How To Trim Your Own Hair Based on Type (And Not Mess Up)

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Many women have learned how to trim their hair during the pandemic and lockdown. Even though hairstylists are not very supportive of this idea, learning how to trim your own hair is handy when you simply can’t go to the salon.

Whether it is because you are busy, a new mum with a clingy baby or you can’t afford it – there are some tips on how to trim it successfully.

Is It Okay To Trim Your Hair?

If you ask women who have already tried to trim their hair, they will probably say there is nothing to fear. With the right tools at home and enough time, you can cut your hair – no muss, no fuss. 

However, if you ask hairdressers, they will advise you only to cut your hair if you are 100% sure you will do it right. 

Avoid being impulsive and plan complicated hairstyles when you can’t sleep. Let’s keep those home haircuts minimalistic, okay? Otherwise, if you notice your split hair ends, you can surely trim them at home.

Basic Things You Need for Hair Trimming at Home

Before you even think about starting trimming your hair, make sure to have the right tools. First of all, let the kitchen scissors stay right there in the kitchen. Using pro shears is a must. 

Hair-cutting Shears

Shears are designed especially for hair, so they should be part of your home trimming kit if you want a nice haircut. They have a nicely designed grip that helps move your wrist comfortably while holding strong and precise shears. 

Section Clips

Make sure to stock up on nice and no-slip hair clips. They will serve you well when you need to section your hair. Pick those that won’t leave creases and have a flexible grip. 

Cutting Comb

You will need a double-edged comb for cutting your hair. This type of comb has two sides with both wide and fine-tooth comb sides. It is one of the crucial things for having a good hairstyle. 

A Cape 

Protecting your clothes and making the hair fall to the floor is necessary. The cape is a must-have if you want to learn how to trim your hair. 


Cleaning the tools is essential, not only after finishing trimming. Some hairdressers do it after every section they cut. 

Spray Bottle

The spray bottle is to keep your hair dumped. Whenever there are any kinks, tangles, or cowlicks in your hair, a spritz of fine mist spray will ease that out and make the hair lie flat again. 

Flat Iron

This tool is optional, yet you may already have it in your house. A flat iron is great if you have wavy or curly hair. The iron smooths curly hair, making it more trim-friendly, especially for beginners.

How to Trim Your Hair

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Do the Basics Right

These are the steps you should follow when you decide to do an at-home haircut. Take your time and check out the tutorial on YouTube for a specific hairstyle you are looking for. 

Smooth Your Hair

Using your comb or a brush, you should start by smoothing the strands of your hair. Whether you cut it wet or dry, the goal is to smooth the hair so you can get a tangle-free texture for maximum control. 

Section Your Hair

You should section your hair properly. Professionals suggest doing at least four sections. Divide the hair in half from ear to ear, tie them, or use clips. Then, section the top half and bottom half into sections.

Trim One Section at a Time

First, cut the front sections and then the back sections. Use your comb to bring the hair together and hold the hair between two fingers. Always cross-check when you cut the hair to ensure the sides are even and cut under the same angle. 

How To Trim Straight Bangs

When you cut your bangs, you will find yourself going back to the salon every three or four weeks. Potentially that can be a waste of money and also your time. Solution? 

Cutting bangs at home is easy and doesn’t require much effort. 

  • Start by separating the bangs from the rest of your hair. 
  • Once you have separated it, clip the hair away from the face. 
  • Now you can take the middle of the straight bangs and take small steps cutting it. 
  • Use two fingers to hold bangs and cut into them instead of cutting them straight. You will see how much you have cut and how much longer you need to do it. 

How To Trim Curly Bangs

If you have naturally curly hair, then you should know that cutting curly bangs is more complicated.

  • First of all, your hair needs to be dry.
  • Then, you can pull out the strands of curly bangs and snip them at a vertical angle. Don’t ever cut horizontally.
  • Leave the side strands longer to make a nice shape of your bangs. 

How To Trim Long Layers

Sometimes, your hair can grow way too long, and if you want to cut it, the best way to do it is by trimming long layers. You can do this on wet or dry hair.

If you opt for the dry version, you must use a straightener that will keep your hair even and smooth. 

  • For wet hair, start by separating the top two-thirds of your long hair and wrapping it in a bun. You should start with the bottom pieces.
  • Separate them into two sections and take a bottom piece.
  • With the comb, make a guide on how long your hair will be cut. 
  • Repeat the process with the next section. You can first cut straight and then do a point cut.
  • Release two upper sections from a bun and create a center-part hairline. Using a comb, take a one-centimeter section of hair to the right of the center part, flip it over the opposite side of your hair, and tie it up again.
  • Then, do the same on the left side. This part of the hair will serve you to determine the length of the shortest layer. This layer will also serve as a guide for other layers. How much you will cut off is up to you. But always cut a bit less than the layer before. You can take some of the hair and flip it to the side while leaving a part that will serve as a guide. 
  • If you prefer face-framing layers, you can do them at the end. Section the hair from your ears to your face and tie the rest in the back.
  • You can point-cut the hair and use an angle cut. This method will make those layers more enhancing.

Trim Your Split Ends

Split ends don’t look nice on hair, right? They appear due to hair washing, dry and cold weather, and, generally, when you style your hair too much.

What can you do at home to make the hair nice and healthy again? Dust trimming. 

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You can dust-trim your hair by simply using scissors to cut the hair horizontally. However, you can grab a hair strand, wrap it around your finger, and cut all the hair that sticks out slowly. 

If your hair is curly, the twist method is for you. So, you twist the strand of your hair and cut off the hair that sticks out. 

Is It Better To Trim Hair Wet or Dry?

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When it comes to whether it is better to trim hair wet or dry, many hairstylists say it is a personal preference. However, let’s warn you about a few things. 

When you cut your hair wet, it can appear longer and smoother, so you can easily trim more than you have originally planned. On the other hand, if you aim for a blunt bob, it is better to wet the hair since that is how you will get the cleanest edge possible.

Cut your hair dry if you have curls or wavy hair. When you wet these hair types, they become longer but will shrink and look much shorter when dry. 

Final Words

Even though hairdressers recommend salon trim as the safest option, you can also learn how to trim your own hair at home.

Sometimes, you just need to do it yourself, and that is fine. Follow these beginner-friendly tips and fix your hair before even leaving the house.

From trimming bangs to styling long layers – you can do it all. Just be careful, follow expert advice, and make sure to have good-quality hair shears.

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