27 Super Pretty Patchwork Cardigans And Jackets Outfits

Patchwork cardigans

You remember the trend… patches of cute and quirky designs sewn onto your clothing. Whether it was your high school’s emblem or the first letter of your boyfriend’s name, most have us have experimented with patchwork in some form.

For once, a fashion style that’s popular with both teenagers and the fashion elite alike is ruling the runways with patchwork cardigans, jackets, and alike.

Patchwork clothing is by no means new.

For years, we’ve played with the idea of fun designs and motifs to create something that’s entirely our own. What could be better than sharing your favorite animals, your favorite food, or even your favorite phrase through a quirky patch on your clothing? Or how about a wearable travel journal of all the exciting places you’ve visited?

Is patchwork in style?

It’s not a mainstream trend by any means. However, patchwork still have it’s place.

With patchwork you can make an outfit feel fresh and exciting. So designers tend to use it here and there.

Not to mention the sustainability aspect. With sustainable fashion at everyone’s head, it makes sense that this style of clothing is actually trending.

That’s why we see vintage patchwork shirts and dresses, sweaters and cardigans. It is a way to express your mood and your personality.

Quick tips on wearing a patchwork cardigan or jacket

Keen to get started? Here are a few tips and tricks when trying out the patchwork trend:

  • Don’t go overboard with the accessories. The rest of the outfit should be kept as simple and uncomplicated as possible.
  • Sure, the shops are filled with patchworked items right now. But why follow the crowd? Put your personalized touch onto the clothing already hanging in your closet. Rummage through stalls at craft markets and DIY stores for sew-on patches. If you’re not keen on physically stitching with a thread and needle, there are also funky iron-on patches that work just as well.
  • Keep it simple. When in doubt, it’s better to go with something lightly embroidered than an item that’s filled with patchwork all over.
  • There is no need to style your outfit too much when it comes to patchwork. A simple outfit of blue jeans and a white vest will show off the bright colors and stark contrast perfectly.

We’ve rounded up the finest collection of embroidered patchwork cardigans and jackets out there to get you inspired this season.

10 Patchwork Cardigan Style Examples

1) Subtle Influence

Pretty patchwork is a guaranteed style winner this season.

Intricate Indian embroidery makes this patchwork cardigan come alive with color. Against a backdrop of subtle off-white, fine black and brown piping is filled in with red, pink and orange Aztec-style designs. This kind of cardigan is perfect when worn with shorts or pants in a neutral shade of camel brown.

A chic yet trendy cardigan like this one is a great way to introduce the patchwork trend into your wardrobe this season.

2) Lounge Living

A cozy woolen sweater in luxurious mohair or lamb’s wool is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe no matter what the season – whether it’s a freezing winter’s night or a chilly Spring evening. Why not invest in one of the season’s quirkiest trends – patchwork.

This super-slouchy fit is made for comfort with dropped shoulders and sleeves that are longer than usual. This look is a style winner whether you’re lounging in your living room or watching the stars on the beach.

3) Burgundy Basics

The effect is artsy and bohemian when bright patchwork meets classic denim.

Ripped blue jeans plus a white T-shirt is a go-to outfit no matter what the weather. Spruce up this basic ensemble with a bright pop of color like this draped patchwork cardigan. In a rich shade of deep burgundy, this cover-all is quirky, unusual and sure to make a winter style statement wherever you go. To bring out the color, be sure to accessorize with equally bold, artsy accessories.

4) Peacock Pretty

Find your inner Austen heroine in this vintage patchwork cardigan.

This romantic style is for all the Jane Austen fans out there. We can picture Pride and Prejudice’s Elizabeth Bennet snuggling up with Mr. Darcy in a sweater like this one, can’t you?

This thick woolen cardigan is beautifully adorned with patchwork motifs of butterflies and peacocks finely embroidered onto it. A dreamy cardigan like this one works equally well with plain blue jeans as it does with a pretty fitted A-line dress. It’s all up to you.

5) Festival Fine

Get into the festival vibe with bright 60s-inspired patchwork.

