Pretty woman wearing torn jeans in a parking lot

Fashion idol? You must know this if you want to be fashion trend follower

Everybody feels a sense of belonging whenever they follow certain trends. Over the past decades fashions have emerged, taken up and after some period of time they have either disappeared completely or to emerge later with some few improvements. However, following a fashion has had its own pros and cons both in equal measure.

That flashy fashion is what youths will always run for in the name of being smart and informed. This is what happens in the world whereby youths will always take after their favorite musicians and other artists.

Young ladies will get any outfit, provided it’s borrowed from their favorite celebrities without scrutinizing it.

Youth and fashion

It has been the order of the day to see young men and women in these popular fashion styles either borrowed from their favorite celebrities or musicians. However, it has been hypothesized that at times these youths basically will blindly follow a fashion without proper scrutiny to establish the underlying concept of it. You must have seen a young lady in a crop top and some miniskirts or a young man in skinny jeans and some t-shirts. This is basically following a fashion. They feel so much up to date once they put on such outfits.

Football fanatics will agree with me that whatever we seen on the screens by our international players is quickly implemented and much appreciated by youths. Talk of the hairstyles and tattoos of the players, it has easily been commemorated in the lives of these youths. But the main question now comes in, is that the most important thing to do? Follow everything that is popular?

A never ending dilemma: Fashion vs Style? Trends vs Preference?

The fashion here has taken a lead. The matching from the high heeled shoes which match with the handbag adds up to the beauty of this fashionista. The long hair coupled with the short dress which is exposing a bigger portion of the assets send a resounding image of the lady.

The pros of following a fashion

Ease of shopping and choosing what to stock in the malls

Following a fashion has got some pros. For instance, it has made shopping in malls very easy since buyers go to the malls with a formed decision on what to buy. As a result, they don’t waste so much of their time trying to figure out what is best for them since they already know what they want. Many stores stock those most popular styles which have enabled them to make easy sales.

Going to the shopping mall to get some outfit has become even easier. Young men appear smart and informed whenever they put on skinny jeans, casual t-shirts and boots. It automatically gives them a sense of belonging. Since this fashion spreads so fast among the peers, the sellers just stock much of this version and their target groups are the young people.

Popularity and fame

Following fashion increases one’s popularity and fame. This is evident in our societies whereby those with a sense of style are used as the reference and this makes their fame grow so much. It has been noted with a lot of concern that fashion is the gateway to fame for many youths across the globe. Occasionally, fashion shows are organized whereby young people compete on who has got the latest clothes and by so doing those with much following carry the day and becomes famous

Fashion leads to social classes and status quo

Fashion following helps people group themselves in several social classes. Youths are now divided according to social class in reference to the trends they embrace. Take for instance those fans of rock and roll music. They often put on some torn jeans popularly known as ‘unfinished jeans’ and also keep some long hair which is the culture of their music. Fans of reggae and roots genre of music have always put on dreadlocks to resemble their celebrities who are mostly Rastafarians. These have classified the youths mostly according to their social classes which have made it easy to tell their social status since the fashion speaks it all.

Follow fashion trends or not? Your choice.

Torn jeans and leather jackets are associated with rock and roll music. A fun of this music will definitely emulate the rock stars behind the hits. Rastafarians are often associated with putting on rosary and military like shirts. Their fans will automatically adopt such styles.

Following fashion makes one upgraded and improves self-esteem

Following a fashion has the important of making someone feel upgraded and increasing their self-esteem. Whenever you have the latest outfit makes one feel confident and moving in the right direction. It creates a sense of self-acceptance and appreciating oneself. Who does not feel happy when they are smart? Absolutely no one!

Going after trends is appealing to teenagers.

Doesn’t she look appealing to the eyes? This is what fashion can do to us. It helps the followers upgrade their outlook and appear far much better and appealing. The competitive edge here is too high. This young lady is feeling classy and sexy since this is a unique fashion.

It gives competitive edge among the peers

Following big waves also gives the follower some competitive edge. A research has shown that women will dress smartly to outdo other women and appear unique. This has however made them keenly follow fashions in order to appear classy and sexy as compared to their friends. It enables them to appear cool in their friends’ circle.

Fashion brings happiness

Following fashion has however enabled individuals to feel happy in life. It is hypothesized that those with a sense of style remain less stressed and do not usually suffer depression. The contrary is these sad people who do not bother their appearance to the general public. They do not mind if they are presentable or not.

Yes, our youthful days are something we can bank on. It’s the only time to enjoy the fashion and feel young and energetic.

It makes one feel young and youthful

A feeling of youthfulness and energetic. Fashion enables someone to match up with the trend and feel better placed in the society.

Finally, on the pros, it can be noted that it enables someone to enjoy the youth in a great deal. As the age factor comes into play, as one ages, their outfit changes and decreases substantially. At the age of 40’s we usually consider choosing outfits which are more formal. The most important age bracket is between 14 to 28 years where we feel so much free to enjoy our youthful life. Fashion designers usually have the young people in mind since it is these young people who in a greater deal follow the fashion.

The cons of following a fashion

It may make somebody a laughingstock

Following fashion trends, however, has had its own cons. For instance, it can make the follower a laughingstock. This basically comes about due to the fact that people will buy outfits in discriminatively as far as it is the latest fashion in the market. This has resulted in individuals buying outfits which do not fit them. Which in turn gives their critics a loophole to demolish them by pouring all sorts of scorn on them. They are branded names which either make them hate themselves and lower their self-esteem or live in self-denial.

Fashion kills creativity and innovation among the youth

Keeping on following fashion trends will gradually kill our creativity and make us appear funny instead of creating decency.

Being a fashion idol hinders creativity and innovation among the youth. Fashion followers just blindly follow their celebrity. They ever remain below the bar as compared to the trend setters. They cannot come up with their own fashion statements but instead, they keep on advocating and advertising other people’s statements. Trendsetters ever outweigh the fashion followers since they have the power to create and innovate fashion.

It is an addictive habit and hard to eliminate

Following fashion comes with some sense of addiction which becomes increasingly difficult to eliminate. As a result, it has led to serious implications both financially and also on the dimension of social confidence level.

When a young person learns a fashion and falls in love with it, they may be unable to change the situation forever and remain in such a confused fashion forever. For instance, somebody who learns to keep dreadlocks at that tender age may forever stay with dreadlocks.

Following fashion trends may negatively taint the name of the follower

Pursuing fashion can also negatively impact on the follower’s name. Intellectuals in the society have for sometimes refuted this idea of following fashion but rather advocated for individualism which is the core principle which our society stands for. Those people who follow fashion keenly have been branded several funny names like brainwashed, cattle-brained or even worse enough as trendwhores. These names have tarnished these people’s names and made them sound weird and even others regarded as social outcasts or misfits of the society.

In most occasions, fans of models have found themselves at crossroads with the society when they adopt the fashion of their favorite actors and putting on clothes exposing their body parts.

You must have heard a popular saying that respect is earned not requested. However, some fashion followers suffer a bad name due to some funny outfits they adopt.

Fashion may lead to social divisions among the youths

Finally, it has been noted that it leads to dividing and rule. The corporate world regards those people without a sense of fashion as ugly, outdated and social outcasts. High school girls, for instance, have had their bitter pill when it comes to fashion.

The majority have been fixed between embracing the fashion and professionalism and decency required in schools. Those who embrace fashion tend to isolate those who are serious about studies and this is the basis of groups among the school going students.