20 pretty outfit examples with floral jackets. These light and colorful jackets are perfect for chilly spring or summer evenings.

20 Street Style Outfits With Floral Jackets That You Will Love

Although summer has taken reign, and all of us are out of the chunky knit clothing, masculine and sturdy coats, there might be occasions when you need something light to cover your bare shoulders.

While some of us immediately think of well-tailored jackets to start with, they do not go well with your spring or summer enthusiasm. The perfect print to put on a nice jacket acting as a blank canvas is surely a well picked floral.

You maybe own some already, but even if you don’t, this article is here with the ultimate goal to inspire you to take some floral action and amp up your closet!

The path to heaven is embroidered

An obvious all-black outfit addict (yes, it is an addiction) adds pop in her noir ensemble with a floral embroidered black jacket #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: herfastestfashion.com

Although you may have thought that the spring transition has to be all about brightness and pure flamboyance, this outfit proves quite the opposite. The all-black outfit, the essential go-to combination for all effortlessly chic ladies can prove to be the right choice that still says “Spring!” not “Fall!”.

The embroidered asymmetric biker jacket is the signature piece here, acting like the key pillar that brings the outfit to life. The fashion game is kept low-key under the jacket, with the brunette wearing a pretty much basic strappy top with casual black, medium-waisted jeans.

Casual on the next level

Girl in the park wearing urban ripped jeans with a plain white tee and sneakers – all boosted with an eccentric bomber jacket in floral #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: anetaaneta.pl

So you have your safe outfit on, but you think you need something to brighten it up, right? The best tip in those occasions is to switch your default khaki cargo bomber jacket for a more delicate floral one.

The options are limitless, and variations on that theme go from pastel pink ones to baby blue hues with intricate flower detailing. What’s more, this girl showcased another exciting accessory to bring in the ensemble – a cute tassel bag for a touch of Orient.

A chic less-is-more approach

A laid-back combo on this lady shows the essence of a no-fuss, minimal approach to bomber jackets – the season’s must-have item #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: everyonceinastyle.com

Flower prints do not have to be “floral” literally. This jacket is the living proof of how floral prints can act like subtle imprints on fabric. This jacket shows us the bare silhouette of a flower on a solid black background.

This type of floral jacket is made for the women that prefer a less of in-your-face approach to prints. It is perfect for anything you think of wearing underneath. TIP: Accompany the jacket with nudes for a holistic, modern look.

The urban girl from the hood

The quintessential pieces of the urban bomber jacket are definitely stolen from the boyfriend’s closet – the feminine touch is found in the flowers #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: thefashionthroughmyeyes.com

If you belong to the girl pack that is kind of outside of the flower frenzy, it would be best to pursue a floral bomber jacket with a different approach. Opt for urban boy pieces such as this burgundy beanie and oversize plain shirt.

What’s more, you would undoubtedly lead the pack with wearing a sleek quilted bag in this kind of manner! And do not forget your signature shades.

Keeping things basic and simple

Going for a weekend stroll or a little bit of shopping? This is a convenient outfit ready for throwing on; perfectly paired knee ripped black jeans with the floral sports jacket #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: myeverydaylifestyle.com

If you are afraid of strictly aiming for casual, this lady shows how to combat that. Go for a cute pair of mid heel ankle boots that can immediately pump up any outfit.

The flower embroidery is exceptionally delicate here, and it serves just as a subtle emphasis on the jacket. It is the little focal point of the whole outfit. Follow up the ensemble with a laid-back hairstyle like messy beach hair or a low-key chignon.

Serious floral business ahead!

Floral does not have to mean immature or girlish quite the opposite is proven with this woman. The best of the 50s is channeled in this subtle rose outfit #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: elegantlydressedandstylish.com

Floral prints are not implemented on non-tailored items. This is the case of a perfectly tailored blazer all softened up with the classic vintage floral print. For the extra feminine touch, the stylish lady has paired it with the equally trendy rose pleated skirt.

The sophisticated aura is accompanied with the 50s inspired nude peep-toe pumps and a matching messenger bag. A princess-worthy outfit!

Flowers and baby denim blues

Again, a low-key matching proves to be top-notch for a warm or breezy day. Minimalistic denim shift dress is paired with essential loafers and a floral jacket #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: glamourina.net

Youthful spirit is undoubtedly evoked with this teenage dream outfit. Although the jacket cut seems to be borrowed straight from your bae, florals prove the opposite. And of course, there is the pastel denim dress complimenting the Cali trend.

This makes the go-to choice for days that are tricky for determining weather, and make sure you wear some loafers or oxford shoes!

After work femininity

The best of both worlds – outfit with both casual and business elements; sleek, less-is-more stilletos are perfectly following the chunky flower jacket and chinos #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: memorandum.com

So you are heading straight from work, but do not have the time to totally swap the outfit? That is ok if you switch the seriously padded blazer with this kind of a jacket. Swap the shirt with a plain white tee, keep the chinos and stilletos, and top everything up with Lennon glasses

Ready to grab coffee with the girls? Do not forget minimal jewelry.

