Model sports a ponytail with curls at the end

16 Really Simple Hairstyles That Look Gorgeous

We all know that your hair color, style and the way you wear your hair, all have things to say about you.

A simple haircut could change a woman’s persona entirely. Imagine long, straight hair… and so silky that almost anything would slip out of it…

1. The easy chignon

Slip into this easy chignon if you're in a hurry.Photo:

If you have difficulty waking up early in the morning and have a boss who wants you arriving at 6 am (ok, I’m exaggerating but you get the idea), this style is for you. Just smooth your hair and separate the front and side hair (fix it with bobby pins if needed). Make the bottom section of your hair into a bun and then twist the side hair into a nun. Finally, pin your hair at the nape of your neck or back of your head.

This hardly takes 2 minutes. Now you will never have to compromise your sleep for your work or school.

2. Sleek Pinned Pixie

Great for people who love short hair.Photo:

Now if you’re wondering what do you do if a) you have short hair b) have the same love for sleep as our chignon-lovers, then the sleek pinned pixie is for you. Just smooth your hair down, choose your accessory and finish with a spritz of hairspray. It’s actually not that time consuming as it may sound so do give it a try people.

3. The Curly Ponytail

Loving this ponytail with a twist!Photo:

Going for a party? Then we recommend that we choose something that makes you look more approachable. A blend of curly and classic: the curly ponytail is guaranteed to make a few heads turned. And yeah, it’s super elegant and super cute.

If your hair is naturally curly then all you need to do is to comb your hair while taking a shower and then let your hair air dry and when your hair is slightly damp, style your hair into a tight ponytail. For people with straight hair, you’ll have to use hair gel and curling iron to get this sassy look.

4. The Honey Bun

Look sophisticated in this perfect geometrical figure of a hair.Photo:

Another super cute hairstyle: The Kim Kardashian, oh I mean the honey bun is for all those OCD’s out there. You just have to pull your hair back, twist or braid it, and wrap it in a circular coil and finally secure it with bobby pins to make a perfect geometrical figure.

Note: just kidding about the OCD’s. This hairstyle is a must to at least one big party for everyone.

5. Half Up Half Down Wedding hairstyle I: Long curly hairstyle with a Tiara

Create a perfect wedding look with this gorgeous do.Photo:

This pretty hairstyle must be given a serious consideration for your wedding day. Low maintenance yet gorgeous. People with long thick hair are sure to impress with this enchanted hairstyle.

You just have to smoothen out your hair and make a curly ponytail out of them and accessorize with a tiara.

6. Half Up Half Down Wedding hairstyle II: Tender Bridal Hairstyle with a Veil

Look gorgeous in glamorous curls with a matching veil.Photo:

Long hair: check! Will to wear a fluffy wedding dress: check!

This hairstyle is the most suitable base for your wedding dress as it allows you to show off your glamorous curls and wear your wedding veil without any discomfort.

7. Knotted ponytail

Transform a bad hair day this quirky knotted ponytail.Photo:

What do you do when you’re having a bad hair day and have your promotion interview in 10 minutes? You pull out your hair brush, a small hair elastic and a few bobby pins. Not only is this just a way out of you bad hair day, but a gorgeous one too.

Just brush out your hair. Then take a large section of your hair and split it into two. Add hair from both sides to your original sections. Repeat down until all your hair is combined in knots. Use the elastic band to secure the end. Then roll up your ponytail to complete the look

8. Slicked-Back Ponytail

Look business savvy in this formal do.Photo:

This sleek and sexy ponytail has an unofficial ‘formal’ labeled attached to it by now. Be it an office lunch, a date or your opportunity to shine at the red carpet, this hairstyle must be given a considerable thought. The great thing about this style is that it can even turn your simple and plain dress into something special.

Just wash your hair and let it air dry. When damp, apply hair gel serum. Secure your ponytail with a bungee and cover the bungee by taking a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrapping it around the bungee.

9. Sweet Tart

Say goodbye to bad hair days with this cute and sassy look.Photo:

This hairstyle is as cute as its name. If you have short hair and worry about your face shape, then this style is recommended for you as it goes extremely well with all face shapes. Curly and thicker hair types will experience more texture while finer hair types will experience more movement.

Just apply styling foam to damp hair and then blow-dry your hair. Comb hair in the direction of the part and spray with light hairspray.

10. Twice passed chignon

Impress a date with this flirty updo.Photo:

What do get when you let your English friend dress you up for your first date with that French boy? Twice passed chignon might look difficult to do at first, but believe me, it’s far easier. The best part is that you can finish off your look with flowers or a bow. Don’t be surprised when he asks you out for a second date.

The secret to pulling off this look successfully is to have a strong hold on your hair and then you should immediately secure it with hair pins after the second pass.

11. Fishtail Braid

Experiment with your hair by trying on this fishtail + braid combo.Photo:

If you are from the Indian subcontinent, then you probably have a mother who used to get really mad at you for getting a haircut. Now it’s your time to thank her because the longer your hair, the more elegant this style looks on your hair.

All you have to do is to style your hair into a ponytail and then divide the ponytail into two sections. Starting weaving your hair (while maintaining evenness) and then secure your hair with an elastic.

12. Fun and Flirty Short Hair

A blend of playful and professional, this style will do you good.Photo:

This style is a result of a woman’s take on the styles worn by fictional heroines from our favorite childhood books and movies. It is a blend of playful and professional and is a way to express your inner spirit.

After applying styling cream to damp hair, smooth out the sides and back with hands and blow dryer. Then, using a medium-sized round brush, blow dry the longer hair rolling the ends of the hair in the brushing creating a swept finish. To complete the look, apply a small amount of shine serum.

13. Poof

Liven up your long hair by trying on a poof.Photo:

It doesn’t matter whether you call this hairstyle a poof, pouf, bump or a quirk, as long as you have long hair, this one should be tried by you.

Brush your hair and section out hair at the top of your head and use a band to secure it at some distance away from the base of your hair. Now take hair where your rubber band is and place it down. In the end, secure it with bobby pins.

14. Romantic Ponytail

Mesmerize by donning this romantic ponytail for a date or even a casual day out.Photo:

What if I told you that your next go-to hairstyle would be a 60-second exercise? You’d probably be thinking that I am talking about a simple ponytail. Guess what? You’re only half correct.

Everyone can get a romantic ponytail by adding a simple twist at its origin to turn your dull and regular ponytail into an exciting hairstyle.

15. Copper crop

This copper and short crop combo is sure to make you feel Hollywood glam.Photo:

Here’s another one for short hair folks. Since most of you opt for copper colored hair, we decided to put something here for you as well which is as elegant as any other hairstyle on this list. This Hollywood-inspired hairstyle could be yours if you in three simple steps. Just apply a light texture to damp hair. Then blow dry your hair and finally use a pomade to separate your hair into two sections.

16. Smooth & Straight

Go casual in this simple but sleek straight do.Photo:

Sometimes it is best to go with the basics. Super straight hair works best if you have black thick silky hair. If you are usually short on time in the morning than we recommend that you straighten up your hair the evening before and just touch it up the next morning.