20 Women’s Closet Basics To Break Free From the Seasonal Shopping Sprees

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Many of us agree that putting together a cute outfit to suit all seasons can be challenging. The ideal situation is having pieces you can use all year round and not need to shop as seasons change.

Below are some closet must-haves to keep up with your style as the seasons change. These pieces are versatile and easy to pair with different items, keeping you comfortable well into the cold winter and when the sun comes out too.

1. Striped Sweater

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A striped sweater is easily one of the most underrated closet items. It is comfortable, easy to style, and versatile, allowing you to enjoy comfort all year round. A striped sweater is also great for layering with tees and bulky button-up shirts when temperatures hit low, and you can layer these with coats and jackets, too.

2. Straight-Leg Classic Jeans

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A pair of straight-legged jeans goes well with a basic tee, a tank top, a cardigan, and many other items. You can pair these with cardigans and long coats in the winter or pull out your fancy crop top and style these in the summer. 

3. Little Black Dress

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We cannot overstate the importance of a little black dress. It is one of the most effortless closet pieces to style because you can pair it with various accessories, makeup looks, and shoes. You can style your LBD in the colder months with leggings, boots, and a long coat. In the warmer months, you can pull out your sneakers and hit the streets in style. 

4. White Button-up Shirt

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With just one white button-up shirt, you can create 4 to 8 outfits based on what you pair it with. As a versatile item, it can be paired with a silk slip skirt, jeans, or plain straight pants in the warmer months or with leggings or heavier jeans in the colder months.

5. Basic White Tee

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No all-season closet is truly complete without a basic white T-shirt. A basic white tea makes a perfect base for any casual look in all seasons. Think of pairing one with flowy silk skirts in the summer or layering it under your fluffy winter coats. In the spring and fall, a white tee can help balance out the rich colors popular during these seasons. 

6. Plain Tank Top

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Plain tank tops are great for changing styles and can be dressed up or down. They go great with trousers, skirts, denim, and khaki shorts. In the summer, tank tops are an excellent choice for any bottoms you have. When it gets cooler, these are great options to layer under heavier pieces. 

7. Turtle Neck

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Turtlenecks are primarily useful in the colder months. But you can use them in the warmer months when you must be out and about in the evenings. You can get some in lighter fabrics for versatility in all seasons. 

8. A Neutral Pair of Trousers

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Neutral trousers are great for official engagements, and, based on how you style them, they also make a good choice for casual fits. For versatility, get plain trousers in plain colors such as black, dark brown, grey, or blue. Depending on the season, these are easy to pair with lighter or heavier tops. 

9. Sweaters

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You can never go wrong with a comfortable sweater. Sweaters are great for chilly weather, but you can also wear them in spring or summer evenings. They also make excellent layering pieces worn over tank tops, button-up shirts, dresses, and plain tees. Depending on how heavy they are, you can wear sweaters on their own.

10. Casual Dress

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Your closet is undoubtedly complete with a pretty casual dress you can wear to brunch with friends, a night of drinks, or the beach while on vacation. When it’s warm and sunny outside, you can style this with sandals and hats, and as it gets colder, you can throw on a pair of leggings, a warm coat, and boots.

11. Plain Body Suit

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Much like a tank top, a body suit is an ideal closet must-have for putting together various styles. Wear it with tight-fitting skirts or shorts to create a comfortable summer vibe. You can pair them with leather pants, jeans, or leggings when it gets colder. Add a jacket, and you are good to go.

12. Basic Leather Belt

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Every fashion-forward lady must have a basic black or brown leather belt. As an accessory, a leather belt can elevate your look by breaking the monotony of a plain outfit, adding character to your outfit, and accentuating your waistline regardless of the season. 

13. Comfy Leggings

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Leggings make an excellent foundation for an outfit when combining style with comfort. You can wear them with tank tops and flowy tops in the summer or pair them with cardigans and sweaters when it gets cooler. Leggings also pair well with different shoes and accessories, making them ideal for different styles and seasons. 

14. Trench Coat

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Trench coats come in handy when it gets cooler, but if you go out in the evenings during the summer or spring, you might need one over your shoulders. These are great for elevating pants, jeans, skirts, and leggings, regardless of the color, style, and season. 

15. White Sneakers

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White sneakers are a staple in every season. When it’s colder, they can elevate otherwise layered dull clothes. As it gets warm, they typically tie together in all casual outfits. Think of pairing them with sundresses, shorts, skirts, etc.

16. Bold-Colored Fancy Top

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Every girl needs something red and fancy in their closet, and a fancy red top is an easy must-have. The pop of color, a daring red lip, and golden hoop earrings will never go out of style. Red is also an easy color to pair, regardless of the weather. Think of wearing one with heavy winter leggings in the winter or flowy palazzo pants in the summer. 

17. Fitted Blazer

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A fitted blazer elegantly brings out your silhouette. Blazers also allude to confident style, and because they are timeless, you can wear them as a statement piece to elevate your look in the summery months or as an additional layer of warmth when temperatures hit low. 

18. A Versatile Skirt

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Skirts come in different styles; you can pick one that works for you by understanding your body type. You can style a basic skirt with light-fabric tops during summer and bring out your cardigans and fluffy jackets when it gets colder. 

19. Leather Pants

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Leather pants are easy to style in every season. These work well with a basic tee, body suit, or tank top in the summer or spring. When fall and winter come, they match well with sweaters, leather jackets, long trench coats, and boots. 

20. White Fitted Dress

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A white dress is a must-have in your closet. Being neutral, a white dress is easy to style with florals and bright or dull colors, regardless of the season. It is easy to layer, don’t, so you don’t have to worry about ditching it when it gets colder.

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