12 Spring Hairstyles That Are Trending in 2024

Spring hairstyles
Photo: Instagram/@margotrobbie

We all experienced how it was to be locked inside our houses most of the time. 2020 was not good for us, but we all learned a few lessons out of it. Salons were shuttered, gala events canceled, or postponed. Even if your hair required styling, you couldn’t really count on your hairdresser to do it. Fortunately, spring hairstyles are something to look forward to this winter.

This year’s hairstyles are about one thing: practicality. They are flattering and casual, don’t require many in-between touch-ups and trims.

The Best Spring Hairstyles Inspo

Retro styles, updos, natural curls, waves, and face-framing layers – we have gathered the best inspiration from Instagram just for you.

#1: Razor-Sharp Bob Hairstyles

Photo: Instagram/@kristin_ess

In the past few years, bob hairstyles became more popular than ever. How they wouldn’t – they are practical, easy to style, and so stylish! No matter which style you like, you can achieve it with bob.

This year, opt for the razor-sharp edgy bob hairstyle. It is perfect for styling and versatile, suitable for many different occasions. Many celebrities wear this kind of bob. Another great thing about it – it doesn’t require constant touch-ups. Wear it half-up-half-down, with a decorative scrunchie or a headband. 

#2: Natural Waves

Photo: Instagram/@mararoszak

Let this spring be all about natural hairstyles. If the situation with the pandemic continues, we wouldn’t be able to go around much. So, nature should be on point.

Natural wavy hair is so sophisticated yet very easy to achieve. You can use heating devices like curler or flat iron, or try some other method.

This hairstyle is great for work from home days and formal events that we will hopefully have more this year.

#3: Face-Framing Layered Hairstyle

Photo: Instagram/@marktownsend1

Layered hair is great if you want more texture and volume. No matter if you are wearing it long or short, layers can be great for spicing things up a bit.

This year hairdressers recommend going for face-framing layered hairstyles. They will be one of the foremost spring hairstyles. If you were a fan of famous Jenifer Aniston Rachel’s hair, then these layers will be just right for you.

#4: Choppy Bangs

Photo: Instagram/@anhcotran

Believe it or not, bangs came back this year. They surely don’t have to be perfect. On the contrary, choppy and longer bangs, like Jennifer Lopez is wearing, are more than welcome.

We know that bangs are not quite quarantine-friendly since they require touch-ups, but if you make them choppy, they can last a bit longer. Even when they grow, they won’t look bad on you.

#5: Glam Curls

Photo: Instagram/@margotrobbie

Even if we didn’t quite have a chance to party last year, we hopefully will this spring. And for that occasion, hairdressers are suggesting we go back to the ‘60s glam.

To achieve such glamorous curls, you will need big rollers or a really huge brush to make them look this way. You can always add some nice hair accessories – headband, ribbons, or pearly bobby pins.

#6: Curly on Point

Photo: Instagram/@kristin_ess

Spring is a perfect time for enhancing your naturally curly hair. Stop worrying about ironing it, adding a ton of products, and styling it. Simply, let it be.

Natural curls look cute, but they require special care – yet nothing too fancy. You can style both short or medium curly hair just by washing it and drying it properly. Simple as that!

#7: Crimped Hair

Photo: Instagram/@bresheppard

If you get bored with your regular hairstyle, maybe you can try the famous crimped trend. This trend came back right from the ‘80s, and it looks even better.

A crimped hairstyle can bring back some high school memories. Still, it can also prove to you that looking lovely and sophisticated was never easier. Simply use a wide crimper, or wide three-barrel waver to get your hair crimped and fabulous.

#8: Overgrown Roots on Purpose

Photo: Instagram/@amanda.djerek

Overgrown roots are not always looking bad or unpolished. Sometimes, you can leave them on purpose. Especially if your natural hair is dark and your dyed hair light.

This spring, don’t hesitate to let your roots overgrow on purpose. All hairdressers say that you will even look more natural that way. When you wrap your hair in a bun or gather it in a ponytail, that is when the roots will be the most visible.

#9: Bob with Bangs

Photo: Instagram/@saraontheinternet

Short bob is not only practical but also very fancy. It can be worn in different situations, from casual to super elegant. When you add bangs to the equation – you get a perfect hairstyle for many different face shapes.

If you are aiming for a change, then cut your hair. Short bob makes you feel much lighter, that is for sure! Make sure bangs are choppy and longer at the sides.

#10: Choppy Pixie Cut

Photo: Instagram/@identity_moira

We admit – pixie cut is for bold and brave girls who are not afraid of cutting their hair. If you are one of them, then good news for you! This spring, you should try a choppy pixie cut, but leave it a bit longer.

You can wear a pixie cut every day from 9-to-5, and at the after-party. If you style it in the morning, we guarantee it will stay in place all day.

#11: Braided Buns

Photo: Instagram/@kimblehaircare

Braids are always in style. However, they are particularly coming to mind in these pandemic times. There is nothing more convenient than a protective style. Your hair grows while you have an amazing hairstyle.

Braided hair wrapped in a bun looks stunning. You can add accessories, silver or gold rings, or threads. Match your hairstyle with big gold hoops and wear it daily.

#12: Perfect Ponytail

Photo: Instagram/@jennifer_yepez

Ponytails are not exactly new spring hairstyles. They are stylish from season to season. However, since Arianna Grande was wearing a ponytail, it became her trademark and a new obsession among young girls.

If you want to achieve the perfect ponytail, make sure to brush your hair to perfection. You will also need to use a gel if you don’t want any side hairs. Leave one hair strand at the side. It will make your ponytail look glamorous and sophisticated.

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