25 amazing ways to style outfits you have

25 Easy Tips To Style The Clothes You Already Have

Whenever you want to create your own style or follow one trend or another, the immediate thought is – “let’s go shopping”. Yet sometimes (or, to some – most of the time) we have to work with clothes we already got.

So the question is how to put together outfits with clothes you already have, how not to lose common sense, and stay stylish whatever the occasion?

So, what’s the best way to achieve that?

Certainly, by adding key accessories on our go-to outfits. Accessories can make wonders.  Another option – cuffing and physically inventing new ways to wear those things.

That is the authentic beauty (and tough task) of fashion; adding a fresh touch with still keeping your quintessence in a particular outfit.

Let’s see what helps us always staying fresh and make old items and wardrobe staples look new.

1) Distress those old jeans

This isn't even about adding an accessory - it is about using what you already havePhoto: songofstyle.com

We know you have those old jeans that probably ended being in that awkward length between full length and 7/8 length. Add a grunge touch by cutting off the hem edges in a scruffy way.

The new pair of jeans you now have will certainly add an edgy feel even to the most sophisticated outfits.

2) How to style clothes? Simply throw on a scarf

How to style clothes? This one doesn't even have to be planned – just put it on if your outfit seems too ordinaryPhoto: myshowroomblog.es

Whether you are a pro that knows and masters the 101 ways of tying it, even your grandma knows how to elegantly let it flounce with your neck.

Be creative, there is a lot of great foulard and vintage scarves to try out! TIP: it would be awesome if you tried out cool patterns instead of safe, plain ones. They make a statement, eh?

3) The mini effect

This girl mastered the art of contradictory statements – in both the maxi and mini sensePhoto: thefashionguitar.com

This mini bag proves to be the exact opposite of the oversized masculine coat, as that is the point. Yes, you can wear mini accessories like this bag with cute, petite outfits, but have in mind they make a hell of an impact aside from big, tomboy pieces.

Add another statement accessory, and rock the street catwalk!

4) Break the rules

It is so fun when your outfit in the beginning looks rule following, and when you look down – it doesn't!Photo: manrepeller.com

Don’t bother searching for those perfect, seamless, invisible socks for wearing underneath your favorite loafers. Take a leap of faith and break some fashion rules.

Keep the rest of the outfit laid-back, and enjoy the show.

5) The new way of wearing blazers

It may be easy to just throw it on with a suit and tailored pants, but why keep it just on that level?Photo: parkandcube.com

A wide, statement, heavy, big buckle belt is the way to amp up your favorite blazer. It really adds a new dimension to the whole outfit!

What’s more, this brave lady added a see-through pleated skirt over the suit trousers for some additional out of the box fashion.

6) The print clash

Forget about the plain things once, and head for the texture and print clashing reinvention!Photo: stellaswardrobe.com

We have a lot of key trends (like the pictured off-the-shoulder ruffle blouse) to handle, but wouldn’t you keep up the freshness with a little bit of print clashing?

It would be the best way to add a spark of edginess to any outfit, just try to keep the mixed and patched prints somewhat complimentary.

7) To cuff or not to cuff?

Shirts to not have to be tailored and well-made all the time – cuff them and make a difference!Photo: cocosteaparty.com

Utility shirts (especially those in khaki) have proved to be the essential piece for the laid-back look, perfect for a weekend stroll. Pair it with a straw bag, and you’re ready to go!

All in all, don’t be afraid to put as many accessories as you would like in this look, as it certainly won’t be too much! And don’t forget to cuff the sleeves!

8) The relaxing touch

Even on their own, all jeans are enough comfortable and effortless – but they can even excel those levels!Photo: yourstylevault.com

Cuffing the jeans hemline instantly adds a nonchalant vibe to any outfit you wear. Imagine a strict and structured blazer, with the oh-so-relaxed crisp white cuffed jeans (oops, no need to imagine, that’s in the photo).

For many women, denim cuffing is the sign of spring starting (fashion-wise).

9) The coat draping

The oversize jumper doesn't give your room for putting a coat or blazer on top? No problemPhoto: the-frugality.com

Draping outerwear on any outfit has become a must for most fashionistas, so if you feel like one, go for it! Not that it’s only practical (those chunky knitwear elements don’t leave much room for heavy coats), it is incredibly chic too!

This is probably the most efficient way to elevate your look instantly!

10) Halfway there

The ultimate trendsetter – neither tucking it all the way in, neither all the way outPhoto: songofstyle.com

The meeting point of being prepped and effortless is the halfway tucked in shirt. No matter if it is worn alone or with a sweater, it is a perfect way to wear a shirt.

Speaking occasion-wise, this kind of short styling is the way to go since it perfectly balances ultimate sophistication and a laid-back attitude.

11) Casual playfulness

Even the most basic and most casual outfits can be made new – for just a minute!Photo: incurvy.de

So, you have just thrown on your go-to weekend stroll outfit, and then you realized it is kind of boring?

Just make a simple 1-minute knot at the side and add a sprinkle of youthful girliness! P.S. No matter how old you are.

12) Embrace the quirkiness

Even if your outfit is a top-notch one, you can always add a tomboy vibe if you want to!Photo: weworewhat.com

It can be a little dull to simply wear the top trends you know about, look glam, and strut the street catwalk. Add a personal (tomboyish) touch with a cap as the ultimate accessory!

Being glam has to be toned down sometimes, and throwing an attractive accessory is one of the best ways to get that laid-back effect.

13) The classic way of wearing an essential

Forget the half-way tuck in for this one – this is a serious chic business!Photo: wearingittoday.blogspot.com

This is one of the classiest outfits that exist – a basic pencil skirt and the French Mariniere! It holds the breath of spring and summer in workwear.

