Top 6 Hairstyles You Can Do With Long Hair You Will Be Happy About

What hairstyles can you do with long hair
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Long hair is a blessing, and at the same time, it can be a curse. When you have long hair and want to go out, it is difficult to find the right hairstyle that can fit your face shape and look nice on you. So we have compiled some of the best hairstyles for long hair that can make your day easier.

From braids to buns, from long hair with side bangs to pigtails – hairstyles for long hair are diverse and beautiful. We have selected the ones that are not only trendy but also easy to make at home.

What Hairstyles Can You Do With Long Hair?

1. Ponytails

  • Suitable For: Everyday wear, working hours, and formal events.
  • Easy or Hard to Make: Classic ponytails are easy to make, braided ones you will require assistance with.

Ponytails are one of the classiest hairstyles. They do look best on long hair since you can also braid it or twist it. This style is not harsh for your hair. You will need a gentle scrunchie or an elastic band, but if you do it low-styled, hair won’t be pulled too much.

Our recommendation is to make the ponytail low or regular. High ponytails know to pull the hair too much, so you can even experience headaches.

2. Braids

  • Suitable For: Weddings and engagement parties, everyday wear, other formal occasions.
  • Easy or Hard to Make: Most classic braids are easy to make. Yet, for more complex styles, you will need a bit of practice or the help of a pro hairstylist.

Different hairstyles with braids are not only suitable for multiple occasions but also very modern. Most of those braided hairstyles are easy to make, so with a bit of help from YouTube, you can do it yourself in no time. From Dutch to fishtail braids – they all look beautiful on long hair.

Braided hairstyles are also known as protective styles. When your hair is braided, it is also protected from environmental factors.

3. Buns

  • Suitable For: Every day and formal wear, including weddings, parties, and workwear.
  • Easy or Hard to Make: Depending on the bun, there are those that you can simply make by wrapping them around the elastic. However, chignons and other wedding-like buns with braids and other mixed styles should be made by a hairstylist.

If you ask most women what hairstyles you can do with long hair, the answer would surely be the same – the bun. It is one of the easiest and surely chicest ways to wrap up your long hair whenever you want to style it, or it simply bothers you.

Messy buns became a staple during quarantine days, but buns can also be very sophisticated. Women are choosing them as their wedding hairstyle for years now. From low and classy chignons to complicated and braided buns with waves and other accessories – we agree they all look fantastic.

Buns are good for your hair, but try to keep them low. If you put them as a top knot on your head, there is a chance your hair will be pulled too much. Always use scrunchie instead of a classic elastic band, and make sure not to keep your hair in a bun all day long.

4. Half Ups

  • Suitable For: Daily wear and weddings
  • Easy or Hard to Make: Half-up hairstyles are usually easy to make. You can combine them with different braids and accessories.

When you have long hair, half up is an excellent option for simple styling. However, more and more brides-to-be choose this style for their wedding day since it can be combined with waves, braids, and twists.

The good thing about this hairstyle is that your hair is relaxed and not pulled with elastics. You can braid two parts of your hair and meet them in the back with a scrunchie or a pin. So, whenever you are in doubt about putting your hair in a bun or not, make it half up.

5. Bubble Braids

  • Suitable For: Daily wear is the best. However, according to superstars, you can wear them on the red carpet too.
  • Easy or Hard to Make: Many tutorials on Youtube that show how you can make this hairstyle.

Known as IG braid, this trendy hairstyle is currently one of the most popular ones. If you type bubble braid on Instagram, you will find a plethora of videos and photos of It-girls showing off their perfectly long and sleek bubble braids.

The longer the hair, the better this hairstyle will be. This is one of those perfect hairstyles that can cover your third-day hair and still make you look effortlessly chic.

Believe it or not, bubble braids are easy to make. Due to lockdown, we all feel like we should do more for our hair than the regular messy bun. So, what hairstyles can you do with long hair? Try bubble braids.

6. Pigtails

  • Suitable For: Daily wear, but not for office and special formal occasions.
  • Easy or Hard to Make: Pigtails are simple to make. It should take only a few minutes to style them.

We all went through that pigtails phase in primary school, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still wear this hairstyle, right?

Nowadays, pigtails are anything but childish, and you should use that when thinking about your next hairstyle. Besides being very easy to make, pigtails are also safe for hair. You can simply divide the hair in two and use the elastics, or you can braid it.

Also, for lower hair pressure, position pigtails around your ears. Otherwise, you can put them on top of your head, but try not to wear them all day long.

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