11 Hipster Outfits Worth Having A Look At In 2024

Hipster outfits
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Summer is approaching. For many of us, that means digging out our old summer clothes and wearing them year after year – but what if you want to change your aesthetic up this year?

Hipster styles are always in. Whether you opt for a more boho vibe or a darker goth look, there’s so much style inspiration to help you transform your wardrobe from basics to indie this year.

If you’re unsure what aesthetic suits you, look at the style tips for the hipster girl article to help you find your true style.

Hipster Outfits Worth Seeing

We’ve researched, so you don’t have to! Here are some of the best hipster outfits to help you reimagine your wardrobe this year.

1. Keep Your Vintage Tees

A great way to incorporate your old tees into your summer style is to pair them with vintage skirts. Graphic tees and band tees are a staple of hipster fashion, so stop wearing yours as pajama tops and embrace them as the weather turns warmer! These tops are also easy to find at any thrift store, so next time you’re out, it’s always worth having a look for some as you can find some vintage gems.

Statement skirts are perfect for these outfits. Whether you prefer mini or maxi, a skirt and a tee is an easy ensemble to throw on without spending ages planning your look. If you want to look super hipster, a pleated tartan mini skirt pairs perfectly with any tee, so make sure you look for one of these too.

2. Sweatshirt Chic

Similar to vintage band tees, an old sweatshirt with a graphic print or logo is a great way to keep your style hipster looking. Popular sweatshirts common in hipster outfits tend to have old college logos on them. Other popular styles are national park logos and band graphics. The trend is about taking a standard sweat and making it look stylish.

This is a good option to pair with slouchy denim shorts or mom jeans. If it’s a cooler day throwing a sweatshirt on will keep your look casual yet calculated. Though these can easily be found at thrift stores, other brands like Urban Outfitters often sell their versions of vintage sweatshirts too.

3. Dungarees For Summer

Denim is a staple fabric for all wardrobes, but if you’re over your denim shorts and jeans, why not try out a pair of dungarees? These are great with hipster styles and can be used for layering looks too. If you live in a warmer area, consider going for a pair of cropped dungarees for a casual hipster look in the summer. Long dungarees can be stylish, too. These can be worn well into winter and pair great with jumpers.

Styling dungarees can be great fun, especially if your pair can become unclipped. Loud, printed shirts are best to wear under dungarees, adding some print and color to a denim outfit. If you love denim, try pairing a denim jacket with the outfit for an extra vintage look.

4. Goth Hipster Chic

Perhaps you prefer darker tones, this can be a harder style to continue when the sun comes out, but it can be done! If you’re after a more gothic hipster look, the key is playing with fabric weights. Long maxi skirts in dark colors can be very effective. However, you need to make sure the fabric is lighter to make sure you don’t overheat.

The same goes for leather blazers. These are very in right now. Try pairing them with a cooler top and skirt to make sure the heat balance is correct.

To keep the style hipster, try adding in some jewelry with gemstones to hint at the hippy history of the hipster style. Also, platform shoes (they don’t have to be sky-high) pair well with darker hipster styles, and these shoes can be found in most stores at the moment.

5. Subtle Hipster Hints

If you’re still trying out hipster styles to see what works for you, going for a more subtle fashion choice could help ease you into the aesthetic. This is also a good option for those who don’t want to completely change their wardrobe or invest in expensive vintage pieces too soon.

A sweater with detailed sleeves can be a great place to start. If you find one with a mostly neutral tone, it will sit well with most of your clothes but will still work as a statement piece. Going for subtle elements is a fun way to try a new style without completely changing it up.

6. Play With Skater Skirts

Skater skirts are another staple of the hipster style. From the American Apparel circle skirts to real vintage 50s skirts, combining them with modern pieces can look very stylish and create a unique outfit. These can also be found in lots of different textures like leather, denim, and jersey.

These are great to pair with any tees or crop tops. However, it’s fun to play around with printed tights and socks too. Try styling your skater skirt with thigh-high socks or tights with lace patterns to keep your outfit unique. Hipster style is about being individual, so experimentation is key to finding your perfect combination here.

7. All About Pastels

Pastels are a huge trend right now, especially sage green and baby pink, so embracing these will help you fit the hipster style while staying in fashion. While some often suggest pairing a pastel with a neutral/nude to keep it from going over the top, the trend right now is to wear pastels all over. This means brightly colored pants, camis, and jackets! This trend isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a girly girl, this is a great hipster style to rock.

Brands like House Of Sunny are key leaders for these outfits. However, if you’re not sure if you want to spend lots of clothes try going on depop. There are many dupes and people reselling these cute colored outfits, so do some research and embrace spring in the right colors!

8. Try Tartan Prints

With a key element of hipster style being about taking vintage elements and modernizing them, it can be fun to play with tartans. Tartan fabrics have an extensive history, so taking this pattern and playing with it can be very effective. For those who aren’t in the heat of summer yet, a simple tartan coat can be very chic, especially when paired with a beret!

If not, investing in a simple tartan shirt can also help spruce up your wardrobe! These can work as shirts, and overshirts and can also be tied up and cropped for a modern effect. You can mix different tartans and colors for a layered effect too, but this may be for those who like bolder prints!

9. Sheer Shirts For Spring

Shirts and the multiple different ways you can wear them will always be spoken about when it comes to hipster outfits. However, a newer take on the shirt trend is appearing. Sheer shirts are becoming more popular this year. While these won’t be for everyone, this trend is worth noting if you’re into hipster girl fashion.

From brown to black and even silver, these shirts are popping up on Instagram feeds everywhere. They are commonly found on Depop. Online stores like Asos are stocking them too. Try pairing these with a pair of mom jeans for a casual/dressy effect. However, they pair well with skirts too. They’re a very versatile piece. Since they don’t have a loud print, they can be mixed with any outfit. We think all hipster girls should own one!

10. Fishnet Tights With Denim

Fishnets have always been associated with alternative fashion, so make sure you own a pair for the summer! Try pairing these with your skater skirt or band tee, but if you want an even more hipster way to wear these, pair them with ripped denim.

Denim is a staple of hipster fashion (hence why every other tip seems to mention it), so mixing fishnets with it signals hipster style instantly. Don’t need to renew old jeans – just cut them up or buy pre-ripped jeans and put these tights underneath. This is so on-trend!

The ripped denim will allow the fishnets to peak out and will keep the outfit casual. It can be dressed up with a crop top. Heeled boots are often paired with them to make them perfect for an evening out.

11. Shirt Dresses With Sweaters

Everyone will have seen the sweater vest trend that saturated Instagram in 2020. While these vests were popular in 2020, there’s a new hipster way to wear them. Layering a pattern knitted sweater vest over a shirt dress is popular right now. It’s the perfect outfit for spring-summer.

White shirts are classics, you can easily find elongated versions that serve as a shirt dress. These can be great on their own, but pairing them with a unique sweater vest takes the outfit from fashion to hipster fashion. Bonus points if you add a beret or fishnets with the look to take it to the next level.

Embrace The Inner Hipster

Hopefully, these outfits have given you some inspiration on how to update your wardrobe. Hipster style is cool, and at the end of the day, there are no fixed rules – wearing what you feel comfortable and stylish in is most important.

We hope the trends we rounded up will help you find your hipster outfits and wake up your inner hipster for the summer!

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