34 Style Mistakes Women Need To Stop Making Right Now

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We’ve all made a style mistake or two. Making a style mistake is normal, especially if you don’t know it’s a mistake. However, let’s help you to get on the right track. 

Investing your time and money in your image is not wasteful. Your appearance speaks volumes about you. With the right look, you can achieve all your dreams and goals. A good image will get you your dream job, boost your confidence, and attract the right crowd.

Now that you know why checking your style is essential, let’s show you the common mistakes. Use this as a stepping stone to crafting your style.

1. Concentrating on Brands

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Brands are not all they are cut out to be. Buying clothes from a particular brand doesn’t improve your style. When buying clothes, you should consider your look, feel, and how the clothes fit. Always remember that the goal is to be comfortable and confident when leaving your room.

2. Not Retiring Those Worn-Out Shoes

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Shoes help make an outfit seem put together. You will look like a hot mess if your clothes look good but your shoes don’t match. Ensure that your shoes are as on-point as the rest of your outfit. You can work out a budget that allows you to invest in good-quality, versatile shoes that last longer.

3. Buying the Same Size in Clothes

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Most women know their clothes size and stick to it every time they shop. However, sizes vary depending on the item, brand, and store. You might be Large in one brand and a size 2 in another store. Don’t beat yourself up because of this variation. The point is that you look good and the clothes are flattering, boosting your confidence.

4. Wearing Sunglasses Indoors

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Wearing sunglasses indoors is an epidemic at this point. Sunglasses were meant to be used in the sun. Moreover, when you wear sunglasses indoors, you will look unapproachable. Sunglasses are seasonal accessories, and we ask that you keep limiting them to the outdoors.

5. Buying Clothes That Don’t Fit

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Dressing your size and body type is the basis of finding your style. You can get timeless oversized clothes. However, your outfit will look more flattering when it’s fitting. If you plan on gaining or losing weight, you will adjust when the time comes.

6. Sticking to the ‘Dry Clean Only’ Tag

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You may not want to ruin a perfect outfit by not following the rules. However, it can get a little bit expensive. So, what will you do when you can’t meet the budget? Lean in for a little secret. Some of your favorite brands only use that tag to maintain the classy, high-end aesthetic. Some of the clothes you buy are washable. Ensure the fabric is washable before you opt out of dry cleaning.

7. Shopping for Social Media

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Buying things because you have been influenced or are trying to maintain your social media following is at a new low. Are you buying that Birkin Bag because you want it or because your favorite influencer has a couple of them? If you only buy clothes to fit in on social media, you should analyze your shopping habits.

8. Staying away From Heels Because of Your Height

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As a tall woman, why are you limiting your shoe wear to flats? Your height should not restrain you from buying what you want. Many tall women like Michelle Obama and Charlize Theron step out in high heels without care, and you should take a leaf from them. 

9. Not Exploring Horizontal Stripes

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This unspoken fashion rule for women is that horizontal stripes make them appear more expansive. Horizontal stripes do create a vast illusion. However, you shouldn’t avoid them. When paired well, horizontal stripes make your outfit pop. For example, a striped overcoat or A-shaped skirt with a bold color top.

10. Wearing Weather Inappropriate Clothes

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There is no point in wearing all black when the sun is in full bloom. Keeping up with trends even when they don’t match the climate will make you stand out like a sore thumb. Adapting to the environment makes you comfortable; your body will thank you.

11. Wearing One Bold Color at a Time

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Gone are the days when one bold color was enough. The color-blocking season came upon us and has never left. Don’t be afraid to pair one bold color with another. It looks modern and sophisticated, especially when one understands hue and fabric matching.

12. Not Trying out Men’s Wear

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We are not telling you to pick up some boxers off the rack. However, looking at the men’s section, you will find some pieces that can complete your wardrobe. Some of the items you might want to look at are sweatshirts, utility jackets, and oversized sweaters.

13. Torn Socks

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Every piece of clothing helps create an utterly flattering look. Therefore, the whole look crumbles if one thing looks out of place. It may not seem like it, but your socks are significant in your outfit. Socks don’t have to be branded. Invest in good quality socks and ensure that they are in good condition.

14. Following Trends Blindly

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Stay away from trends when you are creating a personalized style. Your style should reflect your personality and essence. Always remember that trends fade with time. Don’t fall for it; instead, invest in some timely fashionable clothes. Clothes that fit in any era and make you feel comfortable and confident.

15. Avoiding Mixed Prints

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Use this as a sign to start exploring pattern mixing. Mixing prints doesn’t make you look busy, especially if you learn the art of mixing. As a beginner, you should begin to slow. You can use camo or leopard print as a neutral and learn to layer from there.

