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10 Gorgeous White Looks this Spring

By Kaia Saunders / May 31, 2016
Model makes a more stylish outfit with her silver glasses, bracelets and loafers

In the middle of Spring, everything blooms, and a sweet smell is around the city. You are like in a tale, everything seems magical and fairy. The best way to dress for this sunny spring atmosphere is a gorgeous white look. You will be like a modern princess in your own fairytale.

Woman in white clothes walking in the street

Casual and cozy look (photo:

If you have never worn white looks, start from a casual one. Keep it simple and free. Try the look from Lily Aldridge – cozy knitted sweater combined with freestyle pants that look amazing. The main highlights of the look are the flats and the sunglasses. They add glamor to the image.

Model is wearing a white dress and white sneakers with sunglasses and a bag to match

Enjoy a perfect spring weather with this white dress + white sneakers combo (photo: the–

Have a date? This ladylike look is perfect for spring`s evenings. You will feel comfortable in a white dress with white sneakers. Also, you don`t need to go to the subway. You can courageously get a walk to more than one block with this comfy footwear. Enjoy a perfect spring weather with your beloved one.

The laconic cut on this dress highlights the body, combined with flats or sandals, a sling purse and sunglasses

Try a white dress to start a minimalist trend (photo:

Did you know that minimalism is always trendy? If you don’t know what to buy for creating a spring white look, start with one minimalistic piece. The perfect one would be a dress. The laconic cut will highlight your body shape and only one piece creates you a whole look. Perfectly to combine with flats or sandals, if it is warm enough. For more stylish look add one accessory, like you see in the picture; watches are great.

Model walks around with an all white outfit with only a colorful scarf to contrast

Add a pop of color in an overall white canvass with a bright scarf (photo:

Mix your spring white look with some bright or shiny accessory. Isn`t it a good idea to add a little bit of color when everything around starts to bloom? Take the example from Miroslava Duma. She is dressed in a totally white look with a bright scarf. Looks like a Grace Kelly of nowadays.

Model makes a more stylish outfit with her silver glasses, bracelets and loafers

Brighten your look with metallic accessories (photo:

Brighten your white look with some metallic accessories. Look how fashion blogger makes her outfit more stylish with a few silver things only. Glasses and loafers perfectly work for her. They create more sophisticated look. Without these statement pieces, she will look faded and her outfit will be simple and not so interesting.

Model dresses in freestyle pants with a shirt, a sweater tied around the waist, a sling purse, sunglasses and a fedora to accessorize

Look cool and stylish but simple in pants and shirt, and a sweater at the waist (photo:

Keep your look simple, but don’t forget to be cool and stylish. If you are not a fan of bright and shiny accessories, we will suggest adding another one piece of clothes. Add an extra layer, like it did actress January Jones from “Mad Man”. Dress freestyle pants with shirt, but for more stylish look, tie a sweater around your waist.

Model wears an all white combo of blouse and blazer, pants , a clutch bag, statement glasses and a watch to show that business side

Freshen up your office style with a white outfit (photo:

Fresh your office style with a white outfit. Take it classically casual and simple but don’t forget about the feminine scent. Make a messy hair bun to add a little bit of romance to your look. And to highlight your business side, wear a statement watch.

Model is wearing a midi skirt, spring sweater, cute sandals and a clutch bag to complete the look

Wear this look with high heels for a romantic date or to hang out with your girls (photo:

Ideal outfit for a romantic person. Dress midi skirt with free to wear spring sweater. It is a universal outfit for every occasion. Wear this look with high heels for a romantic date or hang out with girls in a fancy place. Also, you can wear it with comfortable sandals or flats for visiting museums and galleries at weekends.

Model poses with white overalls, high heels and fashionable glasses with a flashy printed bag to complete

Try a white overall to catch up with the trendiest things this Spring (photo:

Do you remember that overalls are one of the trendiest things this Spring? Try this piece of wardrobe in a white color. It looks much fresher than blue denim overalls. Add a bag with flashy print, like it did Jules Sarinana, a blogger from “Sincerely, Jules”. To highlight your full outfit, wear high heels shoes and fashionable glasses.

Model wears a white shirt under a silk dress with thigh-high knee boots, a silver necklace and silk trench coat to rock the look

MIx a simple white shirt with a bisque white silk dress to party downtown (photo:

You can take many ideas to wear from Kendall Jenner, but we suggest you to pay attention to this one. Perfect outfit for nighttime party at the downtown. Mix simple T-Shirt with a bisque white silk dress and high-knee boots. To make the outfit more stylish, Kendall adds statement silver necklace and silk trench coat. Steal this look and you will definitely rock the party.

White color positively works for everyone, moreover, it highlights your style. Use white on white looks to feel more fresh and free this sunny Spring.