30 Ponytail Hairstyles Examples From Instagram Influencers

Ponytail hairstyles
Photo: Instagram/@kathleen_hair

A ponytail is one of the oldest ways of styling your short or long hair. Along with the bun, this hairstyle is perfect for both day and nightwear. Since last year’s rise of hairpins and headbands, ponytails came back through the big door. Many fashion bloggers and influencers tried and adored it.

Here are some of our favorite Instagram picks. Let’s have a look!

Lovely Ponytail Hairstyles

1) Wrapped Around Ponytail

Photo: Instagram/@abbeybrookee

The low ponytail is wrapped around, looking simple yet stunning. You can easily hide the elastic by wrapping the piece of your hair around it, making it look sophisticated. Make sure to brush your hair thoroughly before making a ponytail.

2) Bridal Ponytail

Photo: Instagram/@caraclyne.bridal

Ponytail as a hairstyle become popular among many brides-to-be. It looks sophisticated, especially when you add some hair accessories. Opt for wire, pearl, or shiny rhinestones – anything you choose will make a statement and catch all the attention.

3) A Ponytail Hairstyle With a Velvet Accessory

Photo: Instagram/@bow_and_velvet

Hair accessories are some of the most important trendy items you need for this summer. Whether you decide to work with patterns, silk, or velvet, no matter. Your hairstyle will get a fantastic upgrade – hair ribbon looks great on all hair lengths.

4) Volume on Point

Photo: Instagram/@kykhair

Volume and hair thickness – these are two things you will need to make this hairstyle work for you. It is amazing how your hair can look with such a small effort.

5) Romantic Ponytail With Ribbons

Photo: Instagram/@ulyana.aster

If you want to make your wedding hairstyle unique and romantic, add some ribbons. The simple ponytail will definitely do the work, but try making it more exciting. Add white tulle ribbons with a delicate pearl and curl your hair.

6) A Ponytail With Pearl Details

Photo: Instagram/@kathleen_hair

Pearls have won the hearts of many influencers and bloggers. Not a surprise, though, since pearls are timeless detail for every outfit. Maybe a bit unexpected place to see beads is definitely your hair. But, in combination with low ponytail pearls look amazing!

7) Chic and Sophisticated Ponytail

Photo: Instagram/@streicherhair

If you have long and straight hair and you are wondering how to manage it – this is the answer. This hairstyle is perfect for elegant events, such as weddings and engagements. Pear detail will surely make everything look sleek and polished.

8) Unexpected Chains

Photo: Instagram/@justinemarjan

Chains might not be your first choice when it comes to hair accessories, but we need to show you how you can shine. This girl might not have extra-long hair, but she shows how bold she is. If you are brave enough, ask your hairdresser to add some chains to your hairstyle.

9) High Blonde Ponytail

Photo: Instagram/@cwoodhair

Sophie Turner is one of those girls who we adore for her acting and her splendid hair. Her blonde shade is simply amazing, and the great thing is that she loves ponytails. Sophie makes her hair look so effortless yet so sophisticated.

10) Shaggy Ponytail Look With Small Braids

Photo: Instagram/@kathleen_hair

Small braids can always make a huge difference. Your hairstyle might be simple, but with braids, everything looks better. This low shaggy ponytail definitely gets upgraded with delicate twists.

11) Sweet Red Ribbon

Photo: Instagram/@bridgetbragerhair

If you want something to make, you look sweet and like a real cutie, add a red ribbon to your low ponytail. You can add it as the elastic or move it towards the middle of the hair. Whether your hair is straight or curly, it will look great.

12) Messy Tail with Hair Pin

Photo: Instagram/@jennychohair

Hairpins are cute accessories that you simply can’t resist. They are so exciting and stylish that all bloggers and fashion influencers have tried and loved them! They surely make any hairstyle exciting, as well as this ponytail.

13) Eternal Braid

Photo: Instagram/@kathleen_hair

If you ask us, we say there is no better combo than this one. Eternal braid on your ponytail can only make everything look stunning and unusual. By adding this gold detail, you will secure that glamorous vibe that we all need for special or daily occasions.

14) Hairstyle With Rainbow Hairpins

Photo: Instagram/@leletny

For those girls who like to make a statement with their hairstyle – look no further than this. Making a ponytail is easy, but arranging it to look fantastic – that is the task. Add colorful hairpins like these ones and enjoy in comments you will receive.

