40 Fabulous Crimped Hair Ideas to Boost Your Look

Crimped hair is back! All A-list celebrities have tried it and loved it! If you want to see how to do it, there are a lot of styles in our gallery.

Believe it or not, style from the ‘80s is back and with it came the crimped hair. It is an ultimately stylish, quite eccentric, yet very sexy hairstyle that brings all the blasts from the past.

From Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid – all the It girls have tried to wear crimped hair. The technique of crimping will provide you with volume and style. You can always opt for a different amount of crimps. Some girls tend to crimp their hair from roots to the ends, while others love to do it randomly and in a minimalistic way.

If you want to recreate some of the styles that were popular back in the ‘80s, look no further. We have gathered so many examples for you to see and copy.

Lilac Hair

Lilac HairPhoto: Instagram/@guy_tang

Even though lilac hair can make you look sweet like candy, this hairstyle is really bold. Crimped hair and the lilac dye will make you stand out from the crowd wherever you are. You can try this haircut on both long and short hair.

Colorful Braids and Crimps

Colorful Braids and CrimpsPhoto: Instagram/@hairchameleon

Colorful hair is something that surely catches all the attention of your friends. In combination with crimps and a braid, you will get a fantastic result. Eccentric hair with a vibe of elegance. Perfect for the brave ones.

Red and Fierce

Red and FiercePhoto: Instagram/@guy_tang

Long red hair is great to wear when you need to make a statement. And like that is not enough, by adding crimps you will enhance all the beauty of twisted hairstyles. You can make your hair look even more beautiful and stylish with a braid.

Braided Updo

Braided UpdoPhoto: therighthairstyles.com

For those girls who search for a lovely and elegant braided hairstyle, here is the beautiful suggestion. Updo with a braid and crimped hair. If you love twists and braids, then you should definitely go for something like this.

Long and Blonde

Long and BlondePhoto: pinterest.com

If you are not interested in any updos or half up, half downs, you can simply crimp your hair and leave it relaxed and so long. This hairstyle will look even better if your roots are a bit darker than the rest of your hair.

Voluminous Braid

Voluminous BraidPhoto: thecuddl.com

Voluminous braid like this one at the photo above will attract many views towards your direction. It is very stylish and not seen very often. Crimped hair in the mix with voluminous braid is definitely something that you should try.

Like a Candy

Like a CandyPhoto: thecuddl.com

Pastel pink hair can easily make you look like a unicorn or a candy. However, it is still one of the most popular dyes that many girls adore. You can wear it with crimped hair if you want to make a statement or look bold, wherever you go.

Short and Cute

Short and CutePhoto: thecuddl.com

Short hair might be easier to style. You can crimp it with an iron that is specialized for hair crimping. For a dramatic moment, make a French braid. It will make everything look better. When your hair is highlighted, this hairstyle looks so exciting.

Summer Ready

Summer ReadyPhoto: styleinterest.com

Long crimped hair is excellent for summer. It looks effortless but ultimately stylish. You can add some hair accessory like a headband or a scarf. Both of these accessories are trending at the moment, so don’t hesitate to add them to your everyday hair routine.

Long and Sleek

Long and SleekPhoto: thecuddl.com

This is one of those days-to-night hairstyles. You can wear it to your office and to the after-work party with your friends. A thin braid at the front will frame your face in a romantic and pretty way.

Combination of Waves and Crimps

Combination of Waves and CrimpsPhoto: thecuddl.com

Wavy hair is one of the most popular hairstyles among girls. But, what about this unusual combination of waves and crimped hair? Beach waves are perfect for summer, so don’t hesitate to mix them with crimped hair.

Crimped Ponytail

Crimped PonytailPhoto: styleinterest.com

Instead of crimping all hair from roots to ends, leave the upper part straight. If you gather your hair into a high ponytail, this process will become much more manageable. You should crimp the hair from the elastic to the hair ends.

A Touch of Crimped Hair

A Touch of Crimped HairPhoto: styleinterest.com

If you are not so into volume and crimps all over your hair, then do them partially. You can use the iron on the random parts of your hair and wrap it into an elegant low ponytail. This hairstyle can serve you perfectly for the upcoming wedding season.

Fresh From the Runway

Fresh From the RunwayPhoto: styleinterest.com

Models on runway shows wore crimped hair, and that is how it has found the way to the hair industry. If you want to look like a supermodel, with voluminous hair and some chic detail, then copy this lovely look.

Dreads Combo

Dreads ComboPhoto: styleeasily.com

Dreads are popular among both men and women. If you don’t want to damage your hair too much, opt for colorful ones, using the small strands of your hair to make them. They will look stunning in combination with crimped hair. Don’t overdo it – just a few colorful dreads will do all the work needed.

Asymmetric and Textured

Asymmetric and TexturedPhoto: styleeasily.com

Asymmetric bob is perfect for everyday wear. However, colorful and crimped bob is even better and definitely more eye-catching! All brave girls out there, make sure to try something like this. The heads won’t stop turning towards your direction!

Long and Messy Hair

Long and Messy HairPhoto: pinterest.com

If you are into some bohemian vibes, then this is the right hairstyle for you. Long hair, braids, and crimps – this hairstyle have it all. Wear this hair for many occasions in combination with long floral dresses and crochet blouses.

Braid on Point

Braid on PointPhoto: pinterest.com

Highlighted hair look pretty impressive itself. However, by braiding it, you will make it look even more exciting and ready for a night out. One thing is sure – all people will look at you and give you compliments.

Summer Ready

Summer ReadyPhoto: pinterest.com

A scarf around your head and crimped hair make a beautiful combination, perfect for summertime. We can already imagine ourselves in a bikini, with a cocktail in our hands, in some open beach bar. The hairstyle will definitely catch some attention.

Like a Blue Sea

Like a Blue SeaPhoto: styleeasily.com

If you are interested in unique and eccentric hair colors, then you should definitely try turquoise. Making this exciting and quite unusual hairstyle is something that you can do for both casual and elegant occasions.