So, what if it’s still too early for Coachella? This groovy 60s-inspired patchwork cardigan will get you into the festival spirit. Bright, summery colors inject some fun and revelry into the ensemble, especially when paired with a little cream shift dress.

Be sure to carry this bohemian trend into your jewelry with loosely draped beads along your neck and arms. The overall effect is carefree and trendy, perfect for a day of outdoor exploring.

6) Travelling Chic

Keen to do a bit of travelling this year? Don’t worry if you’re too strapped for cash. Simply dress the part and play tourist in your city. This outfit has all the makings of an international traveler ready to take on the world.

Slouchy cut-off denim jeans are weathered and easy-to-wear – perfect for a day of exploring on foot. A studded brown leather belt fits perfectly with the overall bohemian vibe. It’s the addition of an off-white cardigan though that really makes this look a winner. Adorned in slight embroidered patchwork, this fun little cardigan picks up the color of a quirky black-rimmed hat. Long loose wavy hair completes this laissez-faire daytime look.

7) Retro Flare

Give your flared jeans the patchwork treatment for a touch of fun this season.

On the higher end of the scale, we have this patchwork cardigan from the French label, Chloe. Seen here on fashion blogger, Annabelle Fleur, this design combines large blocks of varied fabrics and patterns.

At first glance, these colors may appear mismatched, but that’s the appeal of this trend – anything goes, and the more eclectic the mix, the better. This retro cardigan also features an asymmetrical hem which drapes beautifully over a black V-neck T-shirt and deep blue flare jeans. Complete the look with your favorite pair of black boots for a quirky yet stylish ensemble.

8) Mexican Fiesta

Get some Mexican mojo in a patchwork cardigan with Aztec prints.

This creative patchwork cardigan comes with a spicy Mexican twist. We can just imagine a Spanish conquistador parading around in a similar design, can’t you?

On a background of solid black, this patchwork stunner is adorned with all sorts of shapes and patterns woven together in bright, exciting color combinations. The ideal way to show off these bold motifs is to wear it over an outfit of pure white. Go for a simple white T-shirt plus a white cotton miniskirt for maximum effect. Lastly, tie an Aztec-print belt around your waist for some extra pizzazz.

9) Exploring the Patchwork Trend

Imagine yourself exploring the streets of some far-off, exotic land in an outfit like this. Simple, laidback and casual, this ensemble is as easy-going as they come.

A brown leather belt with a bold, eye-catching buckle instantly draws the eye to the midriff (a great trick to highlight the slimmest part of your body). Basic blue jeans are simple and classic when worn with a thin white cotton T-shirt. Then we find a quirky, one-of-a-kind style item – an embroidered patchwork cardigan made of motifs in all sorts of fabrics and designs. Necklaces made of beads, ropes and tassels perfectly round off this effortless look.

10) Old-school Cute

Give your gran's patchwork quilt a fashion face-lift.

Remember that colorful crocheted quilt your grandmother used to wear across her lap? It’s back in fashion, well, kind of. This time, however, it’s a lot cuter, quirkier and bang on trend.

This long-embossed cardigan is a prime example of the patchwork trend that’s taken the fashion world by storm. With a plain black background, the woolen fabric is decorated with patches of patterns in bright, cheerful colors. Wear such a cardigan with a denim dungaree dress and a floral T-shirt underneath.

Adding Instant Glamour With Patchwork Jackets

11) Pretty Little Pirate

Turquoise and navy blue combine with patchwork prints in this beautiful design.

Take your style across the seas with this turquoise embroidered patchwork jacket. With classic military styling, the shape is structured and close-fitting. Unlike the usual blazer styles, we’re used to, however, this one is fun, quirky and full of bright colors. A trendy scoop style creates a longer silhouette in the front which is shorter at the back. The real spark comes through in the patchwork design – shades of blue, green and yellow combine with solid black piping to form interesting, unusual patchwork shapes.

This style is so versatile; it can be worn with sleek black trousers or laidback cutoff shorts – the choice is yours.

