6 Tips To Prevent Hairline Breakage This Summer

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Hair breakage at the hairline is a common and frustrating issue that affects many women, regardless of hair type or length.

This delicate area is particularly susceptible to damage due to styling habits, stress, nutritional deficiencies, and other factors. The hairline frames the face. This makes breakage here not only a cosmetic concern but also a potential blow to one’s confidence.

What happens when the hair around the face breaks even before it has a chance to grow into curly baby strands? Since strands at the hairline are fine and weaker than the rest of our hair, they tend to break easily. In this article, we will explore practical tips and expert advice to help you stop hair breakage at the hairline.

What Causes Hair Breakage Around the Hairline

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Unfortunately, many factors can cause your hair to break around the face. Here are 3 main causes.

Cause 1: Overheating and Unsuitable Brushes

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Tools that heat, like blow dryers, irons, and curlers, can do serious damage to your hair if you use them too much.

Using unsuitable brushes for your hair can cause hair breakage around the face. Try not to brush it harshly and wrap it with tight elastics. On the contrary, you can be faced with an even bigger problem – traction alopecia.

Cause 2: Chemical Hair Treatment

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Women and men with chemically treated hair can notice the lack of hair growth around their faces. Bleaching and chemical straightening can cause severe damage to your hair strands.

Cause 3: Unhealthy Diet

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A bad diet is also one of the causes of hair breakage in general. Make sure you are getting enough vitamins through a healthy diet.

After discovering what caused your hair to break, let’s read how to prevent this. Here are 6 tips to make your hairline healthy again.

1. Brushing Hair Gently

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If you are one of those persons who tend to over-brush their hair, you need to stop that habit right now.

Over-combing and excessive brushing are one of the main reasons for your hair breakage. Make sure to use a good brush, with both wooden or round prongs, so that it won’t hurt your scalp. Also, pick wide-tooth combs made of fine plastic.

2. Try Low Hairstyles

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Styling your hair in a high ponytail or a bun can pull the hair from the hairline and rip off your baby hair. Instead, try looser and lower hairstyles. Go for low buns, ponytails, or braids that won’t be too tight.

3. Keep Heat on Minimum

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If it is possible, avoid or minimize the use of heating tools. Instead of blow-drying your hair every time you wash it, let it air-dry. You can use other tools once a week, like a curling iron or straightener.

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4. Avoid Daily Hair Wash

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Washing your hair daily is not necessary. Ingredients from shampoo can strip off natural oils from your follicles and make your hair even drier. So, don’t wash your hair more than three times a week, and make sure you condition it well after shampooing.

Instead of washing it every day, try using a dry shampoo. It is a great way to prolong the periods between washes. Use good quality brands, and once you find the ones that suit you, don’t change them often.

5. Once a Week Treatment

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Hot oil treatment is mentioned as something you should apply once a week to prevent hair breakage at the hairline. You can use whatever oil you have close by – coconut, olive, argan, or jojoba. These oils can work miracles on the scalp and throughout the hair strands.

Heat oil in the microwave or bowl and apply it to the scalp, hair roots, and hairline area. Massage it well and let it stay for as long as you can. You can put your oily hair under the shower cap to activate the ingredients even better. Wash it off with the shampoo and use a conditioner.

6. Be Mindful of Your Diet

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As always, we can’t skip healthy foods. Proper nutrition plays a significant role in hair health. Ensure you have a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats promote hair growth and strength.

Hair Breakage: A Guide To Causes and Treatment

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Why is my hair breaking? We think this question we’ve been all asking ourselves at least once. No one loves it when that happens. There is nothing beautiful about dry and split ends, frizzy hair, and dull looks.

Fortunately, there are many ways to find out what causes breakage and to pick the best products or natural remedies that will make everything better.

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