8 Fall Trends To Avoid in Autumn 2023, According to Stylists

Woman in coat with large prints. Find out about fall trends to avoid this autumn.
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When curating your wardrobe for the next season, it’s easy to focus on trends and what to wear, but sometimes it can be helpful to make a mental note of trends to avoid too!

Though these trends can look good, we think they should be avoided for the fall season, and other trends should be embraced instead.

Fall Trends To Avoid

Read on to find out which trends should be left in summer to help you build a fall wardrobe full of hits!

1. Neon Palettes

Bold colors can be very effective, but neon shades sometimes take vivid a step too far.

Fall is associated with deep and dark tones, matching the natural world in the autumn season, so wearing an intense pop of neon can throw your outfit slightly off balance.

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Wearing bold colors in autumn can be done! It’s just best to opt for deep shades of burgundy or emerald and not intense pops of pink or yellow. Going for earth or jewel tones for this season will help you build a cohesive palette that sits well together.

It can seem disjointed if you add intense colors to the palette and won’t style together as easily.

If your style persona is based on neon colors, don’t stop wearing them! But if you have the choice, we’d advise staying with the classic seasonal palette – if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

2. All-Over Pastels

Similarly to the above point, wearing a monochrome pastel look is one of those fall trends to avoid. Though pastel shades give off a softer look than neon colors, a pastel palette is more appropriate for spring months – if you want to follow traditional seasonal palettes.

While a pop of pastels, such as a pink coat or baby blue dress, can add some playful life to an autumnal outfit, going for an entire outfit can be too much.

Again, unless your fashion niche involves embracing these lighter colors, we advise you to mix and match between lighter shades and neutral hues for the autumn months. Pairing a beige look with hints of pastels is a great way to incorporate these colors into a fall ensemble.

3. Long Boots Over Jeans

In the past, the combination of knee-high or thigh-high boots and jeans has been popular, but this trend isn’t one to be embraced this fall.

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If you want to rock a pair of long boots, try styling them with tights and a cute mini skirt or a dress rather than over trousers. In fact, long boots are one of the top choices to wear with a dress in fall. While the layered look can keep you warm, this can also cut up the wearer’s figure making the outfit less flattering for some figures.

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4. Kitten Heels

Another shoe that seems to always appear in the fall months is the humble kitten heel. Though these can sometimes add some detail to a casual outfit, these should be avoided for the most part. They tend to make outfits look awkward or stiff, so either opt for a flat shoe or a larger heel.

The exception to the no kitten heel rule is if you want to wear a pair of low-heeled mules.

Mules and slip-on sandals are everywhere this year, and they often feature a smaller heel. These are a great way to add some high-fashion influence to your outfits this fall – just avoid booties with tiny heels, and you’ll be fine!

5. Big, Bold Abstract Prints

Prints are a great way to add color and expression to your wardrobe. Though these can be rocked in every season, they’re better in the summer months.

When fall comes around, everyone is after a cozy, low-key vibe and not so much a bold and crazy look. This means ditching the prints and opting for dainty patterns and neutral fabrics instead.

If you’re a fan of print and color, you can substitute your bolder clothes for more subtle patterns. Great fall fabrics include tartans, checks, polka dots, stripes (large and small variations), dainty florals, and block colors! Play around with these fabrics to create a new way to express print that avoids large graphic styles.

6. Tie-Dye Moments

This is a similar point to the one just mentioned, but tie-dye fabric is another trend left in the summer and spring months. Like bold prints, tie-dye is a colorful fabric dyeing technique perfect for those long sunny days, but it can look odd in autumn. This cheery look contrasts the calmer atmosphere of autumn, so it is best left behind.

There are a few ways you can keep rocking tie-dye into the fall months, but this involves ditching any bright colors and embracing darker dyes which aren’t for everyone.

The dark palette tie-dye trend works well for anyone with a more alternative sense of style – so if you feel like embracing a more gothic side, this is a great way to do it!

7. Shapeless Layering

Layering will always be a key trend and an excellent skill to have when curating streetwear.

While layering lots of items for a dimensional look is a skill, you don’t want to take this trend too far and end up looking like a shapeless blob. Unfortunately, many throw all their clothes into one outfit and lose their definition in the winter months. This doesn’t do the wearer any favors and can hide your actual figure.

To avoid the shapeless look, use cinched coats or belts to give yourself a waist point.

You can also try wearing a baggy top half, or a baggy pair of trousers, but never both at the same time. For example, try wearing a shacket with skinny trousers. This will keep the definition in one-half of your figure and will result in a better outfit silhouette.

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8. Low-Waisted Jeans

The return of low-waisted jeans has already divided opinion this year. Some want to embrace the 2000s in all of its glory, and others think certain aspects should be left behind. No matter what camp you’re in, most will agree that low-waisted jeans are out for autumn.

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High-waisted trousers and jeans will always be the go-to style for the cooler months. Maybe it’s because it’s colder, or perhaps it’s just because we tend to show less skin in the winter, but one thing for sure is that low-rise jeans aren’t going to make an appearance until next spring or summer!

As we progress further away from summer, it’s time to start planning outfits for the autumnal season. Though there’s no strict rule of thumb with fashion, we hope that our tips have helped you make some decisions on what you will include in your fall outfit rotations.

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