12) Dreamy Designs

Let your inner wild child out in pink patchwork and lace.
Photo: Tumblr/@amandasanft

The fashion landscape this season is all about free-flowing fabrics in pretty feminine silhouettes. This frilly bohemian dress is a perfect example of this trend. What better way to show off this ultra-girly style than with a beautifully adorned light jacket covered in bold, colorful patchwork?

Zigzag patterns merge with flowery motifs and even intricate lacework to create something eclectic and sublime. This outfit is the perfect choice for a romantic date or a leisurely stroll in the park.

13) Metallic Mode

Borrow some styling tips from the boys in a menswear-inspired double-breasted jacket.

This look beautifully blends masculine with feminine into one trendy ensemble. Slim-fitting dark gray jeans are paired elegantly with strappy stiletto sandals. On top, the look becomes edgier with a navy blazer covered in a few metallic patchwork motifs. Underneath, all that’s needed is a low-cut black tank top to show a bit of skin off classily. Polish off the cool city look with a simple black leather sling handbag.

14) Bomber Basics

The bomber jacket trend is one that doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon. This season’s latest update comes in the form of quirky patchwork adornments creatively spread across the body.

We love this khaki-colored army-inspired style embossed with everything from pink lips and an ice-cream cone to a dinosaur and a deck of cards. The combination is quirky and cute, especially when worn with basic blue denim jeans. The result is an easy-going, laidback ensemble. Pair this look with a pair of white All Star sneakers, and you’re good to go.

15) Bright Star

The brighter, the better, we say – especially when it comes to patchwork. This stunning vest is covered in a myriad of dazzling designs – everything from stars and Aztec shapes to beads and metallic coins.

The great thing about this style is that it can be worn with virtually any other color as it’s sure to match in some way. This look is daring and bold, guaranteed to turn quite a few heads when you enter the room.

16) Sporty Spice

This look is for all the girls embracing the much-loved athleisure trend. We’ve seen similar styles on the runways of Alexander Wang and Fenty x Puma by Rihanna. The look encapsulates everything that is sporty and comfortable – athletic designs made of breathable, easy-to-wear fabrics.

Here, we see an all-in-one jumpsuit style in thick baggy gray cotton worn with white Adidas Superstar sneakers. Adding a twist to the norm, though, is an army green parka covered in cool, quirky patchwork motifs. This combination is unexpected and definitely very fashionable right now.

17) Versatile Fashion

Heavy, intricate patchwork is stunning when paired with casual cut-offs.

Most of the patchwork styles we’ve seen so far have been decorated with subtle embroidery. This one, however, is different – it’s completely covered in beautiful, intricate patterns and motifs. With its round collar and modern shape, this patchwork number looks almost like a bomber jacket.

Wear it whichever way you choose – it would look equally great paired with formal tailored trousers or, as seen here, with laidback cuffed denim shorts.

18) Working the Trend

Spice up your work wardrobe with a splash of patchwork.

Keen to inject some patchwork fun into your work attire? This outfit shows you exactly how it’s done. On the bottom half of the body, we find fitted gray pants that rest just above the ankles, perfectly highlighting dainty black strappy sandals.

For a fun twist, finish off the outfit with a black bomber jacket adorned in playful, unusual patchwork motifs. A plain white vest is the perfect backdrop to make this quirky style item pop.

19) A Modern Twist to an Old Trend

Mix up the old with the new in this modern street ensemble.

Did you know that patchwork can be traced all the way back to ancient China 5000 years ago? This ensemble shows us just how to update the trend and bring it right into the present day.

A long woolen skirt is matched with an oversized sweater, both in light gray. Funky Nike trainers complete the urban effect, but it’s a stonewashed denim jacket that steals all the attention. Patchwork motifs are scattered across the denim fabric, creating a personalized, ultra-modern twist. This outfit is the perfect choice for a day of sightseeing through the streets of your city.

