How To Get Lilac Hair (And Best Lilac Hair Color Ideas)

Beautiful examples of lilac hair

Rainbow colors have always been interesting for both fashion and beauty. Pastel shades took the fashion throne a few years back, making lilac, mint, and baby blue colors of choice for many fashionistas worldwide. 

What about your hair? Having some of these colors as your hair dye is not impossible. On the contrary, many celebrities tried the lilac hair trend, and they all loved it. 

Lilac is the hue of the moment. Everything from lavender to platinum lilac is trending everywhere on Tik Tok, and Instagram feeds. The term lilac hair was one of the most searched on Pinterest. So, what is so special about it? Let’s find out together. 

When Did Lilac Hair Trend Start?

In 2019, when the world was too busy with lockdowns and the pandemic, the lilac color had a moment of fame. 

It started with Cardi B, who dyed her pixie cut wig for a Pepsi commercial, followed by Lady Gaga’s mauve lilac hair for her concert. Ruby Rose rocked her pixie cut with the hues of lilac for New Year’s Eve. Nicky Minaj also got the memo, so she dyed her long hair in lilac and wore it alongside braids and bangs. 

How To Get Lilac Hair

Since lilac hair took the beauty world by storm, many women wonder how to get lilac hair at home.

According to hairdressers, the best lilac hair results achieve women with light or blonde hair. You can lighten your hair in advance for a shade or two, so the gorgeous pastel lilac shade is achieved. Both permanent and semi-permanent shades won’t show off on dark hair, but if you are blonde to light brown, they will work perfectly. 

Semi-Permanent Lilac Hair Dye

You can get creative and try semi-permanent lilac hair dye. These dyes won’t be as good and effective as permanent, but they are great for experimenting and trying something new. If unsure how lilac will look on your hair, go for a temporary dye. 

Semi-permanent dyes are often applied on clean, towel-dried, and damp hair. You should leave it for a couple of minutes before rinsing. 

If you are good with hair sprays, you can also try pastel sprays that will give your hair an array of shades. You can use the same shade or boldly create pastel hair – a style everyone will compliment. These sprays should be applied on dry hair, strand by strand, followed by combing your hair. 

Permanent Lilac Hair Dye

If you are sure you want to give lilac hair a go, then use permanent dye. These dyes are designed for the best results on natural light blonde to dark blonde hair. You can always bleach your hair or dye it in a lighter shade (if you are naturally dark). However, hair dye manufacturers don’t guarantee that the results will be as on the package. 

If you don’t want to make a mistake, the best option is to do a strand test. Take a small piece of hair from underneath and dye it. Wash the strand and see which shade of lilac you got. 

30 Lilac Hair Color Ideas

Check out these lilac hairstyles every time you need some inspiration. 

1. Short Lilac Bob

A short and blunt bob is timeless. However, if you prefer something bold, you should try lilac hair. This specific shade will add an exciting vibe to any hairstyle, from updos to classic straight bobs.

2. Dreamy Lilac

Don’t skip this style if you are a dreamer looking for new hair color. Violet hair color on waves looks simply amazing. This pastel purple shade is easier to achieve for natural blondes or if your hair is bleached. 

3. Lilac Space Buns

Since Princess Leia made them famous, space buns became an evergreen hairstyle. You can make them even more eye-catching by dyeing your hair in two shades so the buns are pastel lilac. 

4. Pinkish Curls

One of many shade variations of lilac is this – pinkish shade with lilac hair ends. Such a perfect hairstyle for turning heads!

You can try it, but be cautious – it is for brave ones only! 

5. Lilac Highlights

Highlights look great on any hair color. However, there is something special about lilac highlights, we admit. A combination of pastel pink, violet, and lilac is gorgeous. It will look best on layered hairstyles. 

6. Dark Roots – Lilac Hair

This hairstyle proves that a good hairdresser can achieve lilac hair, even if your natural shade is dark. While the roots are left in a natural shade, the rest of the hair is done in a beautiful lilac shade that is hard to resist. 

7. Lilac Babylights

Babylights are white-blonde highlights that are achieved with a unique technique. This hairstyle looks like the sun naturally lightens it, adding just a bit of lilac shade here and there. It is beautiful to wear this style on layered medium hair. 

8. Lavender Shade

Lavender is just another shade of lilac that looks beautiful – on hair and clothes. This shade is unique, a perfect blend of grey and lilac shades that melts onto your hair and waves.

