What Is Hair Tonic And Is It Worth Buying One

What is hair tonic
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Many people wondered what happened to hair tonic. Once a very popular product used by all famous singers and actors has disappeared. Fortunately for us, it made a comeback.

If you frequently use a pomade for hair, you know these two products are pretty similar. Otherwise, we will let you know a bit more about hair tonic, and is it worth buying one.

First Things First – What is Hair Tonic?

Generally speaking, hair tonic is a liquid product made of blended oils and scents. Tonics are made for styling your hair. They add volume and texture, helps hair hold its shape, and add shine.

Hair tonics are versatile. They serve primarily as styling products, but there are other things they are used for. Barbers used to use them before haircuts if their clients requested a hair scalp massage. They also protect hair and prevent hair breakage.

Why Should You Use Hair Tonic

If you are thinking about buying a hair tonic and still having doubts about it, don’t worry. Here are the most significant hair tonic benefits.

Refreshing Your Hair

One of the main things that hair tonics do is refreshing your hair. They are considered to be something between dry shampoo and a leave-in conditioner. If your hair tends to get greasy more often during the summer months, then you should consider tonic.

Hair tonics are scented since there are oils, so this is just another way to make your hair refreshed. Nonetheless, a hair tonic will add some texture and volume to your hair and make it look like you have just washed it.

Improving Your Scalp Health and Hair Growth

Hait tonics are great for improving your hair scalp and cuticle health. According to some, they are even effective in hair growth, but this is not proven. Nevertheless, after using a hair tonic, you will notice that your hair is healthier and shinier.

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Since hair tonics are good moisturizers, this also means your hair won’t get itchy, and you won’t have dandruff. The moisture is important for cuticles as well. Since your hair gets moisture from tonics, it may produce more collagen and boost your hair growth. You can both massage or just spray tonic on your hair to improve its health.

Styling Your Hair

Back in the days when wet, greasy looks were in, people tended to use a lot of hair tonic. However, nowadays, since those looks are not so popular anymore, people avoid tonics, thinking they will make their hair look too greasy. Good news – there are a lot of tonics that are oil-free.

When done right, hair tonics serve as great styling products. Be careful not to overspray them on your hair. Otherwise, they will provide you with a sleek, polished look that is perfect for formal occasions.

Fighting Against Scalp Problems

Dry scalp, itchy scalp – these are just some of the problems that can occur to you due to dry hair or dandruff. And that is where hair tonic has shown to be effective.

Dry hair and dry scalp can be triggered by many things – products you are using, warm climate, or even hormones. That is when you should think about hydrating it in a good way. Hair toner is excellent for it. Check Surface Hair Trinity Protein Repair Tonic which really softens your hair, and helps to repair damaged hair.

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Using it as Leave-In Conditioner

One of the best features of hair tonic is probably its ability to be used as a leave-in conditioner. Simply, after washing your hair with a shampoo and using your usual products, add tonic as the last step of a routine.

If your hair is extra damaged due to hot stylers, or excessive dyeing, tonic oils can make your strands look healthy and polished. If your strands break easily, don’t hesitate to use the tonic daily.

Bad Hair Days are Over

Many of us have bad-hair days. They can really ruin your morning rush when you check yourself in the mirror just to see your messy hair. What can you do? Use your hair tonic!

Whether you use tonic to massage your scalp or you continue to style your hair with it, it will do miracles. Hair tonic will help your hair strands restoring their natural flow, give them volume and texture.

Key Ingredients of Hair Tonic

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If you are already considering buying a good-quality hair tonic, you should definitely look for these ingredients. They can do only good things to your hair, making it look healthy and styled.


One of the most frequently asked questions regarding hair tonic is about hair growth. Nettle is the main ingredient that can boost your hair growth, so it is important to look for it when purchasing a product.

Nettle contains many essential nutrients, vitamin C, D, and K. When you apply the tonic on your hair or massage into your scalp, you are assured of seeing the results and all of the nettle benefits.

If you are fighting against dandruff, then you should pick nettle extract too. Nettle should lift and remove dandruff, as well as fight against bacteria and fungi.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has many many benefits for your hair. Except for being an excellent balancer, it works perfectly in fighting against dandruff. Not to mention witch hazel adds shine and texture to your hair.

However, the most important feature of witch hazel is regulating excess sebum. When your hair is getting too greasy, make sure to use a hair tonic. It will not regulate the sebum but also wick away the excess one that causes troubles on your scalp.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is beneficial for your scalp and stimulating your hair. Since it gets deep into your scalp that is where all hair follicles can access the nutrients.

Circulation-boosting ingredients like rosemary oil have both topical and internal benefits. More blood flow in your scalp means more benefits that follicles can get from topical factors, like your diet. Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Hair Tonic is a great item containing both rosemary and other oils.

How to Use and Apply Hair Tonic

The best way of applying a hair tonic is by massaging it into your hair and scalp. Use a dime-size amount and spread it over your hands. Take a minute or two to apply and massage your scalp. Repeat this step until you are satisfied with the result, or until there is a thin layer of tonic.

You shouldn’t miss the back of your head. If you can, let the tonic dry before styling. Otherwise, you can simply continue with applying other styling products or use your heating tools.

Oil vs. Oil-Free Tonics

Most women use a hair tonic daily. However, if you can choose, we suggest using it after washing your hair while damp. Towel off your hair, apply a tonic, and then continue with regular styling.

Make sure to know if you are using oil or oil-free hair tonic. The oil-free ones are lighter and can be used daily, without any danger, that they will get your hair greasy. Use oil-free tonic if you are going to use other styling products as well after it.

On the other hand, oil hair tonics might be better as a single product you apply to hair. Also, you can simply use a little less product to avoid greasy residue. Apply it on both damp or dry hair, but make sure it is right before styling.

Hair tonics were out of style for quite a while, but fortunately, they are back. Their liquid formula and ingredients are great for daily use and quick fixes of your hairstyle.

Even if you don’t plan to use it every day, you can still enjoy its benefits. Hopefully, we have helped you select the right product for you, whether oil or oil-free and which ingredients to search for.

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