10 Trendy Swimwear Styles For Summer 2024

Trendy swimwear styles
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That time of the year is finally here, the sun is out, and it’s too hot for those jeans. As soon as the sun comes out, we can think about hot summer vacations and all the cute easy summer outfits that come with them.

When on vacation or have some time off, sunbathing and swimming are the best summer activities. But are you ready for them? Bikinis and swimsuits come in so many variations it can be hard to know which one to buy. Have a look at trendy swimwear styles and make sure you stay on-trend, even when you’re by the pool.

If you’re planning a summer getaway and need a bikini, don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

Swimwear Styles to Stay On-Trend This Year

1. Underwire Bikinis

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When it comes to bras, bikini tops and anything that dresses the bust area, the underwire is a must for some. Most bikinis don’t actually feature underwire, so finding options that do is exciting. Underwire can provide structure for those with bigger busts, but it can also give a flattering fit and some definition to your chest.

Sculpted underwire bikinis are a trend for this summer, not just for support but for the look of the cups. These bikini tops can lend themselves to interesting strap designs as they tend to hold themselves up. If you’re looking for an option that’s both on-trend and supporting, this is a great pick.

2. Swimwear With Animal Prints

Animal print is always a staple design, especially in the summer months. This trend isn’t going anywhere for this summer, so make sure you stock up on leopard and zebra print swimsuits!

Just when you think you’ve seen every iteration of cheetah print, there will be one in a new colorway or with a more abstract design. Stores are bringing out creative new takes on animal prints, keeping the classic pattern fresh and new. Jumping on this bandwagon will keep you looking on-trend this summer, plus you’ll be able to wear your swimsuit for years after as this print won’t disappear anytime soon.

3. Asymmetric Swimsuits

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Another key trend this year is asymmetry. Whether it be in a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini top, key swimsuit designs feature pieces with asymmetric shoulder designs. These are favorites for influencers, plus the bikini top versions can be paired with denim shorts and worn as a crop top, too – a double piece!

This is a great trend to jump on if you want an interesting swimwear piece, plus these designs can be full coverage too. The attractive shoulder design draws the eye away from any other areas you may feel insecure about too.

4. Keyhole Cut-Outs

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Keyhole cuts are slowly coming back into fashion, especially with the catwalk trend of deconstruction taking over fashion weeks. These swimsuits are often classic shapes with cutouts appearing under the bust or on the stomach area. This is a great trend to try out if you’re a fan of standing out from the crowd and don’t mind baring a little skin.

We love this trend, especially when a print is involved, as it makes for a high fashion pool look. Just make sure you’re careful with a suntan and these suits – the cutouts could make for some interesting tan lines!

5. Swimwear In Pastel Hues

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Pastel color palettes always appear around summer, but just because they’re a summer staple doesn’t mean you should ignore them!

Opting for lighter shades is a great way to compliment all skin tones. Blush and lilac colors can make a tan pop, while pastel blues and mints can bring paler complexions to life! Dressing for your skin tone can make a big difference, especially when in a bikini, so take time to coordinate your pastel bikini to your complexion.

6. Crochet Bikinis

Photo: Instagram/@michaela_bee

Just recently, crochet and knit garments were everywhere. Just when you think you’ve seen all they can do with them, crochet bikinis have appeared!

If you love new trends and like to push fashion boundaries, a crochet bikini could serve as a way to style your swimwear. These pieces usually take the standard triangle bikini cup shape. Still, instead of a flat fabric, these are carefully knitted into the bikini shape.

These bikinis are so on-trend that they could also double as a summer crop top or under a bra. These unique garments are made to be shown off, especially as they come in geometric patterns with bright pops of colors – perfect for summer.

7. Smocked Bikinis

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Smocking is another technique that has taken Instagram and influencers by storm in the last year. This fabric manipulation technique became popular with the rise of the cottagecore aesthetic – think historically inspired clothes that are ultra-feminine.

This is a great bikini trend, as these tops add a feminine edge to swimsuits that we don’t always see. These look daintier and can add extra coverage when they have a ruffle edge. We love these as they provide comfort, style, and trend to your summer wardrobe.

8. Mesh Detailing

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Mesh is a daring fabric. It leaves little to the imagination due to its see-through nature. However, when carefully placed, this fabric can add some gorgeous details to otherwise standard swimsuits.

Though some mesh swimsuits bare all, if you opt for versions with small panels of mesh, it can add some elegance to your swimwear and look expensive. Patterned meshes, such as Polkadot, can also give a vintage look. So, if you’re a fan of retro vibes and want to take this to the beach, look for these on the market!

9. Color Blocking

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Another print trend getting popular this summer is color blocking. Why go for a ditsy print when you can be bold with color? This trend takes one-piece suits and divides them into sections of color for an aesthetic and retro look.

Color blocking is a great way to compliment your skin tone or hair. Opt for colors that go with your complexion to match your swimsuit on the beach. This trend doesn’t have to be bright if you don’t want it to, though! You can play with shades of the same color or even black and white for an alternative beach color palette.

10. Lace Details

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If you’re a fan of details and all things girly, the lace trend is an excellent fit for you. With the rise of historically inspired garments, all clothes have started to take inspiration from the past. Still, this trend also extends to swimsuits and bikinis.

Waterproof lace fabrics give great details to otherwise plain swimsuits. This is a good trend for pool parties and any events that will need to be a bit dressier than your casual swimming event. Match your jewelry to this lace trend with pearl necklaces, dainty earrings, and floral rings.

Just because you’re by the pool doesn’t mean you can’t look as stylish as always! These trends are all predicted to be favorites for this summer, so if you need any inspiration for your swimwear wardrobe, try these out for size.

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