6 Best Clothing Items To Wear Under a Shacket In Winter

What to wear under a shacket?
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Do you wish there was a more relaxed type of winter jacket? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. Meet the shacket!

Women’s shackets are popular this year, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace this unique garment. With a mix of jacket and shirt features, this jacket offers a relaxed alternative to traditional winter jackets. 

This jacket offers a hybrid look that’s on-trend, warm, and informal too. Sometimes a tailored coat feels too overdressed and that’s where relaxed shackets come in. It is a must-have jacket for all winter events, whether you’re running errands or meeting friends.

Keep reading to find out the best clothing to pair with your shacket.

What to Wear Under a Shacket?

When winter rolls around, the focus is on style and warmth. Sometimes we have to put extra thought into our outfits to make sure they’re practical and stylish, but this can be fun! 

A shacket is a perfect layering piece as it already has a boxy shape, so use it to your advantage.

Here are some of the best styling combinations for a chic winter shacket outfit.

1. The Classic Turtleneck Jumper

Winter fashion always includes a few staples that you can’t ignore. One of these pieces is the humble turtleneck! This comfy jumper keeps you extra warm and cozy as the fabric extends to your neck area.

Not only is this a great garment to wear alone, but it pairs extremely well with a shacket too.

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These jackets typically have low collars, so a turtleneck gives you extra warmth when it gets cold.

This is also a great way to create a layered look, as the top of your jumper will peek out from underneath the shacket. You can play with color here too, as a bright jumper will add a touch of drama to the look. 

2. Casual Blue Denim

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Another fashion staple you just can’t escape is the classic blue denim jeans.

As shackets are a more relaxed garment, they pair well with blue denim as this is also a laid-back style. If you’re meeting friends for a coffee or heading to the mall, blue denim is the way to go. 

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Blue tends to pair well with most colors, so you don’t need to worry about the jeans matching your shacket. These coats come in a range of colors, patterns, and textures, but they will always work well with a well-fitted pair of jeans!

3. Add a Cute Winter Hat

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Another great shacket pairing is with a winter hat!

While this style tip doesn’t actually sit under the shacket, it’s still a great way to style this look for the winter season. The most popular hats for this style include knitted beanies and bobble hats, as these are perfect for keeping you warm and adding an extra layer of detail to an outfit.

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A popular way to style this pairing is with a hat that is in a bright color. It adds a pop of color to your look without committing to a bright shacket or jumper – perfect for anyone who prefers to live in neutral colors!

4. The All Black Look With a Shacket

A shacket is an on-trend garment, so why don’t you try focusing attention on it? Often we think of a coat or jacket as the final outer layer of an outfit, but we can actually switch this formula up and put the emphasis on the jacket layer. 

To make sure your shacket is noticed, keep your clothes black so that the jacket stands out. Try some black leggings or jeans, black boots, and a black jumper to keep the look simple. Then add your shacket, and it’ll look even more impressive. 

It is a must-try tip if your shacket is colorful or patterned, as it creates even more color contrast.

5. A Feminine Touch

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Many shacket styling guides focus on jeans and trousers, especially in the winter months – but you don’t have to stick to pants!

These coats work well with skirts and give a more feminine look too. Just make sure you add some warm tights or leggings to add a practical element to the outfit.

Popular skirts to add to this look include skater styles and tennis skirts, as these are both looser than bodycon styles. Shackets are shorter coats, so a loose skirt works best to avoid uncomfortable situations! Add some chunky boots or trainers to the look to hit the recent trends. 

6. A Shacket With Tailored Pants

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Though we’ve discussed how well shackets pair with relaxed styles, you can still pair them with tailored pants too!

If you want to take your shacket to a business casual event, don’t worry, you can easily create an outfit that passes the dress code. 

High-waisted tailored pants are a great way to add a structural silhouette to the look to offset the boxy shape of the shacket. To complete the outfit, you can add a blouse or a turtleneck jumper to the combination. Finally, pair the outfit with some heeled boots or chunky loafers for a finished look.

Are You Ready to Style Your Shacket?

Shackets are only set to become even more popular as we head into 2022, so get your styling game on point before everyone else does! Whether you opt for skirts or tailored pants, one of these jackets is the perfect complement to your winter wardrobe.

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