55 Elegant Prom Hairstyles

Prom season is near, which mean you should start with preparations. From simple to those unique hairstyles - we have only the best for you.

Prom season is near, so you need to start with preparations on time. Choosing the dress, makeup, and hairstyle can be stressful and can take a lot of your time. That is why we have prepared a lot of hairstyles to help you get inspired.

From buns to braids – we have covered all modern and classic hairstyles you need to check out before your prom night. Choose your favorites or just combine a few of our favorite styles.

Glamour on PointPhoto: Instagram/@sash.studio

Sophisticated and elegant updo like this will make you a queen of the prom. It is a braided bun with stylish details that goes perfectly with long earrings and some eye-catching necklace.

Stars and SequinsPhoto: Instagram/@kristin_ess

For some extra sparkle in your hair, opt for hair accessories and huge waves. Trust us, and you will be the most beautiful girl on prom night.

Pony Bun with PearlsPhoto: Instagram/@kristin_ess

If you want to make an unexpected twist then instead of just a ponytail, opt for a pony bun! It looks beautiful, especially with these pearl accessories. Great for all elegant prom gowns.

Braided BunPhoto: Instagram/@elstilela

Combination of a braided crown with oversized curls and a bun is perfect for all beautiful and special occasions. The balayage technique will highlight this style and make it even more pretty.

Side BraidPhoto: Instagram/@hairandmakeupbysteph

Braids are so trendy at the moment. If you want to complement your prom look with something modern, yet very sophisticated and posh, then side braid is the hairstyle for you.

Long Hair and BraidPhoto: Instagram/@kirstenzellers

If you have incredibly long hair and you want to keep it straight, a braid is a great detail you can add. Whether you opt for a crown or for a side-to-side braid which connects at the back of your head – it doesn’t matter. They both look pretty.

Classy Chignon UpdoPhoto: moosieblue.com

For all those girls searching for classy and elegant attires and hairstyles, a chignon updo is a right option. It is a fantastic, yet very simple bun, perfect for all-night party and prom.

Messy and Braided UpdoPhoto: moosieblue.com

Messy and loose hairstyles are quite romantic if you ask us. This braided updo with a low bun is perfect for your prom night, long satin dress, and a long pair of earrings.

Voluminous TwistPhoto: Instagram/@tonyastylist

A lot of volume on your hair will make you look glamorous. A twist hairstyle like this is great for girls with medium to long hair. Hair is slicked back but with a lot of volume and twisted in the back in a low bun.

Waves on Long HairPhoto: fashioneal.com

And even though this hairstyle can be perfect for all occasions, if you add it a sparkly hair accessory it became an ideal prom style. Long hair, messy waves are perfect for you to make a statement.

Braided CrownPhoto: pinterest.com

Girls with thick long hair can opt for this lovely braided crown for their prom nights. It looks utterly elegant and matches perfectly with any dress style. You can add some sparkly detail, sequin string or a pin.

Low UpdoPhoto: stayglam.com

Twists and braids are all that you need to achieve the look. The hair is gathered in a low bun. You can decide how many twist and braids will be there – for this hairstyle there are no strict rules.

Fresh Flowers in Your HairPhoto: stayglam.com

Flowers in your hair will add that hippie vibe that is quite nice. In combination with braids and messy waves, this hairstyle is great for all those girls seeking for relaxing style and elegance at the same time.

Double BraidedPhoto: bigcurse.com

Long hair with beach waves and double braids is the perfect solution for prom night. Imagine yourself in a long sparkly dress with a slit in the back. Sophisticated and classy, right?

Curls and TwistsPhoto: pinterest.com

Curls on blonde hair have some unique vibe. They are simply highlighted and beautiful. A twisted around your head will make you look elegant and chic.

Messy PonytailPhoto: vattire.com

Ponytails can equally be elegant as buns. A combination of braided hair, curls, and messy ponytail can bring you nothing but positive comments and amazed views.

