8 Ways To Style Swimwear To Look Great On The Beach

How to style swimwear
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It’s that time of the year when the swimwear comes out. Bikinis and swimsuits look great at the pool, but when it’s time to dry off, how should you style them?

If you’ve started embracing the sun, why not embrace the swimwear wardrobe too?

It’s not always appropriate to walk around in just your bathing suit, so try to play with swimwear styles, and explore these ways to mix up your swimwear with regular clothes for a perfect beach summer vibe.

How To Style Swimwear For Hot Beach Look

1. Wear It As A Bodysuit

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Bodysuits have been back in style for a while now, but you can take this trend to the next level by replacing a standard bodysuit with your swimsuit! This styling tip can’t be done with bikinis, so if you’re a fan of these, you may have to read on, but for the swimsuit ladies, this is your time to shine!

Swimsuits have different textures from standard bodysuits. This can help elevate the look and add some interest to the outfit. Try pairing your swimsuit with some formal trousers for a great evening look too. Often the details and intricate cuts of swimsuits are only seen at the beach, so wearing your swimsuit as part of an outfit will let it get the attention it deserves.

2. With A Matching Set

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Co-ords and matching sets are perfect for summer vibes, but if you want to add another detail to the look, try wearing them with your swimwear. This works best when the co-ord set is a shirt, as you can leave this unbuttoned to reveal your bikini top.

Bikinis that are plain or nude work well with this styling idea, the co-ord takes center stage, and the bikini works as a subtle styling hint. When worn together, this can look very high fashion, especially if some heeled boots or platform loafers are used as shoes.

3. A Monochrome Look

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When dressing for the beach or styling some swimwear, a great trend to embrace is monochrome. Any accessories for shoes you style the swimwear with should match the colors of the suit to create a matching outfit. This will keep you looking put together in and out of the water!

We love the black and white monochrome look, especially with a dramatic black sunhat. This gives 1950s glamour vibes and is perfect for anyone who wants to embrace their inner diva while catching some rays. To take this look even further, try adding some color matching cat-eye sunglasses and a subtle nude lip. This will have everyone at the pool party watching you!

4. As A Crop Top Look

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Sometimes it’s just too hot to put on clothes. If you’re sweating and dreading the idea of some non-breathable fabrics, try swapping out your standard wardrobe for some bikini tops! This is an essential summer hack we should all embrace, plus it saves us from buying extra crop tops that won’t make it to winter – a great way to make the most of your wardrobe.

When styling a bikini as a crop top, pair it with a comfortable pair of high-waisted pants or a high-waisted skirt. Bikinis tend to be shorter than crop tops, so it can be more comfortable to opt for high-rise pants rather than low ones here. Low-rise pants and a bikini can often look very 2000s.

5. Mix Your Swimwear With Denim

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Demin solves “how to style swimwear” fairly easy!

Like wearing your bikini tops as tops, you can also bring any bikini top or swimsuit in place of a shirt and pair it with some denim. So whether you opt for a pair of denim shorts, mom jeans, or a baggy denim jacket mixing the denim and swimwear fabrics screams summer.

This is an excellent option if you have a fun day of beach and city planned. The swimwear works well with denim since they’re both unique fabrics, giving your look texture, color, and pattern that you don’t see in winter months. Not only that, but this is a comfortable option for a day out.

6. With A Beach Coverup

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Beach coverup dresses are a staple for any pool lover’s wardrobe. These are a great way to style with swimwear and are a must-have for the summer. Beach dresses are sometimes sheer or have see-through detailing that allows you to peek at the swimwear underneath – this is a great way to use layering in summer while staying cool at the same time.

If you’re not a fan of dresses, you can also find great maxi and midi skirts that were designed to wrap around your waist and compliment your bikini. These are also common beachwear designs and are perfect for summer styling.

7. Swimwear Meets Knitwear

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This styling tip may sound odd, but hear us out. Knitwear is not a summer staple. However, a cute cardigan with a bikini top is a great option for a casual evening look. This is the perfect combination to look attractive and show your curves off at the same time. It reminds us of chick-flicks, and who doesn’t want to be the main character?

Try an oversized boxy cardigan with a geometric print swimsuit for an outfit that hits some of the most popular 2021 trends. This will set you apart from the others and keep you cozy in the cool evenings. Who said knitwear was just for winter?

8. Bikini Chains? Why Not?

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If you’re after some accessories to help boost your swimwear style, we have the perfect idea for you! Bikini chains are a summer trend that not everyone has the confidence for, but we think they should. These dainty pieces of jewelry drape around your chest and neck to compliment your bikini without being the focus of the outfit. A great way to show your fashion prowess at the pool.

These look even more chic when matched to the tones of your bikini, so if you’re rocking a warm cheetah print swim piece, try matching it to a cold chain. If your swimsuit is a cooler color like blue or green, try opting for a silver chain. Bonus points if you find matching sunglasses!

Swimwear is perfect for the pool, but it doesn’t have to stay there. Wearing your bikini away from the beach will add more clothes choice to your summer wardrobe and add some interest to your outfits.

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