9. Dark Lilac

A darker shade of lilac hair looks elegant and chic. Whether your hair is long or short, you can style it in multiple ways – by letting it down and straight or by making a high bun. 

10. From Dark to Lilac

This hairstyle not only rhymes but also shows how you can rock lilac highlights, even with dark hair. This transition from dark to lilac is smoothless, and you will enjoy wearing this chic hairstyle. 

11. Silvery Lilac Hair

A combination of silver and lilac hair can seem cold, but it is perfect for women who like platinum shades. It suits fair skin tones, making those women look like fairytale queens and princesses. 

12. Fairy Hair

What if we tell you that the green hairstyle is real and can be achieved? You get a Tinkerbell-inspired hairstyle when you combine it with lilac and blonde platinum shades. Isn’t that interesting? This hairstyle will look especially great on long layered hair

13. Dark Lilac Bob

Dark roots and fewer chunks of hair in combination with darker lilac shades look bold and chic. This short bob is very practical for daily wear. You will need a few minutes in the morning to get dressed and ready. 

14. Smokey Lilac Waves

Pastel lilac hair looks great. However, there is something special in this smokey lilac hairstyle as well. You should probably use a purple shampoo here to preserve that smokey, platinum coat. This hairstyle is perfect for medium-wavy hair. 

15. Face Framing Lilac Highlights

If you are unsure about dyeing your whole hair lilac, you can always try this hairstyle. While your hair is left in natural darker brown or black shade, only face-framing layers are dyed in light lilac. You should bleach those strands of hair first. 

16. Pastel Shag

A perfect combination of pastel hair and shag is excellent for everyday wear. Shag is trendy, rock ‘n’ roll style that is best worn messy and short

17. Cute Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for teenagers who want to try something new and bold. Pastel lilac hair and an updo with a high ponytail make this style practical yet very effective. It is one of the great styles for school or college. 

18. Platinum Lilac

You can wear this hairstyle and feel powerful. It seems cold, but it is one of the most beautiful styles we have seen. A perfect blend between platinum blonde and lilac melted together and created fantasy. 

19. Lilac Updo with Braids

Braids are the perfect addition to any hairstyle. This one is for you if you want something bold yet classy. An updo is mixed with braids that are gathered at the back and tied in a knot with your hair. 

20. Dutch Braid

Dutch braids are adorable and, most importantly, suitable for any formal event.

You can opt for this half-up-half-down style with a dutch braid at the back. Lilac hair will enhance the look of your long, slightly waved hair. 

21. Updo in Lilac

You can quickly achieve this look if your hair is medium or shoulder-length. After washing and applying conditioner to your hair, you should brush it well and blow dry it. You can even curl the hair ends for better texture. Use hair strands from the front and gather them in the back with a simple and chic hairpin. 

22. Lilac Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is not only chic but also very easy to maintain. If you wish to enhance it, dye your hair in a pastel light lilac shade.

23. Purple Highlights and Layers

Highlights and layers in combination create beautiful hairstyles. If you add lilac hair to the equation, you will have a fantastic style suitable for day and night wear. 

24. Braids

When lilac hair is not enough, it is time to make a change that will turn some heads. These two braids are great for doing just that – exciting and a bit sportish. This hairstyle is convenient for everyday wear. 

25. Voluminous on Point

You are lucky if your hair is voluminous like this. If not, you can always ask your stylist to add some extensions. Purple hair, a voluminous blow dry, and long hair layers make this a perfect music festival hairstyle. 

26. Lilac Locks

For a bit eccentric style, make yourself locks. Make them even more interesting by choosing blonde ones and lilac. These two shades might not sound well together, but they appear absolutely amazing on hair. 

27. Pastel Rainbow

Your hair can be a canvas for different hair colors. This rainbow might not be easy to achieve, but we admit it is a one-of-a-kind hairstyle. 

If you want people to stop you in the street, you know what you need to do. 

28. Balayage in Lilac and Pink

Different shades of pink and lilac melt onto your hair and create a perfect balayage. If you are searching for something new and exciting, go for this superb hairstyle. 

29. Lilac and Peach

Have you ever heard about and seen a hairstyle like this? We neither, and you know what? We adore it, just like you. An unexpected combination of hair dyes creates a beautiful look on long layered hair

30. Pastel Lob

Darker roots with light lilac strands make this style perfect for daily wear. A lob is trendy, whether you prefer wearing it blunt or layered just a bit.

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