Elegant BunPhoto: vattire.com

Messy ballet bun will give you that shine that you need on your prom night. Don’t hesitate to add some sparkly details around the bun to make it even more eye-catching.

Braided Low BunPhoto: Instagram/@missysueblog

This is one of those hairstyles that are very classic, but with braids, they somehow get that modern vibe. Low buns are a great option for proms.

Loose Braided CrownPhoto: Instagram/@hairandmakeupbysteph

Pick a small hair strand and braid it in a classy braid. The rest of your hair should be styled in a low bun. Use the braid as a crown around the head, all the way down to the bun.

Timeless ClassicPhoto: Instagram/@alexandra_poslavskaya

Sometimes, all that you need is a timeless hairstyle that everybody will notice. Curls like a Hollywood diva, neutral makeup, and little black dress.

Voluminous PonytailPhoto: Instagram/@alexandra_poslavskaya

Balayage hair looks much more highlighted than natural. Not a surprise there. You can always count on this classy ponytail – it works perfectly with any outfit.

French Braids and BunPhoto: easyhaircuts.co

Braids are the perfect way to protect your hair. Also, they look fantastic in both casual and elegant hairstyles. This one is for those girls who seek for playful elegance.

Waterfall Braids on Long HairPhoto: crazyforus.com

Waterfall braids look even more beautiful than the regular ones.

They seem like they are falling to your curly hair. This hairstyle will provide you with an extra dose of femininity and chicness.

Loose and Elegant Side BraidPhoto: crazyforus.com

For an ultimately feminine and glamorous look, all girls should try this side braid. It is a loose and very elegant hairstyle that matches with all makeups and dresses. The retro vibe is excellent as well.

Right DetailsPhoto: pinterest.com

When it comes to prom hairstyles, always put some interesting details along with your curls, braids, and twists. This lovely pearl hair comb will match perfectly with any hairstyle.

Elegant RebelPhoto: hairstylefix.com

Pink hair surely isn’t something that we see every day. However, with an elegant messy top knot and strands of your hair in the front you can look beautiful, even if you are rebellious.

We have to admit – this is one of our favorites. It is a pure, elegant hairstyle that will draw all attention on you at your prom night. Maybe it is because of the hair accessory, and perhaps it is because of a loose braid.Photo: outafitt.com
Flowers in Your HairPhoto: society19.com

What is better than flowers in your hair. However, the best part is – you can make them of your hair. Yes, roses in the form of a bun – a new way to look fabulous.

Hair BowPhoto: society19.com

The perfect way to wrap your hair at the back is in a bow. And that bow should be made of your hair.

Retro Hollywood CurlsPhoto: society19.com

These curls work perfectly with red lipstick, black dress, and classy stilettos. If you seek classic, go with these locks, and you won’t make a mistake.

Volume on PointPhoto: misiwe.com

If you are one of those lucky girls with a combination of long and voluminous hair, then you should use it. Making a hairstyle like this will be the right thing for your prom night.

Crown Braid with Sparkly DetailsPhoto: misiwe.com

Romantic and chic – these two words can perfectly describe this hairstyle. Crown braid looks equally good in updos and when all your hair is up. Don’t forget to add sparkly details, as they give that elegant vibe to this style.

Side Waterfall BraidPhoto: misiwe.com

Whether you have wavy or straight hair, there is nothing better than a waterfall braid to make your look interesting. Opt for a side one, which looks a bit asymmetric as well.

Classy Wavy BunPhoto: misiwe.com

For this bun, you won’t need a lot of time. Curl your hair with a curling wand, make it voluminous and wrap it in a ponytail and then in a bun.

Bubble BraidsPhoto: sofeminine.co.uk

If you were not familiar with the bubble braid, now you know. A significant Instagram trend expanded across the hair industry as well. Many girls will want this to be their prom hairstyle.

Fishtail Braid on Long HairPhoto: hollysoly.com

Fishtail braids look fantastic whether they are made on long or short hair. If you have long hair, and not so many layers, then you can opt for a gorgeous fishtail braid at one side.

