A Guide To Wearing a Shacket in Fall 2023 & What Pairings Work Best

Wearing a shacket in fall: top pairings

Have you ever tried styling a shacket?

Half jacket and half shirt, this piece is extremely versatile and perfect for the autumn weather. Too warm for a winter coat or too cool for just a shirt? This is where the handy shacket comes into play.

Introduction to Shacket Outfits

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This hybrid garment has become increasingly popular over the past year, and now fall is here again. Get ready to see them everywhere. They’re probably in your Instagram feed, and you can already find them in most online stores, but how do you style this trend?

Here are the top tips for wearing a shacket this fall. Read on to find out how to embrace this trend and look great doing it!

What Are The Best Colors For Shackets In Fall?

Choosing a shacket color needs some thought. As it doubles as a jacket, you need this piece to match the majority of colors in your wardrobes so you can create cohesive outfits.

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Many would suggest neutral colors like beige, cream, chocolate brown, or black. These are great colors for fall, plus they mix well with any color palette. If you want to add some detail to a neutral-colored shacket, opt for one with a fluffy texture. These thicker jackets are perfect for autumn and give off a cute and cozy vibe.

If you want to play with color, blush pink, baby blue, and even lime green are popular choices. Make a statement with a pastel pop of color. Since these tones are softer, they mix well with a variety of color palettes. We’d suggest avoiding neon-colored shackets as these are the hardest to color match with most hues.

A Note On Patterned Shackets

Tartan or plaid patterns are ubiquitous on shackets. These patterns are usually popular in fall anyway, so combining these two fall trends with each other is a perfect combination for a chic outfit.

Green, cream, brown, and red are popular color pairings for these patterns. Many of the plaid shackets feature grey and white too. If you don’t want to wear traditional fall colors, you can also find shackets that feature purples, blues, and yellow.

Wearing a monochrome outfit with a colorful patterned shacket is perfect for a street style or daytime outfit. These patterned shackets are set to be one of the hottest trends of the season, so make sure you stay ahead of everyone and invest in one soon!

What Are The Best Outfits You Can Wear With A Shacket?

If you’re wondering how to style a shacket, don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Here are some examples of how you could style shackets for this fall. Here you can find what to wear with shackets in winter.

Shackets Paired With Chunky Boots

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Shackets give off a slouchy and laid-back look. If you want to take this chilled-out aesthetic to the next level, consider pairing your shacket with a denim outfit and chunky boots.

This look works even better when the boots are a statement color, making the outfit alternative and edgy. This is perfect for street-style events.

Wearing Statement Fabrics

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Shackets are usually made of thicker fabrics like wool or acrylic. If you want to play with texture, try wearing other statement fabric, like a cord, to draw attention to the clothes you’re wearing. Cord trousers that are either flared or baggy are great choices when looking for pants to wear with a shacket.

You can even add leather or mesh fabrics too. These look great for evening events and pair well with slightly heeled shoes. Try adding a bodysuit top, too, for a more formal look.

Long Dresses And Layering

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As shackets are not quite as thick as the standard winter coat, you can play around with layering. This styling technique works best in cooler temperatures, as you can wear more layers without getting too hot and bothered.

One key way to style a shacket is with a long maxi dress. These are usually worn in the summer. However, for fall, they look great when worn with a shacket too. If you want to be super fashion-forward, find a long shacket to match the dress length for a complete maxi look.

Wearing Denim Shackets in Fall

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Shackets are also popular in denim fabrics. These are similar to denim jackets. However, a shacket has a boxy, oversized shape that gives a more distinct silhouette.

Denim shackets are perfect for everyday wear, as they appear more dressed down than a wool version of the jacket. These are great for fall, but because the denim fabric is slightly lighter, they can easily be worn in spring and summer, too. Who doesn’t love a jacket that can be worn every season?

Try pairing your denim shacket with denim jeans. While you can match the color of the jeans for a monochrome look, choosing two different tones gives a great effect. We love classic blue jeans and a darker black or grey shacket for a two-colored denim look.

Shacket as an Open Jacket

While you can button a shacket like a shirt, these jackets look great when left open. A great way to wear your shacket open is with a statement top or jumper underneath. This allows the underlayer to peak through and adds depth to your outfit – perfect for a layered fall look.

If you’re a fan of pattern and color, you can easily play around with an open shacket. Wearing a bright pop of color under a neutral shacket adds some extra detail to the outfit. However, you can go even further and wear two mismatched clash colors to have some fun with style.

How to Wear Jeans with an Oversized Shacket

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Oversized shackets are the ultimate fall piece. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but the oversized shape is perfect for day-to-day fall activities. But how should you style one?

If you want to combine an oversized shacket with pants, we suggest wearing skinny jeans or kick-flare jeans. You could also wear straight-legged options too. Basically, you want to wear less fabric on your bottom half to accentuate the oversized shacket. That means avoid baggy jeans – sorry!

The Best Way to Pair Your Oversized Shackets With Pants

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If you want to wear pants with your oversized shacket, try wearing straight-legged trousers. This brings attention to the oversized shacket shape and makes you feel comfortable as you’re not wearing skin-tight trousers.

When choosing pants, you can pick patterned ones to make a statement. This works especially well if you have a plain neutral shacket.

Let your legs do all the talking here!

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