgier and sexier too. This style is often combined with dyed hair, piercings, and sometimes tattoos! 

12. Mod Fashion Aesthetic

Mod style was born in England in the 1960s and it’s a unique aesthetic too!

This style also features streamlined silhouettes, black, white, and pops of block color. If you want an almost futuristic modern look, try this one. Remember, white gogo boots are essential to completing this style!

13. The 80s

We all know the 1980s and their outrageous styles. From big shoulders to heeled pumps, this is a style that will always stand out. It’s also a popular fashion aesthetic, and style fans like to recreate the era’s fashion. 

Make sure your hair is big and your shoulder pads are bigger!

14. Grunge

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Another popular decade-based aesthetic is the 90s grunge style. This started with the grunge music scene in the early 90s, and it progressed into a fashion too.

With a focus on laidback clothes, this is perfect for anyone who wants to be low-maintenance. Flannels, converse, denim, combat boots, and band tees are staples.

15. On-trend

Though many of these fashion aesthetics are all inspired by cultures or movements, the “on-trend” style changes with the times. This aesthetic is influenced by the styles coming straight off the runway, meaning it’s not for those who want a capsule wardrobe!

To follow the on-trend style, make sure you’re on top of the latest fashion news and replicate those outfits.

16. High Fashion

If you love designers and high fashion, this is the aesthetic for you. This is similar to the on-trend modernized styles, but this one moves slower as you invest in expensive pieces and not fast fashion.

In this aesthetic, you focus on wearing pieces from luxury brands, resulting in a wardrobe of designer clothes. It’s not for everyone, but it’s popular!

17. Casual

Let’s be honest, most of us spend our time in casual clothes. This is actually an aesthetic on its own too. This casual look is created with usual pants or jeans, t-shirts, knitted sweaters, and comfy clothes.

This is a great day-to-day look and it involves a neutral color palette or pastel colors.

A more formal twist is called business casual. Such clothes are still perfectly fine for the office environment and business meetings.

18. Minimalist

Minimalism is similar to casual and basic styles, but this look takes the trends even further. Minimalists dress in plain clothes and neutral colors.

This aesthetic sounds boring, but it isn’t! With the help of bold silhouettes, small details, and good fit, minimalism is about looking good without too much “stuff.” It’s common to wear monochrome outfits in earth tones, black, or white in this aesthetic. 

19. Preppy

Influenced by conservative fashion, the preppy style is perfect for anyone who prefers formal events.

This is a typical style for professional women, keeping them looking good without breaking office wear rules. Well-fitting shirts, sweaters, and cute shoes are common in this aesthetic. Always wear a traditional watch to top the look off!

20. Dark Academia

Dark Academia is another trend that popped up in lockdown and has been embraced by the internet ever since. It’s a style characterized by vintage and scholarly elements, often incorporating dark, moody colors and classic pieces to evoke an intellectual and mysterious vibe.

This aesthetic is similar to traditional preppy styles, however, as the name suggests, this takes a look and adds a dark twist. This is a must-try if you feel stuck between preppy and alternative looks. 

21. Girly

Not all aesthetics have to be dark or alternative!

The girly aesthetic takes all traditional girly stereotypes and modernizes them for a contemporary look. Pink and purple are big colors for this trend, but so are colors like white and baby blue. Go for dresses, ruffles, well-tailored jackets, and heels to embrace your femininity.

22. Western

When the wild west is mentioned, cowboys always come to mind, but did you know this is a fashion aesthetic type too?

Grab your denim, leather, and beige clothes for this U.S. heritage style. Fringed accessories and cowboy hats are needed to complete this look, perfect for any girl who wants to dress for adventure.

23. Goth

While goth can describe a range of alternative styles, we’re examining the popular gothic aesthetic. Black clothes and fabrics like leather, velvet, and silk are popular, alongside dyed hair and bold makeup. Black boots are common here as well. 

If you want to get creative, add studs, jewelry, and platform shoes into the mix, too, for a glam and goth style.

Less Know Fashion Aesthetic Worth Learning About

Though we’ve covered a few fashion aesthetic types in this article, we haven’t even covered the tip of the iceberg yet! One of the best aspects of fashion aesthetics is that there are so many to pick and choose from. 

Styles we haven’t explored yet are emo and metal looks. These are similar to the general gothic style. However, they feature more nuanced details and have tight-knit communities that follow them.

There are also other vintage-inspired styles from different decades that we didn’t cover. Popular eras include the 1920s, 1960s, and even 1930s Hollywood glamour.

Other key fashion aesthetic types to note are pop punk, steampunk, soft girls, and scene kids. These are three completely different trends, but they all have large followings that you can research today. Some other known trends include light academia, classic style, flamboyant styles, maternity wear, girl next door, androgyny, and more!

What Are Aesthetics In Clothing?

Aesthetics are basically different styles of dress, such as vintage, arty, or even goth. The term refers to the look you create with clothing, accessories, and beauty. Aesthetics can also refer to casual styles, formal dress, or office wear, as these are all still types of looks you create with clothes. 

Though many of us don’t consider fashion aesthetic types when styling ourselves, we do it unintentionally. For example, when you get ready in the morning and wear sports leggings, you’re dressing in an athleisure aesthetic without realizing it! 

Once you learn about the range of aesthetics, you can start dressing more intentionally and looking more coordinated. 

At the end of the day, playing with different aesthetics and styles should be fun! Use this list to experiment with beauty, clothes, and hair for a new fashion look.

How To Choose A Clothing Aesthetic?

Before you start experimenting with a new aesthetic, it’s good to research different types to find the best one for you. But, where do you start? Here are some common questions about finding the best aesthetic for you. 

How Do I Find My Personal Aesthetic Style?

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If you’re researching aesthetics for the first time, it might feel like you need to decide on a specific style off the top of your head. It’s actually much easier than picking a random style and hoping for the best!

Think about what celebrity style you enjoy. Picture fictional characters you are drawn to. Your music style can also influence your clothes too. It can be helpful to use a website like Pinterest to start mood-boarding images you like. This will create a clear idea of styles you want to replicate, and you can refer back to it when you’re shopping!

How Should I Dress According To My Personality?

Interestingly, though, style can be used to express your personality, it doesn’t have to! 

For example, many goths dress in a dark and sometimes scary way, but their personalities can be bubbly, and they don’t even have to be fans of metal music!

Though it’s advised to look at the media and culture you identify with, you don’t need a deep personality link to adopt a particular style. Simply, if you like an aesthetic, you can recreate it, whether or not your personality reflects it! This makes getting dressed up more fun and flexible too.

The Takeaway

Whether you wanted to discover more fashions or get some inspiration, we hope you found some new style tips in this article! 

Fashion aesthetic types can change, but many of them stay the same and aren’t affected by outfit trends. There are also a lot of micro-trends popping up due to social media, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for new style inspiration at all times!

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