Messy and Large BraidPhoto: Instagram/@kirstenzellers

If your dress is casual chic, then there is no better option for you than this lovely braid. Even if it looks pretty messy, it is very sophisticated and perfectly done.

Delicate AccessoryPhoto: misiwe.com

Gold accessory in your hair will give you a unique vibe. Elegant and sophisticated, this accessory is great for your prom night, whatever dress you plan to wear.

Messy Buns and BraidsPhoto: misiwe.com

When you want to make a statement, don’t hesitate to make your hair into waves and buns. This combination is chic enough but won’t make you look like you have overthought about what you should put on and how your hair should look like.

Classy WrapPhoto: misiwe.com

For those girls who seek for classic and timeless style, this might be the right choice. A modern, yet very classy twist and wrap hairstyle is perfect for your prom night.

Soft Texture and FlowersPhoto: Instagram/@mirandalynn_hairandbeauty

Waves and soft texture give us boho vibes. This hairstyle is ideal for some lace or crochet dress and minimalistic makeup.

French Braid BunPhoto: misiwe.com

Starting from your center-parted part, make a classic French braid all to your ends. Wrap the ends into a bun and secure it with a few bobby pins.

Loose and BeautifulPhoto: misiwe.com

If you are not into these elegant updos, buns, and braids then this is the right solution for you. Just leave your hair smooth and bit wavy and add a shiny accessory.

Short Hair InspirationPhoto: Instagram/@promgirlxo

Cute twists and braids can make short hair to look fantastic. With your highlighted ends you don’t have to worry how your hair will appear – we will say to you – fabulous!

Low Space BunsPhoto: Instagram/@christine_lapomponnee

If you would like to recreate a hairstyle that Princess Leia wore, there is no better occasion than prom. Make it look more elegant by re-arranging them to look like low buns, and not on the top of your head.

Brown Waterfall BraidsPhoto: withairstyle.com

A beautiful combination of small and large waterfall braids is simply great for prom night. While your ends are left casual, your braids will catch all the attention.

Highlighted EndsPhoto: Instagram/@houseoftrends06

Even without any braids, twists, and buns, your hair can look equally gorgeous and ready for prom night. You can dye your ends into a lighter shade, make waves, and voila! You are prepared to go.

Balayage BraidsPhoto: withairstyle.com

Dark roots and light blonde ends will make even the most casual hairstyles interesting. Color balance is great – while your braid is dark, wavy ends are perfectly dyed in light blonde shade.

Like a GoddessPhoto: Instagram/@arinabatyrova

This hairstyle is perfect to make you look like a goddess. So, there is no better opportunity to show off your romantic side than your prom night.

Braided BobPhoto: Instagram/@sass.and.braids

Long bobs are great for styling, equally as long hair. Braid at one side will give you just enough dose of elegance, while it is also urban and chic.

Ladylike UpdoPhoto: Instagram/@hairandmakeupbysteph

You won’t need much of a technique to make this lovely updo. However, it will make you look like a real lady.

Loose and Side BraidedPhoto: Instagram/@hairandmakeupbysteph

With grey hair like this, there are many things you can do to make it appear even more interesting. One of those things is surely to braid aside with classy French braid and leave the rest of your hair messy and wavy.

Lob in StylePhoto: daisychaindaydreamsblog.wordpress.com

Lob or long bob is a great hairstyle for every occasion. However, it can look equally great and sophisticated if you opt to wear it for your prom night.

Braided PonytailPhoto: daisychaindaydreamsblog.wordpress.com

Even though this might seem like a pretty casual hairstyle, you can entirely opt for it for your prom. A braid is a perfect detail that will make you unique.

Short Hair SolutionPhoto: pinterest.com

By making your braid looks messy, you will create an illusion of voluminous hair. Even though your hair is short, it is possible to make it look fabulous and very prom-appropriate.