7 Style Tips To Look Like A Hipster Girl

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Though the hipster look can sometimes appear to be effortless, cultivating it actually takes quite a bit of work. Hipster girls have a very put-together yet laid-back style, but to get this, you need to plan your hipster outfits and accessories ahead of time.

The key to nailing this hipster look is gradually building up some unconventional and vintage garments and mixing them with relaxed clothes. Even if you spend hours mulling an outfit over, you mustn’t let anyone know! Being laidback is the aim of the game, don’t let anyone know how much thought went into your style – you were born hipster.

Thinking of taking the plunge and trying out the hipster girl style? We’ve got your back. Here are some of the best style tips that will have you looking like a natural-born hipster in no time.

What Kind Of Hipster Girl Are You?

When it comes to switching to a hipster aesthetic, the first thing you need to do is work out how you define hipster. Hipster is a word that’s been thrown around and used for a variety of subcultures over the last decade, so working out what that means to you will help you start to build your own take on the style.

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Often, many confuse the hipster style with hippy clothes or grunge styles. While they could all be seen as similar and alternative styles, the cult followers would all disagree. The modern hipster girl style does come from the 60s flower power style. However, it focuses more on using vintage pieces and pairing them with modern trends – almost adding a modern twist to the hippy look.

To most, being a hipster is about attitude as well as fashion. For example, the carefree mentality is a staple of the hipster girl world. There isn’t a set of rules you need to follow, but there are a few staple garments that will give off a hipster vibe. If you’re just starting to curate your wardrobe, start with these clothes:

  • Vintage T-shirts. Authentic vintage t-shirts are a staple of the hipster girl genre, even better if they’re band t-shirts or have the 60s/70s logos on them. These can be worn with anything and look super laid back.
  • Flannels. A simple tartan flannel shouldn’t be overlooked. These casual shirts can be worn as an overshirt or even tied up in a crop top. Try to mix and match different plaid colors for an interesting effect.
  • Cardigans. Vintage knit cardigans are cute and are perfect for fall/winter weather. They’re perfect to go over your t-shirts and mom jeans and complete the hipster look perfectly.
  • Mom jeans. Though skinny jeans are also popular, mom jeans (or any baggier alternatives) are popular through the hipster scene. Tying these in with a cute belt and pairing them with a crop top leaves you with a laid-back vibe which is essential to the hipster lifestyle.
  • Skater skirts. Skater skirts are inspired by the 1950s wide circle skirts and re-emerged in the early 2010s, usually with shorter hemlines. These are great for summer and winter and can be found in a range of different fabrics and colors to suit your personal style.

Embrace The Boho

Hipster girl clothes are laid back and chill, but if you want to take more inspiration from the 1960s and 1970s, look at some boho options too. Combining the typical hipster jeans and t-shirts with some girly boho patterns and jewelry can keep the look vintage and tailored to you.

If you’re confused about making boho styles modern, look at celebrities’ Coachella outfits for instant inspiration. Vanessa Hudgens is a prime example of an excellent boho and hipster style. With acid wash denim shorts, lace camis, and lots of jewelry, this style will never get old. Though the boho style does fit summer well, it can easily be translated to winter with some acid wash jeans and interesting knit jumpers.

Prime examples of boho prints are paisley prints and florals, especially daisy prints. Rings with colored gemstones are also trendy in the boho style, and the standard rule is the more, the merrier! You can even get vintage-style t-shirts with astrology or floral prints that look like they’re from the 70s to complete the hipster and boho fusion.

Time To Go Vintage

Hardcore hipster fans love vintage stores. Some will even spend thousands of dollars trying to get the best authentic vintage pieces to complete their looks. While this is a fun hobby, spending so much time and money hunting for vintage clothes isn’t accessible to everyone. If you want to find an alternative, try your local thrift stores! Thrifting can sometimes be disappointing, but you never know what hidden gems you’ll find on the racks of your local store.

Anything can really be mixed into the hipster style if it’s interesting. For example, an old patchwork cardigan or a denim jacket with patches on can instantly transform an outfit. A vintage miniskirt can be paired with a band tee or crop top to modernize it, taking elements from the past and mixing them with the present.

Another great find in most thrift stores is vintage coats, specifically long blazer-like over coats. These can be found in so many different colors and will instantly transform a laid-back jeans outfit into a chic hipster look. Beige and navy are popular colors, but coats with pops of red or green are also popular among hipster girls.

The Power Of The Humble Shirt

Button-down shirts are usually thought of as work uniforms and not fashion clothes, but we’re here to remind you how stylish these can be – especially if you’re after a hipster style.

These are also commonly found at thrift stores, so get out there and find all the old shirts you can. Size doesn’t really matter when it comes to styling a shirt in a hipster fashion. Oversized is often preferred as you can tuck the baggy shirt into jeans or wear it open with an interesting bralette under it. Wearing shirts tied up is also a popular styling move, so make sure to experiment with these styles.

From stripes to plain fabric, shirts are a cheap and vintage way to start dressing more hipster. You can even find ones in subtle paisley prints or florals, which combine the hipster and boho aesthetic if you want.

Find Hipster Clothing Stores

If you’re not interested in shopping vintage or want some modern alternatives for your wardrobe, don’t fear, you can easily find stores that cater to hipster styles.

Urban Outfitters is well known for their hipster clothes and especially their extensive range of denim. This is a great store to start in if you want to see the clothes in lookbooks before buying them. Their website is full of great outfit combos to keep you inspired.

Another good option for modern vintage clothes is American Apparel. This brand is well known for being popular in hipster and alternative communities. The most popular pieces for hipsters are the iconic tennis skirts and their backless bodysuits. Disco pants (think Sandy in the last scene of Grease) are also very popular within the hipster girl community. They’re perfect for evenings out or parties.

If you can’t find the specific style you’re looking for, always remember to try eBay. Though this isn’t a brick-and-mortar store, eBay is an excellent place for finding more modern hipster clothing without digging through the dust of vintage stores.

Invest In The Right Shoes

Hipster footwear can range from laidback converse to cowboy boots or dainty sandals. There are many choices when it comes to hipster footwear, so make sure you think about your own clothes and match them to those when buying.

Vans have always been popular sneakers for hipsters. These skate shoes can be worn with everyday outfits and also dresses for chilled out evening events. Vans come in a range of styles and colors, so there will always be one that’ll suit your style. Most popular are the platform old-school vans, giving hipster girls a boost in height without the discomfort of a high heel.

For evenings or more dressed-up events, a heeled boot can go a long way. Cowboy suede boots or a simple Chelsea boot with a heel are popular to dress up laidback outfits or to be paired with any evening clothes. Remember, the key is to be casual.

Try Out Hipster Make-Up Styles

Hipsters aren’t necessarily known for their out-there makeup. They tend to keep a natural-looking face. This doesn’t mean you have to wear none, just be subtle about the looks and don’t go for bright colors. Cat-eye style eyeliner is also a popular trend in hipster girls, alongside a pop of color on their lips. Popular lipstick colors are red, burgundy, and purple, not so much shocking pink. Opt for an autumnal color palette when doing any makeup, and you’ll be a hipster in no time.

The Takeaway

Being a hipster girl is combining style with attitude, looking relaxed yet put-together at the same time. Try out some of these tips and see what works for you. Do you prefer boho hipster styles of vintage ones?

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