40 Long Shag Haircuts for Absolutely Gorgeous Looks

Long shag haircuts are versatile, timeless, and utterly stylish for any occasion. Get inspired by our big gallery of these lovely haircuts.
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If you are looking for a new spring or summer look, a long shag haircut can be a perfect choice for you. It is versatile enough, timeless, so it can’t go out of style, and it suits every woman with any face shape. And if your hair is shorter, here’s a good dose of inspiration as well: 30 Shaggy Bob Haircut Ideas

Layers can add more volume to your hair, whether it is thick or thin. Shag haircuts are appropriate for every occasion. Within a few minutes of styling it, you get an amazing look for both day and night.

40 Ideas for Picking a Perfect Long Shag Haircut

#1: Honey Blonde Shag

Honey Blonde Shag

Lucky are the girls with this lovely hair color. It is so versatile and perfect for the upcoming summer days. Highlights will make your shag cut and layers even more visible, so don’t hesitate to try them as well.

#2: Curly Shag

Curly Shag
Photo: Instagram/@smallbevy

This is a perfect example of shag haircuts for curly hair. If you have thought that curly hair doesn’t work with shag haircuts, you were wrong, dear. This is how you can wear your natural curls and layers – impeccable and stylish.

#3: Auburn Long Shag Haircut

Auburn Layers
Photo: Instagram/@hairstorystudio

Not only this shade is attractive, but also these lovely long layers will make you look stunning. Layers, auburn shade, and shaggy bangs will turn this hairstyle into perfection.

#4: Wavy Blonde Shag

Wavy Blonde Shag
Photo: Instagram/@kearybladel

Platinum blonde with highlights meets with a lovely shag haircut to give you an utterly stylish hairstyle as a result. This is one of those hairstyles that are low-maintenance but perfect for everyday wear.

#5: Shag in Its Beauty

Shag in Its Beauty
Photo: Instagram/@topazsalonwa

This is a kind of funky long shag haircut. Here we have layers in the crown and long strands in the lower part. This haircut is great for those who like something classic, yet modern and stylish.

#6: Razored Shag

Razored Shag
Photo: Instagram/@kalliecluff

Razored shag is full of layers and texture. If you have long hair, go for it. To make it look even more interesting, dye your hair with the ombre technique.

#7: Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink
Photo: Instagram/@joeltorresstyle

Huge curls and pastel pink hair might seem like an impossible combination to pull out. Well, actually it is more than possible. Such lovely layered hair is excellent for girls who like to be unique.

#8: Voluminous Hair

Voluminous Hair
Photo: Instagram/@cristophe348

Don’t ever sacrifice the volume of your hair for something else. Voluminous hair is the most beautiful hair, and there are no doubts. Even when your hair is medium, you can make it look textured with a shaggy haircut.

#9: Curly Shag with Bangs

Curly Shag with Bangs
Photo: Instagram/@ninezeroone

Natural curls might be hard to style, but once you succeed you will be amazed by the results. Let your hair end be in a lighter shade than roots – your layers and curls will peak even more.

#10: Textured Burgundy

Textured Burgundy
Photo: Instagram/@salon_paradigm

Burgundy dye is perfect for attracting views and positive comments. Along with these lovely layers and waves, your hair will turn from casual to elegant in a second.

#11: Classy Shag

Classy Shag
Photo: society19.com

This is a perfect example of a modern, classic shag haircut. It doesn’t require bangs, so if you are not exactly a fan, this can be an excellent style for you to try. Give it a shot – you will love it.

#12: Long Hair – Long Shaggy Layers

Long Hair - Long Shaggy Layers
Photo: society19.com

A shag haircut doesn’t require short layers and a lot of it. You can always opt for long layers that won’t make your hair too textured but will provide you with a great hairstyle for everyday wear.

#13: Choppy Black Haircut

Choppy Black Haircut
Photo: society19.com

This hairstyle screams layers and chops. This shaggy hairstyle is made to wear with a lot of confidence, for sure. You can count on this lovely style for both casual and elegant occasions.

#14: Bohemian Shag

Bohemian Shag

Shag hairstyle can give you an elegant vibe. But it is also perfect for giving you the amazing boho vibe when you need it. The festival season is near, so make sure to get ready on time.

#15: Ash-Toned Haircut

Ash-Toned Haircut
Photo: southernliving.com

Ash-toned highlights will definitely make your dark hair appear more subtle and stylish. Multiple layers and a lot of texture will make your shag hairstyle perfect for working hours and everyday wear.

#16: Long Wings

Long Wings
Photo: southernliving.com

This long shag gives us some summer vibes. Side bangs are typical for shaggy haircuts, as well as those long wings. If you are getting ready for summertime, dye your hair in honey blonde and add some highlights.

#17: Straight Shag Haircut

Straight Shag Haircut
Photo: southernliving.com

You don’t need waves and curls to make your shaggy haircuts look interesting and eye-catching. Sometimes, good old straight hair is everything that you need to get perfection.

