What to Wear With Dr. Martens: 7 Tips for a Versatile Look

Find out what to wear with Dr Martens. Black Dr Martens boots.
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No matter what your aesthetic is, you likely know what Dr. Martens boots look like. These cult classic shoes are rocked by most models and influencers, and they’re always on-trend. Despite the fact these boots never change, they never leave our feeds.

If you haven’t already, you should run and buy some Dr. Martens now. Not only do they match all styles, but they are sturdy and will last for years. They’re a life-long shoe that will always be in fashion – what’s better than that!

If you’re looking for new ways to style your Dr. Martens, keep reading to get some new fashion ideas.

What Are Dr. Martens?

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Dr. Martens is a British brand that specializes in footwear and other clothing items. You may also know this company as Doc Martens, DMs, or even Docs too. Though this company is from the UK, they’re known worldwide and worn in nearly every country. 

The brand has a distinctive style that comes from hardware and construction aesthetics. Originally, these fashionable shoes were created for function and durability. Over time, as different subcultures embraced them, the reputation of these boots became associated with rebellious style. 

Finally, the company became the brand we know today, and various other styles and products were added to their store to attract style-conscious customers. 

Most Popular Types Of Dr. Martens

Though boots are the brand’s best-selling item, they offer a range of other shoe silhouettes. These are also made from sturdy leather (aside from their vegan range), and they also feature the brand’s signature sole and yellow stitching too.

Here are some of the best Dr. Martens styles.

Classic Boots

We can’t talk about popular types of Dr. Martens without first talking about their classic boots. This is the typical DM style that we all know best. With a sturdy sole and lace-up design, this boot was initially a work-wear design. 

Now, this classic style can be found in a range of colors, sizes, and patterns. Often, Dr. Martens collaborates with artists or fashion designers to get a new design of this boot. These collections are often limited edition and more expensive. This boot is also available with a “Jadon” platform sole for anyone that wants a chunky look or a boost in height!

Oxford Shoes

Another popular style of Dr. Martens is their 1461 Oxford Shoe. Unlike the classic boot, this style is a low option that can be worn on formal occasions. This shoe is also popular for college/shoe wear and can also be found in a range of colors.

Mary Jane Shoes

A lesser-known shoe, but still a great one, is the Dr. Martens Mary Jane style.

This takes a similar shape to the Oxford option, but it also features a buckle fastening and intricate leather pattern engraving. It could be described as a more feminine Oxford shoe, so if you want an alternative option with quirky details, this is an attractive alternative. The Mary Jane shoe is available in black and white. 

What to Wear With Dr. Martens (7 Styling Tips)

Ready to style your Dr. Martens shoes? Here are some popular outfit combinations that you should experiment with!

1. With Cropped Jeans

Photo: letsgetflashy.com

If there’s one garment that always works with Dr. Martens boots, it’s a pair of cropped jeans. When Dr. Martens boots were getting popular, they were often associated with workwear and denim fabrics. 

Pairing these boots with modern denim is a great way to reference their origins while staying on-trend. The best cut to pair these shoes with is straight-leg jeans or a cropped kick flare cut so that you can show off your shoes. 

2. Add A Summer Dress

Photo: livingincolorblog.com

If you don’t want to wear pants or want to show your feminine side, try adding a cute summer dress. A loose-fitting mini or a skater dress pairs well with these chunky boots, giving a subtle edgy look. If you want to embellish the look even more, add some thigh-high socks and a cross-body bag for extra styling tips. 

3. Change The Lace Color

While this isn’t an outfit recommendation, the laces of your boots can change your outfit or style well.

Most pairs of Dr. Martens come with black laces, but you can swap these out for a different color or pattern. Some like to use yellow laces to match the stitching on the shoe’s sole, but we recommend a pair of white laces instead. These give visual impact without being too saturated color-wise. 

4. All-Black Look

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Dr. Martens works with various aesthetics, but we can’t ignore how well they match an alternative or goth style. Especially when bought in black color, chunky Dr. Martens boots add edgy to any style. To emphasize this edge, wear an all-black outfit with some chunky jewelry, black belts, or even facial piercings if you feel daring.

5. Doc Martens with Contrasting Coat

Another way you can embrace Dr. Martens is to add another focal point to your outfit. Since Dr. Martens are chunky, they often become the main element of a look. If you add another (for example a bright jumper or contrasting coat), you end up with a bold style statement. This isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is a great way to get expressive with your styling. 

6. Match The Fabrics

Photo: jforjen.com

If you’d rather play around with fabric textures than colors, try to find a piece that mimics the texture of your boots. This could be via a leather jacket or PVC skirt, as these work well with traditional leather shoes. Combining textures is a low-key way to show you’ve put thought into your look, perfect if you want to come across well-put-together. 

7. Try A Long Skirt

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Maybe you want to try a skirt, but don’t want to take the super-feminine skater dress route. If this sounds familiar, try a midi skirt instead. This is a very popular 90s grunge style, especially when styled with a black crop or leather jacket. Pair this with loose wavy hair and dark lipstick for a complete 1990s outfit.

Frequently Asked Dr. Martens Questions

Need to know more about these popular shoes? Here are the most common questions about Dr. Martens.

What Are Vegan Dr. Martens Boots?

For the vegan or eco-conscious consumer, Dr. Martens recently released their most popular footwear styles in a new “vegan leather”. There is a range of different vegan leathers around now, so what did Dr. Martens choose to use? Well, their vegan boots are made from a polyurethane blend, which is less toxic than PVC.

How Can You Tell If Dr. Martens Are Fake?

While you can get very realistic fake Dr. Martens shoes these days, there are some key signs to look for. If you want to check the validity of your boots, look for:
– “Bouncing” or bendy soles.
– Check that the brand name/ logo is correct and now spelled wrong.
– The typical yellow stitching may be the wrong color. 
– The insoles should feature the brand logo.

If you’re unsure, buy your new shoes from the online store or in person. You can also find forums online where fans of the brand will check photos of the shoe for you and their expert eye can tell if they’re real or not.

Are Dr. Martens Boots Snow Proof?

Yes, most pairs of Dr. Martens boots are snow and waterproof. That being said, avoid getting the shoes wet when possible and if they’re real leather you can add extra conditioner to make sure they stay protected from moisture too. 

Get Your Boots On

Hopefully, the tips in this article have inspired you to go forth and experiment with your style. Dr. Martens shoes are ideal for the individual that wants to express their style through clothes, so go for it when wearing these iconic boots.

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