All Eyes on You: How To Wear Printed Pants With Confidence

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I love anything out there and OTT when it comes to fashion, but it has always been pretty hard to find the perfect pair of printed pants. However, this has all changed over the last few years. Printed pants are trending hard. Last year we saw the 1970s take over the fashion world, with swirls and pastel shades on the runway and in every high street store. 

The 70s trend that blew up last year has made printed pants a wardrobe staple. I feel spoiled for choice regarding printed pants this year, and I want them all.

If you are new to printed pants, you may feel nervous about styling and wearing them confidently. I totally get this. Fashion experts have told us that ‘jeans and a nice top’ is the safest and most flattering choice. But who wants to be safe when it comes to fashion?!

So, let’s look at the printed pants and how you can confidently style them.

Are Printed Pants in Trend?

Printed pants are trending right now, with fashion bloggers and designers making pants the center of attention in an outfit. I see a lot of loose-tapered, wide-leg pants and tailored joggers on my social media feed, and these are the perfect pants to get funky with.

It isn’t a coincidence that the rise of printed pants coincides with the rise of maximalism. Minimalism took over in the 2010s, but every trend has a counter-trend. Maximalism is everywhere right now, from interior design to the catwalk. It is all about bold colors, clashing prints, and oversized accessories. What is not to love? I am in my element. 

Plus, printed pants are super versatile! From relaxed holiday looks to sophisticated work outfits, printed pants are for any occasion. 

What Patterns Are Currently Trending?

Looking at the spring-summer fashion shows from this year, we see a few key patterns trending. One I love is the tropical rainforest-themed patterns. These prints take natural, earthly colors such as reds, greens, and yellows and express them with trees, leaves, and animals. 

We are also seeing animal prints trending again this year. I have always been obsessed with animal prints, and this year we are returning to leopard, snake, and tiger prints.

Abstracts and florals are prominent on the catwalk and in high street stores. Florals is a timeless choice in fashion, and they work perfectly on printed pants.

How to Style Printed Pants (4 Ideas)

So, how will we style printed pants?

Firstly, think about what you feel comfortable in. If you haven’t worn printed pants before, you may find it easier to opt for the top with matching colors or simply with a white top. It will ease you into the prints, making you feel confident in your outfit. However, clashing colors and prints are fantastic choices if you want to make a statement. 

There are so many different ways to style printed pants. Do you want to make them more formal? Add a blazer and some heels! Are you wearing them on holiday? Opt for a white blouse and sandals. 

1) Make Them Chic With a Blazer

If you wear your printed pants to work or out for a dinner date, a blazer will instantly transform the look.

Tartan is a classic choice for printed pants and always looks fantastic for formal occasions. This fashion blogger has paired her tartan-printed pants with a white top and cream blazer to create a sophisticated and versatile look. I love the neutral colors in this look; it oozes class. She has opted for white sneakers with this look, but heels and boots would go perfectly with it, too.

Again, this blogger has picked out the colors of her printed pants in the rest of her outfit, creating a cohesive look perfect for dinner parties and days out. I love how she has opted for a yellow handbag that ties in with the colors in the printed pants. 

2) Go All Out With Clashing Prints

Growing up, I was always told to avoid wearing different prints together. The word ‘clashing’ was seen as something negative and ugly. However, fashion is all about throwing out the book and wearing what we want whenever we want. 

Clashing is now its own trend in fashion, with many designers pairing patterns and colors together that shouldn’t work but totally work.

To wear clashing prints, I recommend thinking of color palettes or themes. I love this outfit that has used the animal print theme to tie in different prints and colors.

Here, the fashion blogger has opted to stick with pastel shades to create a bold and playful look. The printed pants are swirled, whereas the coat and top have stripes. However, the colors tie the clothes together.

Plaid, tropical, and abstract all in one look?! These geometric-patterned pants have a tailored cut that feels retro yet sophisticated. The blogger has matched the colors in the pants with the rest of the outfit, using neutral and earthly tones to create a cohesive look.

This look is simply stunning, with swirled abstract pattern pants matched with a fun flower power top. Big 70s vibes in the fit, and the white boots give it that final touch. Perfection!

3) Keep It Causal With a White Top

If you want to make your printed pants the main feature of your outfit, pair them with a white top. This will create a casual look that lets the printed pants do all the talking.

These bell-bottomed printed pants are super fun. I love their exaggerated cut, and pairing them with a white top keeps the look chic and low-key. The blogger has added oversized jewelry to the look to create a boho vibe.

Florals are popular in summer, and these printed pants are really cute. Loose-fitting pants are everywhere right now, and I love the laid-back vibe they bring. Opting for a white blouse with your patterns pants creates an elegant outfit without taking any attention away from the printed pants. 

4) Match the Colors

Another surefire way to create a stunning look with printed pants is to wear a plain top that matches the colors of your pants.

Abstract pants play with colors and shapes to create fun designs, and I love this pair. The blogger has matched the blue in the trousers with a cute crop top. It is both laid-back and sophisticated, perfect for loads of occasions.

Another fun abstract print here that creates an out-there look that is easy to achieve with the right color matches.

This fit makes me want to go to the beach ASAP. I love the neutral shades and the fun floral print. These calypso pants are perfect for summer, and matching it with heeled sandals completes the look. 

Patterns Better To Avoid

Okay, I am a fan of patterns when it comes to pants, but some patterns are best to avoid. They are overdone, outdated, and can quickly look bad. 

I recommend avoiding striped pattern pants. It is hard to do stripes well in pants; they are not all too fashionable right now. I know the age-old fashion debate is about vertical vs. horizontal stripes. But honestly, it is time to get rid of stripes altogether!

I would also avoid slogan pants. The rise of y2k fashion brought some great noughties fashion back to us, but thankfully slogan pants have been left in the past. 

Express Yourself With Printed Pants 

I hope this article has given you the confidence to express yourself with printed pants!

Printed pants are back with a bang, and there are so many fun options out there right now. Whether embracing your hippy side with some 60s and 70s abstract prints or opting for the laidback floral vibe, there is a pair of printed pants perfect for you!

Put on your printed pants, get out, and have fun!

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