Glamorizing the usual

The top-notch blogger nails the glam meetup of highlight-worthy sandals and messenger bag with our floral bomber #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: songofstyle.com

This would be a pretty much basic outfit without the jacket, bag or sandals. But, there’s a team and makes a difference, right?

These Saint Laurent sandals make a high glam impact on the outfit, and the Celine bag brings a touch of effortless Parisian chic to the ensemble. Last but not the least, the jacket shines with Hawaii flowers for the touch-up.

Vivid Labor day whites

A stylish blogger with an even more stylish bob is seen casually made up with an all-white outfit that is having its Majesty, the bomber as a focal point #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: canadianfashionista.net

Skip the default following of white denim (cropped baby blue denim jackets, we are looking at you) and go flamboyantly! The best of both worlds (gender worlds, to be exact) collides with the girly floral print and the masculine baseball collar.

For the MVP’s among fashionistas, skip the white sneakers and rock the shiny stilettos!

Oversized and sleek

Ripped denim suddenly got sophisticated, eh? The perfect weekend outfit is emphasizing the floral oversize jersey blazer #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: flauntandcenter.com

One of the most versatile items in a girl’s wardrobe is the blazer (not to mention essential). Even though some would etiquette this blazer as the piece of a vivid and edgy outfit, this lady proves the opposite thing.

All of the effortless ladies out there, listen up! Just throw this on if it feels chilly, and voila!

Resembling the countryside

Being the glamour girl while visiting the countryside isn’t an option – opting for native details, and comfy black pants certainly is! #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: heartfelthunt.com

Evoke the little girl from the country, and wear this delicately embroidered jacket most comfortably! Ethnic detailing is on the rise in every spring piece there is. But, it is really special on jackets with a black canvas.

Cowboy boots or signature sneakers – the footwear can be very versatile!

Breaking the white monotony

It is all in the focal pieces - emphasizing one thing makes glances oriented towards you! What’s more, this girl shows that white is always in the game #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: dashofpanacheblog.com

Yes, everyone loves monochromatic looks (especially if we’re talking about the absence of colors). Black or white (all the same), it can become dull.

Spice up the game and let a beautiful floral bomber jacket break the ice! This way it goes beyond casualty and becomes a statement piece worth investing.

Breezy outerwear

Who said jackets have to be long sleeved? This stylish lady proves quite the opposite with this short-sleeved floral blazer that can accompany any look! #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: stylishbynature.com

Exciting collar, interesting sleeves, and a quite calming floral print is the thing that makes this jacket subtly exquisite.

Whether you pair it with a low key option as the basic one pictured above, rest assured it would look great with a dress! Rounded sunglasses are a great hip touch!

Urban street style reign

White denim and florals are the meant-to-be couples in fashion. Just add the highlight details #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: livinginheels.com

Stroll the streets of your favorite city in this evergreen chic ensemble! It does not have anything new in particular, but rest assured that the strappy stilettos will get attention!

Cropped 7/8 length of the trousers is essential to achieve the effortlessly chic look.

Mariniere Slash Floral

The floral print is not the only one in the game; a great follow up piece is certainly Le Mariniere tee #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: morepiecesofme.com

Every piece this girl wear is outstanding in a subtle manner. Channel French chic with the striped tee and follow up with a dark toned bomber.

For more Parisian touch, a quilted bag (like the one on the pic) is desirable.

The stylish girl from the hood

People mistake florals for being to old-ladylike – this girl next door proves the opposite! #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: fourone-oh.com

Florals do not have to be vintage looking. Rock them in an edgy and urban way with ripped shorts and a crop top! Show those abs!

TIP: Aviator sunglasses are the cherry on top of this street style outfit.

Pastel Pink cliché

Every woman wants to showcase the girlish side now and then; a pastel pink tee and jacket are the perfect combo excuse! #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: cuteandlittle.com

Make the equilibrium with the boyfriend ripped jeans. On the other hand, amp up the girliness with the metallic pink stilettos.

Hint: A plum envelope bag makes a stylish impact!

Royally monochromatic

Actually, who said you have to avoid monochromatic? Evoke your inner royalty with this kind of a blue ensemble #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: theelegantlane.com

Indigo is in the game. But, it would be wise to add a little bit of another coloring with the red leather bag.

Opt for delicate jewelry to add a ladylike touch to a sporty look.

Impact shoes make a statement

The world doesn’t turn around the floral bomber, eh? Prove that to be true with choosing a pair of statement sandals to confront the bomber #floraljacket #jacket #springfashionPhoto: theelegantlane.com

It is the best of both worlds in one outfit, without a doubt. Get ready for city strolling in this casual and chic outfit.

The remarkable sandals are both eye-catching and comfortable, and so are the ripped shorts and bomber combined.