Summer weddings are beautiful, as well as brides that choose to wear braids. Braided hairstyles are versatile, work with any dress, and so chic.

25 Braided Hairstyles for Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are wonderful. They are usually held outdoors, in nature, gardens, and under the summer sun. All brides want to look perfect, but to feel comfortable when the temperature hits up.

Braided hairstyles are great for all summer brides-to-be. Braids are adorable, chic, and quite sophisticated. You can opt for half-up half-down braided hair and make them look classic or like a waterfall, create a elegant variation of french braid or even a sophisticated look with box braids.

Braid hairstyles are really popular among brides. This guide is for all brides to be – please, don’t hesitate to get inspired by our lovely gallery below.

Braided and Decorated

Braided and DecoratedPhoto:

Long hair braided looks more than gorgeous for your wedding day. Brides usually opt to add some flower details to make their braids appear even more exciting. This delicate wedding hairstyle will match with summer lace gowns.

Braids Enhanced with White Flowers

Braids Enhanced with White FlowersPhoto:

White roses are great for wedding decor, especially in the summertime. You can go a step further this time and use the roses as a hair accessory. A kind of fishtail braid, twist, and long blonde hair, combined can be your bohemian hairstyle that will leave everyone breathless.

Braided Updo

Braided UpdoPhoto:

The low braided bun will match with any style you choose to wear. It is great for summer weddings, open back dresses, lace and tulle dresses. Combination of loose braid on one side and smaller one wrapped in a bun will definitely make you look beautiful.

Side Braid

Side BraidPhoto:

If you have left your hair to be long for your big day, then you won’t have problems with choosing a perfect hairstyle. This massive and loose side braid is great for those girls seeking chic and boho hairstyle, that won’t be ruined after hours of dancing.

Like a Goddess

Like a GoddessPhoto:

Braid that will definitely catch all the attention is this one – you can look like a goddess on your summer beach or outdoor wedding. Add natural hair accessories like leaves, olive tree branches, or fresh flowers (we vote for peonies).

Vintage Accessories

Vintage AccessoriesPhoto:

There is nothing more beautiful than attractive hair accessories. Some of them might change your hairstyle by making it look even more appealing and gorgeous. This hairpin is vintage looking, reminds us of accessories that the queens were wearing. Braid, in combination with twists, seems practical for the warm summer wedding day.

Braid Around the Head

Braid Around the HeadPhoto:

Romantic, delicate, and lovely – these are the words that can describe this hairstyle. You should braid your medium or long hair and wrap it around your head. Leave a few strands of hair to frame your face.

Double Braids

Double BraidsPhoto:

Instead of doing only one Dutch braid, why don’t you make two? They should be located at one side of your head and gathered in a messy low bun. You can even braid them half way and curl the bun to look elegant and romantic.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh FlowersPhoto:

Fresh flowers in your hair are great for your wedding day. Roses, eucalyptus, and wildflowers are a perfect choice for a summer wedding. You should gather your braid at the side and finish it in a low but messy romantic braid.

Ponytail and Braid

Ponytail and BraidPhoto:

Dutch braid at one side of your head can be gathered in both bun and ponytail. If you opt for version number 2, then start by braiding Dutch braid at one side of your head and then pick the hair into a high or low ponytail. You can wear eye-catching earrings to finish the look.

Fresh and Summerish

Fresh and SummerishPhoto:

Most of the brides tend to tie their hair up or in an elegant chignon bun. That is how they keep comfort at a maximum level as well as style. This low braided chignon is perfect for a warm summer wedding day. You can even add some fresh flowers to make everything look so gorgeous.

Like a Waterfall

Like a WaterfallPhoto:

Did you ever want your hair to look like a waterfall? This is how you can do it for your summer wedding day. Long hair, a braid that gathers strands of your hair and makes everything compact. Add fresh branches for a summerish feel.