What Swimsuit Should I Wear For My Body Type?

What Swimsuit Should I Wear For My Body Type?
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Summer is finally here! You’re doing a last-minute shop for swimsuits and have ended up in a panic – what swimsuit should I wear for my body type, how should I emphasize my advantages, and conceal what has to be concealed? Don’t worry – we’ve got a complete guide to buying the right swimsuit to complement your body type.

Shopping for clothes that accentuate your body can be challenging, but nothing beats swimwear shopping. Do you get a swimsuit with bust support? Are high-waisted bikini bottoms a good choice? What about ruffles? The questions and options are endless, so it can be useful to have a guide to help you through this process!

Swimsuit Shopping Tips

Before we start, have a look at the best swimwear styles for this summer, and follow these quick tips for general swimwear shopping.

  • Always try on lots of different suits if you’re shopping in a store. Every season there’s a new style, so why not see if you like it. Often, when you try something outside your comfort zone, you end up liking it and finding a new silhouette.
  • If a swimsuit has ties or adjustable straps, make use of them! Adjust the suit to your body for the best fit. This sounds simple, but often people don’t make use of these.
  • If you’re unsure of sizing, it can be handy to go for a smaller one as swimsuits expand when they get wet.
  • If you find that a trendy style doesn’t fit well, don’t buy it because it’s “the latest trend”. This will leave you feeling uncomfortable. A good fit is better than a trend. You want to embrace your body as this will give you more confidence.
  • It can be easy to assume a larger swimsuit will give you more coverage. However going for a size up will leave the swimsuit looking baggy, and it won’t provide any support. If you want coverage, go for a suit in your size but in a style that is designed for coverage.

How to Choose Swimsuit For My Body Type

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We all have different and unique bodies, so giving swimsuit advice will never fit everyone.

If you don’t know what body type you have, here’s a good guide on body types and dressing tips.

To help make it clearer, we’ve used the general body types as categories. There will still be variation within these body type groups, however, look at the group you fit in best and explore the swimsuit suggestions. Some swimsuits may work, others may not, but hopefully, this guide helps you discover some that compliment your body and make you feel great!

Swimsuit for Apple Body Types

For those with an apple (or circle) body type, it’s advised that you opt for swimsuits that flatter your bust. Avoid tube top swimsuits or any bikini tops with less structure (like bandeaus).

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Instead, opt for bikini tops with flattering cuts and thicker straps that will support your bust. A lower neckline on a swimsuit can also flatter your chest.

High-waisted bikini bottoms also look great on this body type, as these will show off your slim legs. If you are conscious about your bottom, try solid dark colors on your lower half, as these have a slimming effect.

Swimsuit for Pear Body Types

If you have a pear (or triangle) body type, you should aim to accentuate the top portion of your body. This is to balance your figure – if this is the look you’re aiming for.

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Good options for pear-shaped bodies are halter necks, bikinis or swimsuits with strings that tie-up, or ruffled tops. Avoid thong-like bikinis, and high cuts as your wider hips may find these uncomfortable. Choosing solid bottoms with printed tops is also a great look for pear body types.

Swimsuit for Strawberry (Inverted Triangle) Body Types

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Inverted triangle body types tend to have broader shoulders and narrow hips. If you’re an inverted triangle body type, you may want to balance your figure out by drawing attention away from the top half of your body.

Bandeau tops are a no-no for those with inverted triangle shapes, as these could leave you looking flat-chested. Instead, go for V-neck swimsuits, triangle-shaped bikini tops and bottoms with prints or side tie-up detailings.

Swimsuit for Hourglass Body Types

Hourglass body types tend to have shoulders and hips at the same width with a smaller, defined waist. If you have this figure, you’ll want to draw attention to your waist and avoid looking “baggy”.

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It can be helpful to avoid loud prints or mix and match prints when it comes to swimwear shopping. Instead, go for bold, block colors, as this will highlight your curves. Asymmetrical swimsuits and swimsuits with waist cutouts are also good options.

Swimsuit for Banana (Rectangle) Body Types

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If you’re athletic or have the rectangle body type, your shoulders and hips are the same width, but your waist isn’t defined. Many women with this body type want to create the illusion of curves to balance their silhouette.

Like the hourglass figure, you’ll want to go for swimsuits with waist cutouts to draw attention to your waist area. Also, prints and ruffles can be great options as these will draw attention to your bust. If you pair these with side-tie bikinis, it will balance out the look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Swimwear Styles For Big Tummies?

If you are conscious of your tummy area and want to conceal it, there are some great swimsuit designs to try. Peplums aren’t just for clothes! Try some swimsuits with peplum detailing, as this can conceal your stomach area. Also, going for one-piece suits with a plunging neckline can draw attention upwards and away from your stomach area.

What Swimwear Is Best For A Smaller Bust?

Finding a swimsuit that flatters a smaller chest can feel frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be! If you are going for a balanced look and want to draw attention away from your bust, opt for swimsuits and bikinis with embellishments or ruffles, as these can give the illusion of a larger chest. Alternatively, you can also go for a swimsuit with padded bra cups to give the look of a full chest.

What Swimwear Flatters A Full Bust?

If you have a fuller bust, you probably already know that bikinis with tiny string straps aren’t your best friend. When shopping for swimsuits for a full bust, look for options that come in cup sizes and have underwire rather than standard S,M and L sizings. The structured cups will offer a better fit (like a bra) and flatter your chest more. You can also look for bathing suits with thicker straps and double-stitched bands for support and flattering looks.

Can You Find Modest Swimwear?

Full coverage swimwear, and modest fashion in general, is becoming more popular than ever. If this is what you’re after, check out brands like Nike. These brands have ranges of swim leggings, tunics and hijabs, all made for swim purposes, and the fabric even has built-in UPF 40 protection.

What Swimwear Compliments Lean Figures?

If you have an athletic figure (also called a rectangle body type), try going for one-piece swimsuits that are halter necks or have low plunging backs. These options will compliment your slim figure, and you can also play around with any prints or colors.

Off To The Pool!

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Hopefully, this guide has helped you figure out what swimwear is best for your body shape! Learn how to style the swimwear and remember – the suggestions aren’t a rule of thumb, so make sure you try these garments on and see what they look like in person.

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