How To Wear A Dress With Tights: 6 LOOKBOOK Fall Outfits

Cute outfit: dress with tights

That time of year is here again – it’s time to wrap up warm and get cozy. Bare legs are no longer the fashion, plus it’s way too cold for that now! Tights are the best option to pair with dresses, keeping you warm yet stylish through this autumn season.

However, have you ever found yourself getting bored with the usual tights? Black or nude doesn’t always cut it. Tights can even be a statement piece on their own!

A dress and tights combination

Of course, when choosing a dress with tights, there are factors to remember – the event you’re going to, the latest trends, and the temperature. Here are some ways to style tights with dresses this fall. Some may be better for those days when summer still lingers, whereas some are better for those bitter days. There are options for all!

1. Classic Black Tights

Woman wearing dress with tights
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We all know and wear black tights. They are (and should be, if not!) a staple to every wardrobe. But what is the best way to wear this classic pick?

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We think that since fall is a time for darker colors, you should embrace the look and go for all black outfits. Black is very chic, so if you’re wearing head to toe black (including a black dress and tights), you’ll always be on-trend. This is especially great for those out there that prefer the Goth or alternative way of dressing – this look lends itself to the spooky festivities of October.

However, not everyone wants to indulge in the monochrome black look. For those that love a pop of color, this can be done too! Like we previously said, autumn is traditionally a time to embrace darker colors – but why not brighten up a dark day with a pop of color and then finish the look with the classic black tights? It’ll make you look very on-trend, and you’ll stand out against the grey skies.

Photo: LookBook/@lifestalkers

2. Block Color Tights

Photo: LookBook/@amintaonline

This style often separates people into scared of wearing them and lovers of them. The humble block colored pair of tights is an excellent way to be the most stylish in the room. Since it’s a rarer look, you will definitely stand out – and for a good reason! Choosing the tights’ color is up to you, be as bold or as subtle as you want, and co-ordinate with the dress you’re wearing.

Pairing block color tights with a dress is also something that probably seems more challenging than it is. Many will worry about clashing, but using color and experimenting with pairing it is half the fun. Those who aren’t sure about colored dress and tights may opt for a black or muted tone. But we think that choosing a colored pair with a bright dress is a great outfit choice.

3. Patterned Tights

Photo: LookBook/@annikavictoria

Patterned tights can lend themselves to a more vintage look depending on the pattern they have. Lace patterned tights are perfect if you want that vintage-chic look. They can be as bold or as subtle as you want them to be, depending on the lace’s size or pattern. Pair them with a full-vintage look or vintage dress for the best results. You can also combine them with a more modern body-con dress if you want to add some edge to your fall dress outfit.

Photo: LookBook/@candythorne

Another great example of patterned tights is polka dot patterns. These don’t look as vintage as lace tights but can upgrade an outfit from basic to alternative and cool. Pair these with a girly floral dress to take your wardrobe from summer to fall in just one step. If you feel extra bold, layer on a leather or denim jacket. This will keep a dress casual but will feel effortlessly stylish.

4. Striped Tights

Photo: LookBook/@thesensiblefay

This type of tights can easily be overlooked as another ‘Goth’ outfit, however, this isn’t true. If you are off to a formal event and need to wear a more conservative dress, striped tights are an easy way to add some trend into the outfit. For example, a formal dress with a leg slit will show the striped tights off just enough for them to be seen without the pattern being too in your face. Stripes are also very slimming, so for maximum benefit, wear a full black outfit too!

5. Fishnet Tights

Photo: LookBook/@zoastria

In recent years fishnet tights have become a trendy look that has spread into mainstream fashion. From large netting to small, there are many varieties of this outfit. You can even purchase diamanté fishnets or neon pairs – for those of you who prefer a more feminine take. Fishnets are a great item to pair with a dress if you want a more on-trend look.

They may not be the best option if you’re off to a more formal event, but for a cute day look or a casual evening out, they’re perfect. Any dress can go with them, however, fashion favorites are floaty dresses and some old boots or oversized band t-shirts in the place of a dress! Show off your music taste for extra points.

Photo: LookBook/@amintaonline

6. Graphic Print Tights

Photo: LookBook/@joicymuniz

Though these may seem similar to patterned tights, printed tights offer more color and surface design. Graphic prints are not limited to t-shirts; you can find many pairs of tights with cool images and graphics on them too. These are another great option to pair with dresses for fall as they’re not most people’s go-to. Bonus points if you’re the only one at the party wearing them – looking good is about being different.

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Since fall is colder and you need to cover your legs more, why not use your legs as a canvas for art! Printed tights are a forgotten way to express creativity while getting dressed up. From famous brands to independent artists, there are so many available online. These should be paired with a plain dress, it doesn’t matter what color, but if you wear two prints, the look might get too busy and confusing.

Get Your Tights On!

Hopefully, we have given you some great outfit ideas for dresses and tights this fall with this useful list. The days may get darker and shorter this season, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to as well. Bring some pattern and color to the party.

Tights will keep you warm this fall, but they can be so much more than just functional. To keep your style fresh and your wardrobe updated, invest in some tights that will get you noticed. Just remember – don’t ladder them!

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