25 Bobby Pin Hairstyles With Cute Boho Hair Pins

Send a message with your bobby pin hairstyles

The only accessories you will need this summer are hair pins. No matter if they are made of plastic or metal, you can always style them and get a fantastic appearance.

If you were searching for some inspiration, but you were not sure where to start, don’t worry. We have gathered some of the coolest bobby pin hairstyles that will inspire you to make beautiful bohemian outfits and hairstyles by using different bobby pins.

Inspiring Bobby Pin Hairstyles

1. Pearly Accessories in Your Hair

Pearly Accessories in Your Hair

A combination of pearl hair clips in your blonde hair will give you a lovely boho look, perfect for summer days. Don’t hesitate to try them and make your casual, elegant or bohemian outfits even more exciting.

2. Delicate and Shiny

Delicate and Shiny hair clips

Three clips on your long blonde hair will provide you with a lovely and elegant style that is hard to resist. These pins are delicate yet shiny enough to make a statement. The key is to style them in pairs or even to add more – three or four.

3. Metallic Gold Vibes

Hair Pins Metallic Gold Vibes

A combination of different metallic gold hair clips and pins makes every hairstyle look splendid and so stylish.

You can gather your hair in a low bun or ponytail, add a wide gold bobby pin, and decorate other parts of your hair with different pins.

4. Send a Message With Hair Clips

Send a message with your hair clips

Are you a dreamer, or do you wish for something to happen? Send a message through your hair accessories. You can always pick hair pins with letters that will show off something you like or seek. These accessories are great for all girls with a specific and unique style.

5. Classy Bobby Pins

Classy Bobby Pins

Even if we see pearly, shiny hair pins everywhere, sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. Classy black bobby pins are equally impressive if you style them like this. This whole look is inspired by grunge, bohemian, and minimalistic vibes.

6. Interesting Combination

Interesting Hait Pins Combination

There are bits of metallic, earth-toned, and pearl vibes in this girl’s hair. She definitely knows how to style short hair to look gorgeous and so chic at the same time. Even though she has a short bob hairstyle, these hairpins are more than welcome to make your bob appear fantastic.

7. Acrylic Hair Pins with Animal Print

Acrylic Hair Pins with Animal Print

Instead of pearly or metallic pins, you can pick the ones that are made of fine acrylic. Animal print will make you look great, while the hairpins in pairs look even more beautiful. If you are heading on your seaside vacation, don’t hesitate to include these clips in your beach outfits.

8. Shiny and Inspired by Stars

Shiny Hair Pins Inspired by Stars

These lovely hair accessories might be the perfect solution for elegant and special occasions when you need to shine. These stars-inspired clips and pins look great on long loose hair. If you prefer, you can curl your hair to make it look even more beautiful.

9. Delicate Accessories on Braided Hair

Delicate Accessories on Braided Hair

Even if your hairstyle is completely done, sometimes small details like these pins really matter. You can transform any hairstyle from casual to bohemian and from day to night look. These little gold stars will make your braided hairstyle look even more beautiful and ready for summer.

10. Gold Bobby Pins

Gold Bobby Hair pins #hairpins

Bobby pins are not only used hidden – you can absolutely make a hairstyle like this by using these lovely gold pins. Don’t hesitate to use many. As long as your fringes are long, you should put on bobby pins and simply brush or iron your hair.

11. Messy Bun with Accessories

Messy Bun with Accessories

Even though your hair is gathered into a bun, you can always add a few accessories to make it more interesting. Opt for these pearl pins that make a statement. They are one of the biggest trends for summer, so one thing is sure – you will look gorgeous at least.

12. Zig Zag Bobby Pins

Zig Zag Bobby Pins

Instead of using your bobby pins in a usual way, try something like this – unique and interesting. Style them in the zig-zag path, while the rest of your hair is loose. This hairstyle would be a perfect match for long, maxi, and bohemian floral dresses.

13. All Across your Hair

All Across your Hair

If you are bored with these side hair accessories, then make sure to make your hair look different. These shiny stars across your hair will make you look so elegant, yet very bohemian. Simply imagine yourself in a long white linen dress, with these lovely hair pins.

14. Circle Acrylic Pins

Circle Acrylic Pins

These lovely circle acrylic pins are different yet very stylish. You can look equally gorgeous and eye-catching with these accessories as well as with pearl pins. These animal print clips are great for all those girls that like to be in trend, but not to overdo it with details.

15. Logo on Point

Logo on Point #hairpins

Some girls prefer their fashion brands to be seen. This Chanel pin is excellent for all those girls who like logos on point. Bob hairstyle, in combination with a golden hair pin, will provide you with an excellent outfit mixture.

16. Seashell Inspired

Seashell Inspired hair pins

We know what you would think – these are pins for little girls. However, it is not entirely true. These retro seashell pins in blush pink shade are great for all women that like to make a statement. Combine this seashell pin with other clips or wear it alone.

17. Wavy Gold Hair Clip

Wavy Gold Hair Clip

The best way to make a statement is to choose some interesting hair accessories to compliment your style.

This gold wavy hair clip looks sophisticated, yet great for everyday wear. You can use it on your bob hairstyle, by gathering a part of your hair at the back or completely wrapping your hair into a low ponytail.

18. Large Pearls and Transparent Clip

Large Pearls and Transparent Clip

Even the most oversized clips will look great on your long blonde or brown hair. Make a mix of different clips to spice things up. Sometimes, the more is better!

19. V-Shape Hair Pins

V-Shape Hair Pins

A low bun is one of the most casual hairstyles that are perfect for both day as well as nightwear. If you want to transform your daily casual bun to something fancy and bohemian, add gold-thin bobby pins. This can be your go-to look for parties and drinks with your friends.

20. Triangle Pin

Triangle Hair Pin

Long hair is not always easy to style. Sometimes you just feel you need something new and interesting. This hairpin can make a huge difference. Your daily hairstyle can be upgraded with a triangle pin in gold. You can also braid your hair and gather it at the back.

21. Boho Clips

Boho Hair Clips

Thanks to Dior, these small bees found their place in many women’s hair. They are simply gorgeous – small and delicate, yet so eye-catching. You can start from one and add more, later on when you are ready.

22. Stone Pins

Stone Hair Pins

This is something unexpected just for you. Stone hairpins will blow your mind away, the first time when you see them. Don’t overdo with them – just a few will be enough to make your hair look gorgeous.

23. Colorful Hair Pins

Colorful Hair Pins

Colorful stones on these clips will make your daily bohemian outfits absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. Different shapes of these stones as well as the timeless design of these accessories, make them appropriate for both casual and elegant wear.

24. Street Style Appropriate

Street Style Appropriate Hair Pins

Street style stars really know how to make their style eye-catching.

These hair pins are not only beautiful, but they are also making a statement. So, wherever you go, you can be sure you will be noticed. 25

25. Shiny Leaves

Hair Clips: shiny leaves

Shiny leaves in your hair can make a huge difference in your outfits. Especially in summer, when you want to show off all your fashion items. Combine these lovely pins with a red floral dress, and you will look ready for every summer occasion.

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