16. Maintaining an Outdated Closet

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Not having the funds or interest to shop is understandable. However, retaining an outdated closet makes you look older and less presentable. You can replace extremely outdated outfits and shoes and learn how to pair them with what you have. Who knows. You might enjoy wearing the modern pieces more.

17. Not Mixing Your Silver With Your Gold Pieces

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There’s something wrong with the idea that gold and silver pieces should not mix. If you stay updated with the current jewelry trends, you will appreciate the mix and matching. You can layer your necklaces and select metal midi rings.

18. Classifying Sweatshirts as Casual  Wear

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Sweatshirts have risen from the ashes. They are not just sportswear anymore. These former sportswear have slowly risen to become stylish wardrobe pieces. The beauty of sweatshirts is that you can play around with them. You can pair a sweatshirt with anything, such as pants, statement jewelry, and skirts.

19. The Crack

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A visible crack is cringy and funny to some. Your clothes should give you full coverage. Get one if your pants can’t stay up without extra belt support. Before leaving the house, double-check if your pants are too low-hanging. 

20. Leaving Clothes Lying Around

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We get that it’s your house, and you make the rules. However, your clothes should not have to suffer in the process. Clothes wear and tear with time. When you don’t properly care for your clothes, they age and tear faster. Therefore, place them in the appropriate place and fold anything that needs to be folded. Take this as a cue to fold that pile of clothes staring at you in your bedroom.

21. Falling Victim to One-Season Wonders

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Splurging is not a crime. However, splurging because of a trend in clothing that will fade away with time is a no. Don’t fall victim to the craze of being trendy and fall victim to a brand marketing idea. If you will splurge, ensure it’s on something worth the money. Look at it from a long-term angle.

22. Avoiding Faux Diamonds

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. When you can’t afford natural diamonds, faux diamonds are the next best thing. With faux diamonds, aim for a reasonable size so you don’t attract attention to your jewelry. Additionally, faux diamonds are not easy to pick out when they are smaller.

23. Excessive Jewelry

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Learning how to pair and wear your jewelry is a hack that every woman should learn. There are occasions when three pieces of jewelry may be too much. On the other hand, there are occasions where you can layer as much jewelry as you want. Therefore, when picking out your jewelry, ensure it matches your clothes and the occasion.

24. Overwashing Jeans

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Let’s all gather here and have a little intervention. Unlike the rest of your clothes, jeans don’t need to be washed as regularly as your other clothes. When you overwash jeans, they lose their shape. Who wants to wear overstretched jeans?

25. Avoiding Loose Styles Because of Your Size

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Listen up, ladies; loose styles are not strictly for plus-size women. Learning how to wear loose-fitting clothes will give you that extra style fit you need. For example, wearing loose styles with a waistband slightly below your bust will make you look more flattering.

26. Not Tailoring Your Clothes

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As a woman, one of the worst style mistakes you can make is not tailoring your clothes. Let’s face it: mass-produced clothes don’t fit as well as we want them to. Having a tailor on speed dial to tweak your clothes to achieve a seamless look is essential. Thank us later.

27. Poor Shoe Storage

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Where do you keep your shoes when you get home? Do you leave them under direct sunlight or throw them in a closet? Well, just like clothes, shoes need proper storage. Designate a well-spaced shelf or space to place your shoes in good condition and stretch their shelf life.

28. Not Wearing Sequins During the Day

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Sequins are not limited to the nightlife. Thanks to applications like Pinterest and Social Media, you can get ideas on how to pair your sequins. Think of pairing a sequin item with a casual staple like a bold blazer or white shirt.

29. Avoiding High-Waisted Pants

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High-waist pants will be around for a while. These pants are flattering on everyone, especially if you want to look leaner and taller. They elongate your lower body, making you appear a few inches taller.

30. Classifying Sweatpants as Lounge Wear

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As fashion evolves and more designers explore sweatshirts, sweatpants are close behind. A nice-fitting pair of sweatpants with a blazer, heels, or boots will make you stand out anywhere. Explore how far you can go when styling your sweatpants.

31. Avoiding Denim on Denim

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Denim on Denim has always stayed in style. Denim lovers discovered a better way of pairing it. Instead of wearing one shade of denim, try mixing up different ones. 

32. Overly Pointed Shoes

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Sleek and polished elegance has morphed, and shoes have not been left behind. When shoes are too pointed, they make the feet look unnaturally long. This illusion throws off the body’s proportions, especially for women with big feet. Ensure your shoes don’t overshadow your outfit.

33. All White Affair

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A white outfit is bold and will help you make a fashion statement. White is not limited to Labor Day. Don’t shy away from wearing all white, especially when you want a fresh and modern look.

34. Thinking That Long Hair Is More Attractive Than Short Hair

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Gone are the days when long hair was considered more attractive. More women are embracing short hair. If you have been feeling like doing the big chop, here is your sign to go ahead. Short hair will attract attention to your features and make you look younger.

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