26 Impressive Undercut Bob Hair Ideas

By Sarah J. Helms / Updated on July 31, 2020

Undercut bob is a great hairstyle for all women who have a bold style with a pinch of eccentric vibe. By cutting off one side of your head, you will make an interesting twist to the classic haircut as the bob is.

The undercut can also be located on your nape, you can present it to everyone or hide it until your hair is done in a ponytail or a bun.

If you are interested to see attractive and quite unusual cuts and prepare yourself for the upcoming summer season, let this guide be your perfect dose of inspiration.

Braid, Undercut and a Bob

Braid, Undercut and a BobPhoto: Instagram/@chloenbrown

Combination of a braid, side undercut, mixed in a bob hairstyle is impressive and very attention-attract. If you thought that there are not many creative ways to style bob – you were wrong. The undercut makes it look bold, while braid adds a romantic vibe.

Unicorn Pink

Unicorn PinkPhoto: pinterest.com

Unicorn pastel hair is one of the most beautiful trends in the hair industry. It is unique and quite eccentric, but the point is in styling it. The color can be easily washed out, but you can also learn how to love it when it loses its shine.

Styled Undercut

Styled UndercutPhoto: hairstylo.com

Sometimes, having undercut can look dull. However, if you use your imagination and a shaver you can make a lot of styles. For instance, a star or three lines at the one side will definitely catch so much attention.

Wavy Bob with an Undercut

Wavy Bob with an UndercutPhoto: hairstylo.com

Undercut might seem like a bold addition to your bob, but with the right styling, it can also look elegant and polished. Curl your hair and comb it over one side to show off your undercut. This is an excellent hairstyle for those women who like to combine eccentric with elegance.

Asymmetric Bob

Asymmetric BobPhoto: therighthairstyles.com

The dirty violet shade is not only trendy but gorgeous looking as well. It is easy to maintain. Also, it sometimes looks better when it’s a bit washed up. Mix this color with lovely asymmetric bob for a fantastic look.

Short Baby Blue Bob

Short Baby Blue BobPhoto: theundercut.com

For all those girls who crave for the attention, there is no better hairstyle than this. Baby blue hair, undercut bob and curls will definitely turn heads towards you. You can wear this hairstyle for both casual and elegant occasions.

Pink and Shaved

Pink and ShavedPhoto: hairstylehub.com

If this hairstyle doesn’t catch some attention, nothing will. Pink hair and undercut, as well as bob cut, will definitely make you look trendy, a bit of eccentric and lovely. This is for the brave ones, though!

Colorful Mermaid

Colorful MermaidPhoto: therighthairstyles.com

Many girls stay out from the crowd with their colorful hair. This mermaid-inspired bob haircut with undercut will definitely make you look gorgeous and fashionable. It is appropriate for parties, rock concerts, as well as music festivals.

Undercut Nape

Undercut NapePhoto: hairstylehub.com

Instead of cutting one or both of your sides, do an undercut nape. It won’t be visible to everybody, but it can be if you do an exciting updo. This might be the perfect solutions for those who don’t like to be overexposed.

Purple Hair

Purple HairPhoto: pinterest.com

Purple hair is slowly but surely becoming a trend that no girl can resist not to try. And that is not a surprise – it looks elegant and modern at the same time while providing you with a bold and unique style.

Grunge Vibes

Grunge VibesPhoto: hairstylehub.com

Grey hair became a new black. You don’t need to grow old to have grey hair nowadays – even young girls want to try it. This hair in combination with black roots will make your both bob and undercut look gorgeous.

Straight Undercut Bob

Straight Undercut BobPhoto: girrlscout.com

There are many ways of styling undercut bob. However, one of the tested-and-proven ones is definitely this one – straight combed at one side hair. You can only love this hairstyle. It is ultimately chic and stylish.

Balayage Bob with Undercut

Balayage Bob with UndercutPhoto: glowsly.com

Cool undercut like this one is perfect for young girls that want to stand out from the crowd. Even though your hair color is not red, pink or blue, blonde hair will do precisely the same job as these vibrant dyes.

Styled and Curly

Styled and CurlyPhoto: glowsly.com

Styled up and curled bob – this hairstyle is perfect for elegant occasions. You can wear this bold haircut with long satin dresses, smokey eyes, and super high heels.

Short curly bob is timeless and fashionable by itself. Undercut will catch all the attention, and you will be one of the main stars of the event.

Platinum Hair with Dark Roots

Platinum Hair with Dark RootsPhoto: short-haircut.com

Platinum hair is attractive. However, make it look better with a bob cut, dark roots, and delicate side undercuts. This hairstyle is classy enough to make it your every day and work wear. It can be your choice for elegant occasions as well.

Bob in a Ponytail

Bob in a PonytailPhoto: pinterest.com

If your bob is long enough, you can always style it in a low or medium ponytail. That is how you will show off your undercut. Subtle and very classy – this hairstyle is great for every day or work wear.

Interesting Undercut Nape

Interesting Undercut NapePhoto: betrendsetter.com

Sometimes, you only need to pick the perfect place for your undercut to get a fantastic look. Yes, it’s simple as that. This girl and her attractive undercut bob will catch all the attention, wherever she decides to go.

Hidden Undercut

Hidden UndercutPhoto: pinterest.com

You don’t have to show off your undercut every single time you go out. Instead of doing that, show it only when you make an updo. Balayage hair will make this hairstyle even more attractive.

Straight Asymmetrical Bob

Straight Asymmetrical BobPhoto: styleskinner.com

Two-in-one haircuts are the best! You can wear straight bob or wrap it in a bun. Any way you choose, it will display your unique and eccentric undercut. Asymmetric cut like this will always be in style – we can guarantee.

Waved and Undercut Hairstyle

Waved and Undercut HairstylePhoto: pinterest.com

Zigzag undercut at only one side will get this classy bob an attractive and quite unusual look. You can do it if you seek for something new, without changing your main haircut, in this case – wavy asymmetric bob.

Bob in a Bun

Bob in a BunPhoto: pinterest.com

When you get bored wearing your bob wavy or straight, you can always wrap it into a chic and casual bun. Undercut will display on your nape and turn this usual short hairstyle into an amazing and quite eccentric one.

Comb Over Bob Haircut

Comb Over Bob HaircutPhoto: pinterest.com

Before doing an undercut, section your hair around your cheek or ear, instead of the classic middle. You will get much more exciting look with the comb-over wavy hair at the one and short trimmed undercut at the other side.

Boyish and Choppy Haircut

Boyish and Choppy HaircutPhoto: therighthairstyles.com

Really short pixie bob like this looks fabulous itself, but it looks even better with an undercut on your nape. However, this haircut is for those women with eccentric style and bold style. It takes great courage to cut your hair this short, we have to admit.

Braided Bob

Braided BobPhoto: pinterest.com

Braids represent a great addition to your haircuts. Even though you opt for an undercut, you can also make this bob more interesting and braid it. A small braid on balayage hair will do miracles, you will see.

Purple Hair with Tattoo Undercut

Purple Hair with Tattoo UndercutPhoto: pinterest.com

Tattoo-like undercut like this one at the photo above will definitely be a head-turner. No matter which hair color you wear, you will end up with gorgeous bob and interesting undercut that will make you the main attraction, wherever you go.

Angular Bob and Undercut

Angular Bob and UndercutPhoto: pinterest.com

Auburn shades in your hair will make it appropriate for fall and winter weather. Hidden undercut on your nape looks absolutely gorgeous, which is the key to this haircut. Undercut lines, as well as wavy hair, look amazing in a combination.

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