Picking Perfect Summer Work Outfits: 7 Style Advice

Summer work outfits: stylish woman on the street
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Dressing for work in summer can come as a pretty tricky business. Not sweating to death is the main thing you should consider, as well as not freezing in your office, on the other side.

That is why many women wear the same looks over and over and don’t feel creative enough to try some new and unique work outfits.

We hope to inspire you to find new summer work outfits, new fits, fabrics that are suitable for hot weather, and cuts that will make you feel comfy during heat waves. Changing these things will bring new summer vibes to your work wardrobe while making you feel comfortable and chic at the same time.

If you feel stuck when you get up in the morning, we will get you out of the style rut. Just follow these great style pieces of advice that we have prepared.

Summer Work Outfits Style Tips

1. The Shirtdress is The Must-Have Item

The shirtdress is one of those items that you need to have in your closet for both work and casual wear.

The one that is made of summer-friendly materials such as cotton or linen can work perfectly with heatwaves and air-conditioning in your office.

Styling it with slingback sandals or flats is a combo that will carry you through summer without problems.

The Shirtdress is The Must-Have Item
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A striped shirtdress like this in the photo above is attractive, but more than anything, it is utterly appropriate for nine-to-five working hours. Opt for midi or maxi length.

The Shirtdress is The Must-Have Item

Earth tones are perfect for summer and work outfits. You can wear your shirtdress in a camel shade and match it with flat sandals and a brown croc leather bag.

2. Suit Upgrade to Linen

The suit is a great piece to wear to work.

However, we all know how warm you can feel while wearing a suit. That is why you should switch to a linen suit. It might come strange at first, but you will love the fit of it.

Linen is one of the best summer materials, so you will feel pleasant yet very chic during your working hours.

Linen Suit
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Linen is a real summer treat – be it linen dresses, pants, or other garments. It is one of the most pleasant materials ever, so this suit will be a double winner. Comfort and style in one!

Linen Suit
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Loose vintage cut and modern mint shade are incorporated into a great suit. Make a balance between old and new, and voila – you have a perfect summer work outfit.

3. Try Bright Colored Clothes For Summer Work Outfits

Go bright or go home should be your summer work outfits mantra.

No matter what you choose to wear, if you wear it in a bright shade, you will liven up the whole office.

Try Bright Colored Clothes For Summer Work Outfits

Coral red is one of the shades you should try, especially if you feel a bit down. It will instantly lift not only your work attire but your mood as well!

Try Bright Colored Clothes For Summer Work Outfits
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You probably have seen a lot of puff shoulders lately. They came back in style through the big door. You surely need to give them a chance as well as try wearing a yellow floral dress.

4. Wide and Chic

Loose fits and airy fabrics allow you to feel great in your summer work outfits. Just because it is warm outside, it doesn’t mean you should avoid pants and blouses all the time.

Simply pick looser fit and comfortable materials, and you will enjoy your work outfits, even on a hot summer day. Wide-leg trousers and blouses will allow your skin to breathe and also won’t relieve too much of it during your morning briefs.

Pick looser fit and comfortable materials for your summer work outfits

Loose fit and silk are your best friends for creating perfect, slightly more casual summer work attire. Try matching pastel shades with neutral white or beige.

Pick looser fit and comfortable materials for your summer work outfits
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Culottes are one of those exceptional items that create gorgeous and comfy summer outfits. Pair it with classy linen striped shirt and finish it off with strappy sandals.

5. The Power of White Pants

Believe it or not, not all women know that white pants can be a pretty big game changer. If you like to wear black and white combinations, then white pants are definitely for you. Choose a pair of culottes or straight-leg jeans in white, and combine them with a basic black top or a tee.

Want to try a French way? Combine the pants with a loose blue shirt, unbutton the shirt a bit, and finish everything with black sandals and a handbag.

White Pants

Black and white combinations are absolute delights. They are so simple, yet so chic! Go for white pants and a black striped tee.

White Pants

Polka dot is an appropriate pattern for work. You can style the blouse with a polka dot print and white pants for summer working hours.

6. Midi Skirt as Basic Item for Summer

A midi skirt is an item worth having. It acts like a black canvas for all your outfits.

Whether you pick a basic top, loose blouse, or button-down shirt, make sure it is made of good materials that allow your skin to breathe.

Midi Skirt as Basic Item for Summer
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We all need a printed midi skirt in our closets. It is an item that creates great summer work outfits. Pick A-line cut skirt, and pair this skirt with a loose button-down.

Midi Skirt as Basic Item for Summer
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Checked or pleated prints are perfect for workwear. Their versatility allows you to wear items during all seasons. You can match the plaid midi skirt with a loose denim blouse or button-down shirt. Be bold and go for double plaid – both skirt and blouse.

7. Master Layering

Layering is one of the crucial things you need to learn when thinking about summer outfits. Sometimes, you need to layer a thing or two to keep your outfits appropriate for the office.

A sleeveless dress will look chic when you layer it with a basic plain white tee. This combination creates a high contrast that is perfectly appropriate for the office.

How to make an elegant dress appropriate for work? Add a plain or striped blouse or a T-shirt below.
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How to make an elegant dress appropriate for work? Add a plain or striped blouse or a T-shirt below. You can wear this combination from nine to five and still look fantastic if you decide to go for an after-work drink with friends.

The floral dress might sound boring, but you can upgrade it with a T-shirt and belt bag.
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The floral dress might sound boring, but you can upgrade it with a T-shirt and belt bag. This is an awesome summer work outfit that you will love to wear.

Summer is not the time for repeating one work outfit all over again. You can be creative, mix, and match, but always put your comfort first.

So, get ready for work with enthusiasm and wear your summer work outfits with more style.

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