15) Tied Up Tail

Photo: Instagram/@allenthomaswood

Use silver or gold thread to tie up your long ponytail. You can make it more interesting by sectioning your hair in a specific way at the top. This is great for young girls with a rebellious style.

16) Bridal Ponytail Style

Photo: Instagram/@ulyana.aster

Brides-to-be choose their hairstyles very carefully. Since it is the most important day in their life, they want to look exceptional. This hairstyle will definitely make them gorgeous. Floral accessories all along your ponytail should match with your dress, as well as your style.

17) Sleek and Polished

Photo: Instagram/@kathleen_hair

Black hair that shines all across the room – that is how we want to wear it! You should definitely use a lot of gel or wax to make this hairstyle work for you. There shouldn’t be any strand picking around! This is an excellent hairstyle for both daily and elegant wear.

18) Flip and Twist

Photo: Instagram/@kathleen_hair

If you want to wear your ponytail very high, you need to brush your hair to perfection. Secure everything with strong elastic. Now, you can twist your hair and make it look even more eye-catching. This hairstyle is perfect for all girls that train a lot.

19) Glamorous Hairstyle

Photo: Instagram/@cwoodhair

High ponytails can also look like this – sleek and charming. Your curls should be huge!

20) Black Velvet

Photo: Instagram/@bridgetbragerhair

Black velvet is probably one of the most elegant materials. Whether you decide to wear it as the primary material of your attire or to add it only as a detail – we say go, girl! This hairstyle is perfect for those who like to look sweet yet glamorous.

21) Pearly Line

Photo: Instagram/@kdeenihan

Straight hair and pearls are best friends. You can make this hairstyle even more enhancing by wrapping your hair around or twisting it. Layers of your hair will provide you with the extra chic vibe that will make you the main star of every event.

22) Cleopatra Vibes

Photo: Instagram/@cwoodhair

Golden details and Egyptian accessories will turn your everyday looks into fabulous ones. Metallic elastics, as well as eye hairpins, will surely make your outfits unique and so special. This is for those brave girls, not afraid of making a statement wherever they go.

23) Sleek Ponytail Braid

Photo: Instagram/@kathleen_hair

Braided hairstyles are so attractive. You can be sure that with them, everyone will notice how cool you look. The rest of the hair should be brushed and straightened. Use your iron to make it sharp and beautiful.

24) Wrapped and Highlighted

Photo: Instagram/@kathleen_hair

Wrapping hair is great for medium and long styles. You can be sure your ponytail will turn into a glamorous one just because of this technique. HIghlights on your hair will make everything even more visible.

25) High and Youngish Hairstyle

Photo: Instagram/@cwoodhair

All young girls have probably tried a high ponytail look. Why shouldn’t they? It is super easy to make, easy to style, and it looks fantastic. Instead of securing it only with an elastic, add some interesting detail, leather or metallic pin that make this look appear trendier.

26) Twisted In

Photo: Instagram/@kathleen_hair

This can be your holiday hair. If you decide to add some velvet as an accessory, you will turn this look from daily to the winter one, perfect for family gatherings. Your blonde hair never looked better than this.

27) Bounded Ponytail

Photo: Instagram/@allenthomaswood

A brave look: camel cashmere and a ponytail bound in matching vegan suede.

28) Oversized Ribbons

Photo: Instagram/@allenthomaswood

Ribbons are great accessories for both hair and clothes. However, you can opt for those that are bigger for a better look. Curl your hair and tie it up high in a ponytail. These blush ribbons will definitely turn many heads towards you.

29) Casual and Chic

Photo: Instagram/@jenatkinhairxchloeandisabel

For this hairstyle, you will only need a casual hairpin to gather your hair. You can work with both straight or curly hair. The key is in the versatility and casual vibe of this look. Simply gather your hair at the back, making a low ponytail.

30) Three Braids with a Ponytail

Photo: Instagram/@allenthomaswood

If one braid is not enough, section your hair and braid cornrow braids. Zig zag sectioning might seem hard to do, but you can always consult with your hairdresser or YouTube. Make sure your hair is straight and brushed well, so everything looks polished.

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