25 Bold and Beautiful Gen Z Fashion Trends To Watch Out for in 2024

Beautiful Gen Z fashion trends (collage)
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Fashion is constantly changing. With new brands come new trends. Stay ahead of Gen Z’s style revolution. Despite all the slander on the internet, they are coming in hot with the new fashion trends.

Gen Z is rewriting the rules faster than we can keep up, and this year is no exception. They have some bold, beautiful fashion picks for us this year, even though some trends they set are repackaged or reproduced from the 1990s and early 2000s.

1. Y2K Fashion

Woman with a vintage 90s clothing style
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Let’s return to 2000 and tap into fashion in the late 90s and early 2000s. Bring out the sequins, velvet, patterned mesh, and double denim. Gen Z embraces nostalgia with butterfly clips, low-rise jeans, and bedazzling. 

2. Gender-Bending Fashion

Brunette wearing white pantsuit and jacket
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Who says boys can’t wear skirts and women can’t wear pantsuits? Even though gender-bending fashion is not a new concept in the fashion industry, Gen Z has embraced it way better. Celebrate your individuality and creativity with gender-fluid fashion.

3. DIY Fashion

Handmade sneakers on legs with jeans
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Channel your inner creativity with DIY Fashion projects. The beauty of DIY Fashion is that they are unique to your taste and style. Whether it’s tie-dye shirts, bedazzled jeans, or painted sneakers. 

4. Maximalist Fashion

Fashion blogger street style outfit
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Minimalist fashion took over the past decade. Most people shied away from mixing and matching bold colors and textures. However, minimalism is dying a slow death. Gen Z embraces maximalist fashion and piles on colors, patterns, and textures. Additionally, there is more use of fun jewelry and statement garments.

5. Upcycle Fashion

Girl is wearing ripped jeans
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Instead of throwing away clothes that are no longer in season. Gen Z has found new ways of revamping, reusing, and rocking them. Pick out clothes you last wore and figure out how to upcycle them. Try repurposing your old jeans or T-shirts.

6. Athleisure Fashion

Fashionable girl wearing an athleisure tracksuit
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Athleisure fashion is a combination of leisure wear and athletic wear. It’s comfortable and stretchy. Therefore, you can wear it on any occasion if you style it appropriately. Athleisure is not a new fashion concept. You can now take a leaf from Gen Z’s styling book by adding leather, jeans, blazers, heels, and midi skirts.

7. Grandma-Couture

Stylish hipster woman in vintage outfit
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If you have raided your mum’s closet before and found timeless pieces, imagine what treasure lies in your grandma’s closet. Vintage-inspired looks are gaining popularity thanks to Gen Z embracing cardigans and pearls.

8. Mismatched Fashion

Teen wearing boots with mismatch socks
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What our mothers would have called disorganized is what Gen Z calls mismatched fashion. Who says you have to wear one pattern from head to toe? Try mixing and matching your socks or patterns. A real-life Picasso.

9. Sustainable Fashion

Friends shopping second hand
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Sustainable fashion is all about creating timeless pieces while protecting the environment. Therefore, sustainable fashion includes eco-friendly activities, processes, products, and brands. For example, they are clothes made of natural and organic materials like linen and cotton. Gen Z is trying to secure the future of their kids and grandkids by protecting the environment while being fashionable.

10. Futuristic Fashion

Hipster woman with trendy colorful avant garde look
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Futuristic fashion is all about tapping into technology. The design and production of the clothes are done with advanced tech, making the clothes look robotic. Gen Z embraces galactic prints and fabrics, stars resembling patterns, and space-inspired designs.

11. Statement Sleeves

Redhead woman wearing trendy summer pink blouse
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Statement sleeves are making a comeback. With Gen Z, we see more ruffled, bell, and puff sleeves. Go big or go home.