That is workwear that can easily transcend in casual attire – perfect for picking up the kids, etc. Tuck it all the way in and you are ready for a refined look!

14) The spring fling

Don't be afraid of some shiny socks under stilettos! Not even a fashion compromise, believe us!Photo: ella-lapetiteanglaise.com

Evoke that catwalk vibe and skip the mundane way of doing fashion. After all, where is that rule of no socks under stilettos written? Show us!

Don’t be afraid to break the rules with some glitzy glam mesh ankle socks worn with the same color, but different texture pumps.

15) Mix the colors

Denim is not meant to be worn just alone or with totally complimentary pieces jeans-wisePhoto: vanessajackman.blogspot.com

Stop thinking in a monochromatic way when it comes to denim. Let the playfulness rise from a pair of fav ripped jeans and a non-matching denim jacket with an appliqué on the back!

Stop eliminating your denim jacket when it comes to jacket choice afterward you throw on your jeans. Not only should you forget about avoiding them, but you should also pursue them for their edgy artisan beauty.

16) The new spirit of a blanket scarf

Lacking coziness and warmth during fall or winter? Think outside of the box, and you'll find a solution!Photo: kellyinthecity.com

Throwing on a scarf doesn’t have to be boring at all! Just take a leap of faith in your creation, and it will undoubtedly bolster some views if you put it on IG!

Not only will this technique make you warmer, but it will also make your waist look even tinier compared to classic, flat silhouettes!

17) The laid-back balance

The latest seasons are all about reinventing the basics – so why not wear your basic white shirt in a peculiar manner?Photo: sincerelyjules.com

Yes, the emphasis is on the vixen kitten-inspired trousers (with some flare oomph), but the thing that brings that Parisian je ne sais quoi to this ensemble is the way the white shirt is styled.

This trick works on any casual outfit you can think of. Tuck just the front, and leave the rest scruffy, as you do not want to look too prepped when you want to look effortless!

18) The eccentric touch

This trend emerged years ago, but it is here to stay! Statement necklaces are the typical showstopper's preferred choice over the worn out choker!Photo: wendyslookbook.com

Eye-catching bottoms are the way to grab attention during hot summer months, but the pavement to fashion success is achieved with finely worn statement accessories!

The statement necklace will surely do nicely on your pretty décolleté, but the fashion-forward Oxford chic vibe is done in the best manner with the necklace below your neck grazing collar.

19) The underwear as outerwear domination

Oh, la la! Yes, this beautiful bralette is surely the way to amp up your delicate, intricate stash, but rest assured that it is pretty normal (in a fashion sense) to wear it casually!Photo: fashiontoast.com

The humid weather is a force not to be reckoned with, but anyway, you have to have that in mind when choosing the appropriate top for the melting city! Embrace your inner vixen and throw on your bralette (with a slightly bigger coverage than usual though)!

If you’re afraid that it would become too dressy with a skirt as a bottom, wear your 90s grunge distressed jeans instead! Also, sneakers would do great with this ensemble!

20) Making the best out of classics!

Although the pictured trench coat is designed as it is – have in mind that you could recreate this one with just two staples: the classic trench and your favorite tassel free scarf!Photo: garypeppergirl.com

The trench is evergreen and beautiful, but it can get really monotonous as nearly every fashion-conscious lady possesses one (at least one). Rock your favorite flamboyant scarf as a belt!

Unbutton the trench and let the secured scarf freely fall! With this kind of staple reinvention, anything beneath the trench will do well, as the trench is the bearer of the outfit!

21) The flamboyant nine to five outfit

Having multiple masculine suits in vivid coloring has already been a thing, but not in a way this lady does the suit outfit!Photo: the-atlantic-pacific.com

Besides the obvious (and perfectly done color block) this lady nailed it with the finely knit sweater worn effortlessly over the blazer. Bravo!

It surely adds to the cumulative warmth of the outfit (yellow is warm enough on its own) and a unique touch that surely won’t be stolen easily by copycats!

22) The multi-way accessory

Unlock the full (but most of the time forgotten) potential of its Majesty – the scarfPhoto: galmeetsglam.com

It is the ultimate staple of the French ladies (that are the style benchmark for women all over the globe), yet many ladies are not aware of how many ways of wearing it are waiting to be explored!

Sure, it is perfect lying on your subtle neck in many ways (by the way, did you know there are over 50 ways you could tie it?), but a stand out way to wear it is surely in your favorite handbag! Just wrap it around the handle in any way you can think of!

23) Not your bare skin strappy dress!

This is certainly a very hip way to wear a basic strappy dress, and suddenly it isn't so basic at all!Photo: nicolettemason.com

We all have loads of dresses craving for a breath of Spring, but sometimes even their frilliness is not enough to look fresh and edgy.

Try wearing a plain strappy deep V-neckline dress with an equally plain T-shirt underneath, as it will look urban and also somewhat more decent than that plunging neckline alone!

24) The sassy suit

Who said suits are reserved for classic business attire? Or who stated that they have to be worn with something underneath?Photo: weworewhat.com

Make summer night outs impeccable with a satin finish, flawlessly tailored suit! Emphasize the delicate cleavage skin you have by wearing nothing underneath the blazer.

With the décolleté left naked, there is a lot of room for accessories, so feel free to go for a chunky chainmail one or a minimalistic gold-toned pick.

25) Unleash the creativity

Fashion doesn't have to follow the norm – and this lady proves that!Photo: stylebubble.co.uk

Shirts can be worn under casual dresses for a fresh approach obviously! Follow this girl’s attempt (Successful? Yes.) to step outside the predefined fashion comfort zone.

Some pieces are created to be reinvented and destined not to look plain simple. Give a new life to the ¾ sleeve dress by wearing a long-sleeved top or shirt underneath. You sure will nail it!