The Best Denim For Fall (And What Jeans To Avoid)

Finding the best denim for fall

Denim jeans are a staple of any season, but fall is when they’re essentials.

When the weather is cooler, it’s time to show off your best denim outfits. Whether you’re running errands or spending a day in the city, jeans work with any occasion. They even pair well with cute tops for evenings out or drinks at the bar!

But, before you embrace the autumn season, make sure your denim doesn’t miss the mark. We’ve compiled the forecasted denim trends for fall 2021 and some trends to avoid to keep you looking stylish.

Read on to find out the best denim for fall, and which pieces not to wear!

The Best Denim For Fall: Jeans Styles You Should Embrace

Photo: Jason Leung / Unsplash

Here are the jeans styles you should try this autumn. These are all on trend for 2021 and will complement most outfits of clothes you already own.

Make sure to play around with styling to optimize your denim outfits!

Vintage Inspired Straight Legged Jeans

The straight-leg denim silhouette has been popular for a while now, and it isn’t going anywhere fast!


If you haven’t already, try a pair of these jeans. It was popularised by actresses and models in the 1990s.

This silhouette flatters all figures. For chic street-style outfits that are laid back yet on-trend, this is the pair of jeans to wear! The 1990s have made a comeback in the past year, and the decade influences all aspects of style.

This silhouette is popular in a range of washes and colors, but grey and light blue colors are the most popular. Try straight-leg jeans with a high-rise waist and a signature belt for a great styling combination.

Go Comfortable In Baggy Jeans

In the 2010s, skinny jeans were all the rage, but now the opposite is in fashion. Loose or baggy denim styles have come back into the mainstream stores and are an excellent option for fall 2021.


The jeans are popular in two silhouettes, wide-legged loose jeans or slouchier-shaped denim jeans. The wide-leg options usually feature a straight silhouette where the legs flare out from the wearer’s hips.

These jeans are usually high-waisted and can be cropped above the ankle – these are incredibly flattering and help to elongate the appearance of the legs.

The slouchier baggy jeans tend to be longer and don’t sit as straight as the wide-leg alternatives. These jeans can be mid-rise or high-rise and often sit on the ankles, creating a more relaxed silhouette. Often these jeans feature turn-ups around the ankles too.

Flares In Small Doses

Flares and the 1970s style have been popular recently, but are extreme flares popular for fall? Research suggests that while extreme flares aren’t on-trend, the similar “kick-flare” style is set to be one of autumn’s hottest silhouettes.


Kick-flares are essentially jeans that flare out at the ankle but are much more subtle than standard flares. These denim jeans are usually high-waisted, and they are often cropped at the ankle too.

This is a flattering jean style for everyday fashion. Make sure you make these your go-to styles this autumn.

Talking Color: You Can’t Go Wrong With Blue Denim

If you’re wondering what color of denim is popular, we’ve got your back. Once again, blue denim is the most popular color for fall. This traditional denim color will always be popular, so make sure you have at least one pair of blue denim jeans in your wardrobe.

Photo: Avie Huff / Unsplash

Other popular colors are grey, black, white, and ecru. These are great to play with as their neutral color matches most colors – great for easy styling. While it’s good to experiment with these other variations of jeans, we can’t stress how important it is to own a blue pair.

What Denim Should Be Left for Summer?

Some denim should be left in summer. Not all styles can fit every season, so it’s time to retire certain pairs until next year again. Here are the denim styles to avoid in fall 2021.

Super Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans always divide opinion. We love them, but only for the summer months. As autumn rolls around, it’s time to embrace sleek silhouettes and tailored fits. Distressed jeans are casual and great for chilled-out summer evenings, not brisk walks in the autumn.

While jeans with ripped knees can pass in autumn, pairs with extensive rips really should be avoided in fall. Why would you want half your leg exposed in the colder months anyway?

Retire The Skinny Fit Jeans

If you haven’t already, it’s time to say goodbye to the good old skinny jeans. As time goes on, wide-legged and straight-legged jeans are taking the spotlight. These modern jeans silhouettes look chic and more high fashion than the skinny fit, so it’s time to embrace the new and do away with the old.

While this jean fit can be styled in a modern way, we’d advise you to skip wearing these day-to-day and save them for the evenings. With a blazer and heels, these can look great. But remember, you can experiment with new denim shapes too!

Pastels Aren’t Denim’s Best Friend

Power to you if you can pull off colored denim because this combination is notoriously tricky to style. Pastel-colored jeans are hard to wear in the summer, let alone the darker autumn months. If you have worked out a formula that allows these jeans to work – fabulous!


However, we would suggest fashion fans avoid this style as it can overpower outfits, and they’re not the most flattering to figures. Nailing this look needs a lot of experimentation, so try it for yourself and see how it goes!

The Takeaway

Always remember that style is subjective, and you can rock anything you want. Our tips are just to guide you towards this season’s trends Have fun experimenting with denim. This versatile fabric is essential to play with!

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