#18: Shag for Thick Hair

Shag for Thick Hair

Shag is one of those timeless hairstyles, but here it is made with a modern twist. Strawberry blonde is one of the unique shades that you can find, and it indeed is very attractive.

#19: Long Curly Shag

Long Curly Shag

Blonde curls look even more interesting when they are layered. You can be sure that with this you will tame your curls and make them look gorgeous.

#20: Side Bangs and Long Shag

Side Bangs and Long Shag
Photo: Instagram/@moonstonestudiola

Brown shade with barely visible ashy highlights is perfect for those women who prefer classic. Even though your hair is long, you can let this shag grow out, without worries, it looks dull.

#21: Trendy Blonde Shag

Trendy Blonde Shag

Blonde hair always tends to look more attractive than any other. With a shag haircut, you can make it look even more eye-catching and trendy.

#22: Wispy Bangs

Wispy Bangs

Cutting layers allow you to style them in a versatile, modern way. However, the stars of this shaggy haircut are the wispy bangs. They look absolutely gorgeous.

#23: Long Shaggy Balayage

Long Shaggy Balayage
Photo: Instagram/@exhibitsalon

Balayage, as a technique became very popular because of its versatility and low maintenance. You can be sure that this lovely blonde balayage will make you look gorgeous, even with the minimal effort of styling it.

#24: Face-Framing Shag

Face-Framing Shag
Photo: Instagram/@salsalhair

Long wavy shag like this will only show how bold and confident you are. These side bangs and lovely honey highlights will frame your face, making the gorgeous finish touch.

#25: Straight Bronde Shag

Straight Bronde Shag
Photo: Instagram/@suetyrrellstylist

Even though this shag is straight, it has so much texture and volume. It looks polished, yet it is full of layers that are straight – perfect for elegant occasions.

#26: Shag for Fine Hair

Shag for Fine Hair
Photo: Instagram/@behatiprinsloo

Hairstylists advise us to keep texturing to a minimum if your hair is fine. You should opt for horizontal layers that will add fullness and weight to your shag haircut.

#27: Long Wavy Shag

Long Wavy Shag

Ashy tones, waves, and shag haircut – is there anything else that you need to shine? We would say no, as well. This is a great hairstyle to wear from day to night events.

#28: Red Shade and Bangs

Red Shade and Bangs

If this hairstyle is not eye-catching, then we don’t know what is. It looks stunning and utterly modern. Bangs will frame your face and make your cheekbones highlighted.

#29: Classic Shaggy Haircut

Classic Shaggy Haircut

For those women who prefer classic in everything they wear, this haircut is more than perfect. You can style it like this, leaving the hair ends out, or simply curl it.

#30: Messy Brown Haircut

Messy Brown Haircut

While here every layer has its role, the messy look will gain you a lot of comments and views. Short layers give you a lot of texture, while the longer ones are perfect for structure.

#31: Curled Hair Ends

Curled Hair Ends

If you are looking for extremely classic and elegant hairstyles that you can wear for some elegant occasion, look no further. This one has everything that you need – a bit of layer, curls, and fantastic hair color.

#32: Messy Beach Waves

Messy Beach Waves
Photo: Instagram/@jesssalvagepaints

Beach waves match with summertime, right? You need to try them for the upcoming season of pool parties and days spent on the beach and by the sea. When the waves are layered – they look even better.

#33: Inspired by The ‘70s

Inspired by The ‘70s

Shag haircut in its best, our ladies – this is how it looks when it is inspired by the ‘70s. We can say it has a lot of bohemian vibes as well. It means you can wear it all summer long.

#34: Short Layers

Short Layers

Short layers will add more texture and volume to your hair. If you have long but thin hair, opt for these short choppy layers. It is better than long ones, which won’t give you much volume.

#35: Long Curly Hair

Long Curly Hair

It is almost unbelievable how good curls and layers match together. You will even get more voluminous and more textured hair than you had before only with your natural curls.

#36: Lavender Shag

Lavender Shag

Lavender hair is one of the leading trends. Pastel hair is more than wearable, and you need to know that. With this shaggy haircut, you will surely be noticed.

#37: Middle Part Haircut

Middle Part Haircut

Middle part haircuts might be one of those that are the easiest to style. If you want to rock one of these haircuts, nothing can stop you from doing that. More layers will frame your face.

#38: Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hairstyle with dark roots is dramatic and stylish itself. However, when you add choppy shag to this equation, you get a whole picture. This is a fantastic haircut for day to night wear.

#39: Long Auburn Haircut

Long Auburn Haircut
Photo: Instagram/@melanie.s.stylist

Auburn is a perfect color for fall and winter. Check beautiful auburn hair color looks if you don’t believe us. However, if you prefer it, you can wear it through all seasons and like this – with shaggy hair ends.

#40: Rock Stars Look-Alike

Rock Stars Look-Alike
Photo: Instagram/@timm.morrison

Big hair was usually a trademark of rock stars. You can now have it as well! A lot of volume, texture and this lovely shag haircut will be just enough to achieve that look.

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