24 Stunning Summer Wedding Ideas to Wow Your Guests

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Planning, outsourcing for vendors, or liaising with the perfect wedding planner can be strenuous for any couple. Once you start collaborating with your planning team, you must have some ideas to make the process smoother.

When choosing your wedding theme, summer calls for fun, vibrant colors, and epic creativity. If you want to spruce up your wedding, here are some ideas to get your head spinning.

1. Grand Entrance

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If you like to make statements, a grand entrance is something you want to take advantage of. How about a boat arrival or a horse-drawn carriage just because you can? Go as grand as your imagination can and have fun with it; there are no limits to how far you can go.

2. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Wedding yacht with newlyweds
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You can always try a wedding on the water; think of a lake in the countryside. Gather your close friends and family, and that’s all you need to make it a successful wedding — minimal but memorable for you and your guests.

3. Walk Down the Aisle at the Beach

Couple on beach on wedding day
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Nothing beats a beach wedding in the summer. Everything is at your disposal, from the sunny, windy weather to the vibrant-colored flowers and the array of breezy fabrics. And you can have your reception indoors or outdoors without fearing a looming downpour.

4. Sunset Views

A table set up for a romantic meal on the beach
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Saying your nuptials to the view of a breathtaking sunset should be on your wedding to-do list. Coupled with a shimmery background, you can effortlessly achieve a breathtaking ambiance. A generous splash of mirrors and glitter in the décor ensures you make the most of the sunset.

5. Rustic All the Way

Beautiful wedding couple in nature in boho style
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Minimalists in the house can tone it all down with the help of a rustic theme. Make earthy shades like brown and beige your friends. Blend this with less shouting colors like peach and white, and throw in a few ferns to make a statement. And instead of the frequently used chiavari chairs, opt for wooden fold-up chairs.

6. Destination Wedding, Anyone?

Wedding couple are prepare to fly
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Does the idea of having your wedding far away from home excite you? Then pack your bags and pick your favorite destination as your wedding venue for a taste of something different. Aside from having the time of your life, you also get to choose the crowd effortlessly. Intimacy at its best!

7. Parasols to the Rescue

Small tables under parasols
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So you want an outdoor wedding but don’t want to be cliché? Then say hello to parasols. Not only will they provide shade from the hot sun, but they will also provide a stylish theme.

8. Fans for Your Guests

Tthe bride wipes sweat in the heat
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The flip side of having a summer wedding is contending with the high temperatures. So, if you must have it outside, give your guests a hand-held fan to keep them cool as you recite your vows to your partner. A fan can also be an excellent idea for wedding favors. Print their names on them for a hint of personalization, too.

9. Be the Black Sheep

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If you’re not a bright-color person, you can trust black to tone down the sun’s brightness. A touch of black roses, some mirrors here and there, and a few other black statements will work the magic. If you’re skeptical about how the décor may turn out, use just a few black décor pieces.

10. Have Creative Treats

Watermelon treats
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Water and coconut water are effortless ways to keep the guests hydrated, but you can always try something different. Ice cream will keep them cool and give them something to do before they can indulge in the main course. Frozen yogurt and watermelon pops are also excellent choices for cool treats.

11. Go All Out With Seasonal Flowers

Wedding bouquet of bride
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Sunflowers, roses, hydrangeas, zinnias, and dahlias are readily available when the sun is out. Brighten your décor with these flowers and make a statement at your wedding. When you use in-season flowers, you can boast a colorful wedding and save some money.

12. Be an All-White Bride

Beautiful flowers on white table in wedding day
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White can instantly change the ambiance from regular to sophisticated. So, if you want to shift this ambiance from regular to complicated, utilizing white décor will help. Go for white roses, candles, tablecloths and napkins, drapes, everything!

13. Get Complimentary Sunglasses

Smiling wedding guests in sunglasses
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Aside from being hot, summer tends to be very bright. If you have a limited number of guests, you can get complimentary sunglasses as party favors and to help shield their eyes from the sun. If not, make sunglasses mandatory as part of the dress code. You’ll have memory-worthy photos.

14. Stylish Hats

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Keeping cool during this season is inevitable. Hats are easy items to ensure your wedding guests are stylish, happy and shaded from the sun. You can have a theme color sent out with invitations or treat them to some as keepsakes. 

15. Night-Time Rooftop Reception

Newlyweds sitting on rooftop
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When you host your guests on the rooftop of your favorite hotel, they will get a dazzling view of the city and skyline. Add twinkling fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere. This is an excellent idea if you love party vibes and the after-party is at the top of your priorities. 

16. Poolside Dinner

Wedding table near pool
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Your guests can sip on their favorite drink by the pool. Floating candles and mason jar centerpieces are perfect options for setting up décor for the poolside. However, you could also use other options like lanterns and twinkling fairy lights for a cozy, romantic feel.

17. Live Jazz Band

Saxophonist plays a wedding party on the beach
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Do you want to keep the guests up and dancing to the beat of the music all night? What better way to do this than to hire a live jazz band? Jazz has a way of making things more romantic than they look, which is a plus if you are after a memorable day. 

18. Vintage Cars

Newlywed couple is driving a retro car
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Ford Mustangs, Chevrolets, and Porches should be on your list if you want to achieve something stylish and old-school. These vintage cars have an exciting appeal and, if dressed within the rustic, vintage theme, can leave a lasting impression on your big day.

19. Golden Hour Photoshoot

Wedding table during golden hour
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Taking the best photos requires knowing when the sun is most favorable. So, if you can’t be up early to take them in the morning, take advantage of the evening sun. You will likely love the results, and you can get as creative as you want with the sun as a backdrop. 

20. Full Weekend Getaway Wedding

Sunset near the sea
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If you have the money to entertain your guests for a weekend, how about you prepare a full weekend itinerary? The rehearsal dinners, games, the wedding, and sunbathing on the beach are some of the things you can engage in during the weekend.

21. Have an Artist at the Reception

Smiling artist painting with a brush on canvas
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Get rid of the monotony when it comes to favors. Try something that most partners haven’t tried. Get an artist to custom-create a silhouette of them. Your guests can then take this home, or you can keep it as a memory from your big day.

22. Chilled out Event

Romantic couple relaxing in tropical hammock
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Get rid of the cliché Chiavari seats and embrace hammocks. Allow your visitors to lounge and bust in bikinis if you’re at the beach. Serve cocktails and have a dressed-down reception; have fun with it. 

23. First Reveal Pics

Woman looking at photo album
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You want to remember the first time your partner sees you in your wedding gown. Take the first reveal pictures to help you remember why you chose to marry your husband or wife. You’ll need those.

24. Offer Signature Drinks

Tantalizing juice cocktail
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People have to loosen up and mingle, but this can take time. But an easier way to get them to spread the chatter is to provide margaritas and bloody mary on the house. You could also create unique cocktails and name them according to your wedding theme.

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