20) Coachella Chic

Get that Coachella festival look with a stylish patchwork ensemble.
Photo: Tumblr/@ana-rosa

This outfit looks like something straight off the grounds of the Coachella music festival. You’ll be sure to make a style splash in this colorful combination of prints, patterns, and motifs – all thanks to a stylish patchwork fitted jacket. This outfit consists of a bold patterned skirt paired with a white mesh vest. The addition of a patchwork jacket creates even more drama – ideal for a day of frolicking under the sun.

21) Patchworked Parka

What can you wear on casual days for a laidback look that’s still cool and edgy? Look no further than this quirky ensemble.

Distressed boyfriend jeans are paired with strappy block-heeled sandals and a white blouse with large, flared sleeves. What stands out, though, is a longer-length parka jacket decorated with playful, unexpected patchwork motifs. This outfit combination is trendy and urban with just the right amount of fun.

22) A Whiff of Whimsy

Keep your layers light and floaty to make a patchwork jacket shine.
Photo: Tumblr/@ana-rosa

Whimsical, dreamy and ethereal – three words that could be used to describe the hottest trend in fashion right now. It’s all about soft feminine dresses worn underneath ornate cardigans and light jackets covered in intricate patchwork.

This ensemble is made up of a silk dress in a beautiful shade of geranium pink plus delicate gold lace trim. The real standout item though is a light jacket adorned in patchwork designs of flowers, stripes, and fine embroidery. With styles so eye-catching and rich, be sure to keep your jewelry light and unobtrusive. Simple metallic bracelets on your wrist are the only accessories you need.

23) Red Velvet Dream

Go classic or casual in this red velvet patchwork design.

Let your gypsy heart run free in this stunning light jacket made of luxurious red velvet. The back and sleeves are beautifully ornamented in Aztec designs, colorful flowers, and geometric shapes.

The great thing about this style is that, because of the different colors present in the pattern, it matches perfectly with just about any colored item of clothing. From basic blue jeans to more elegant tailored trousers, a patchwork design like this one co-ordinates seamlessly with just about everything already in your closet.

24) Nashville Dreaming

Get that country feeling with prints and fabrics straight out of the Wild West.

Whether you’re a fan of country music or not, you have to admit – there’s a certain charm about dressing the part of a Nashville superstar. Tassels, Aztec prints, and suede – this patchwork jacket has it all.

Be sure to keep the rest of the outfit equally easy-going and casual. Simple distressed blue jeans are worn with a light brown top and brown buckled belt. Bold accessories plus a camel-colored Chanel handbag add some extra style.

25) Patchwork by Night

When silken fabrics meet beautiful patchwork, the effect is electric!

Sleek, polished and ultra-glamorous, this outfit is all about silky fabrics combined with trendy, modern patterns. In a shade of deep indigo, a pleated high-waisted skirt is elegantly worn with a V-neck camisole, also in dark teal satin fabric.

A light patchwork jacket draped over the shoulders ties it all stylishly. With geometric patterns set alongside Aztec shapes and flowery figures, the effect is sophisticated yet trendy and cool.

26) Graffiti Glamour

Infuse graffiti street art into your fashion choices this season.

This ensemble could very well have been inspired by the colorful graffiti on the wall behind it. Bold, bright and bohemian, this patchwork-style light jacket has all the makings of a winning urban fashion ensemble. Simple blue skinny jeans are worn with a light gray T-shirt in soft draped cotton.

Adding all the pizzazz, though, is a fitted jacket bejeweled with finely embroidered patchwork patterns creatively sewn together. For even more color, be sure to pop on a pair of golden yellow mirror aviator sunglasses.

27) Pink in the City

Classic blue denim plus dusty pink patchwork is a match made in style heaven.

This outfit is cute and sophisticated yet still super trendy, thanks to an elegantly patterned patchwork jacket. Bang on-trend, this lightweight style features gold zipper detail and a modern collarless neckline.

The rest of the outfit is kept appropriately simple with stonewashed skinny jeans and a silk two-layered vest. Pretty light pink T-bar heels are matched with a dusty pink slouchy handbag as well as a woven beaded necklace. This outfit is cool and trendy; the ideal pairing for either a hot date or a trendy business lunch.

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