12. Gen Z Yellow Fashion Statements

Joyful smiling woman wearing yellow outfit
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We’ve stepped away from Millenial Pink and into Gen Z Yellow. Millennial Pink came about at a time when gender neutrality was gaining awareness. Gen Z Yellow has stepped in to signify change, and we are all for it. Step into the revolution by including Gen Z Yellow in your style.

13. Sheer Fashion

Street style outfit with sheer skirt
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Gen Z is not afraid to show off a little skin. They are picking up from the 90s by showing off a little skin. Sheer can be layered over a bralette or worn with a sequin outfit. 

14. Retro Fashion

Mademoiselle yulia retro look before a fashion show
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Retro is different from vintage. Vintage fashion was trending at least 20 years ago, while retro fashion is newer designs inspired by different eras. Gen Z is catching up on the history of the fashion industry and adding a contemporary twist to retro trends. For example, the round oversized sunglasses in the 60s have a contemporary twist now, being round, smaller sunglasses. 

15. Utility Chic

Blonde woman wears wide cargo pants
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Gen Z embraces functional fashion with practical accessories, oversized pockets, and cargo pants. The best part about the utility chic trend is its comfort and timelessness. 

16. Fringe

Woman wearing black pants with fringes
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We are bringing back the fringe ladies. Whether it’s a skirt, blazer, or pants, fringe creates that extra movement and makes you stand out from the crowd. Fringes have become a frenzy of geometry, aesthetics, and unstoppable movement.

17. Neon Fashion

Fashionable woman wearing trendy pink sunglasses
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As we’ve said, Gen Z is unafraid to splash on some color. Therefore, it’s no shock that neon outfits are making a comeback. Neon demands attention when you walk into the room. Experiment with neon basics like electric pink and highlighter yellow.

18. Oversized Fashion

Tall stylish girl with oversized jacket
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Fashion is about comfort in Gen Z. Look for the roomiest possible outfit and style it with edgy accessories. Oversized clothes give the body less structure, volume, and slouch. Meaning that you have the option of giving it as much volume, slouch, and structure as you want.

19. Bucket Hats

Woman posing on a rooftop with bucket hat
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Bucket hats are a familiar entrant in the fashion industry. The hats became popular in the 1990s and have held their ground ever since. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the generation tapping into the past of fashion has picked up on bucket hats. Bucket hats are versatile and styled for any occasion, depending on the print.

20. Animal Print

Woman with zebra print leather bag
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The timeless animal print has retained its popularity since the 1940s when it was worn by the who is who in Hollywood. In the 80s, animal print debuted in the punk rock movement. Now, it is back in the fashion industry with more beautiful and bold ways to style it.

21. Transparent Tote Bags

Girl in a beige suit and with transparent tote bag
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It is all about sustainability and utility, so this bag is returning. They are large enough to carry all your essentials and trendy to match any outfit. 

22. Sorbet Shades Fashion

Woman posing on city streets in minty green outfit
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We have Emma Stone to thank for the return of sorbet shades. She made us remember how elegant and radiant sorbet shades are through her Oscars 2024 Red Carpet gown. Sorbet shades are subtle shades ranging anywhere from minty greens to translucent pinks. Pair it with edgy jeans with monochromatic looks, or layer it with a bold color look.

23. Artistic Fashion Trends

Outfit with artistic print
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Chanel your inner artist and wear your pieces. Gen Z is wearing their work with personalized graphics and prints. Take out your paintbrush and create artsy doodles or paintwork. You might market your skills to someone while fabulously wearing your work.

24.  Mismatched Shoes

Sneakers and mismatched socks
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When discussing unconventional styling, mismatched shoes are at the top. However, Gen Z has made it socially acceptable to style their outfits with two different colored and patterned shoes. 

25. Pastel Goth Fashion

Teenage girl in pastel gothic outfit
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Gen Z has found a way of incorporating color into dark goth fashion, and we love it. Mixing black with pastel colors like light blue, mint green, baby pink, and lavender is creative. Mixing pastels with goth accessories like bats, occult symbols, crosses, and skulls. Pastels make goth fashion whimsical and playful.

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