Work Outfits with an Edge

By Kaia Saunders / Updated on November 15, 2018
Model creates a vibrant twist with the colorful wedge shoes to complete a simple black shirt and long floral skirt, a bag can be an accessory too

Let’s face it- nobody is in the mood of talking about work when summer is just around the corner. However, you can always make your day better and workflow smoother by adding a twist to your office dress code. Black can be a great rescue but we are kind of booooored from it all winter. Whether it will be an unordinary color scheme, a summery fabric or a statement jewelry piece, you can experiment as far as your working environment allows it. Get inspired and feel the sea breeze over these excel sheets!

Model is seen with blue jeans and a pink top, a sophisticated animal printed blazer completes the look. A plain top and jeans are made fashionable with a leopard-printed blazer.

A well-tailored blazer should be a staple of every girl’s wardrobe. How about leaving the plain at home and become a real queen of the jungle with animal printed one? A rule here will be to narrow it down with the rest of the outfit to plain shirt and denim (if jeans are allowed in your working attire).

Set sail in this navy blue stunner dress. An elegant body-hugging capsleeve dress with a right touch of ruffles.

A cap sleeve dress in navy blue is a great way to add the pool party vibe without forgetting to still be responsible as captain of the ship.

Model is wearing a black jumpsuit with red stilettos, bangles to accessorize and an oversized bag to complete the look. An absolutely professional look in this black jumpsuit paired with sexy stilettos.

A jumpsuit and good stilettos. You are ready for a cocktail party straight after the last document is sent.

Model is seen mix matching a checkered shirt and animal printed flats, a trench coat to finish up the look. There's nothing a well-fitted trench coat can't solve.

Animal print with plate shirt? Just do it! It’s a bit edgy but nothing that a well-fitted trench coat can’t solve.

Model poses with a yellow long-sleeved collared top, a flowy skirt, yellow sandals and a cute purse to accessorize. A collared, long-sleeved top and yellow sandals scream summer.

How about you go full blast with the colors? Don’t tip toe the feeling of summer and you see how quickly the 9 to 5 turns into Dolce vita.

Model is wearing a simple white shirt, brown pencil skirt and pumps, aquamarine bag, necklace and a bracelet to have as accessories. Look pro with a classic white collared shirt, a brown pencil skirt and bold accessories.

If you want to play safer just accessorize with colorful bold jewelry matching your clutch bag. Aquamarine goes great with the classic white shirt.

Model sports a bohemian style long dress with flats for a casual stroll. Red bohemian dress stunner with flats give off a carefree vibe, who doesn't love that?

Bohemian chic for Friday? Go for it, just don’t put your bathing suit yet and try to stick to more business cut for the top part. Long sleeves are great balancer for that matter.

Model creates a vibrant twist with the colorful wedge shoes to complete a simple black shirt and long floral skirt, a bag can be an accessory too. Surprise onlookers by wearing colorful wedge shoes with a long floral skirt and a simple black shirt.

Long floral printed skirt with a black shirt and colorful wedge shoes for a twist. This time of the year less is definitely not more.

Model looks sassy in a simple shirt-dress and a bracelet but a braid do signals a good start of the week. Look super playful with a shirt-dress, a simple bracelet and a braid to top off the look.

Shirt-dress and cute braid for a good start of the week. Serious enough but still with one toe in the weekend.

A silky mini dress with ethnic motives paired with wedge shoes and a delicate necklace. Opt for this mini silk dress with ethnic details for a summer feel in the office.

Silk dress with ethnic motives will spring some summer vibe in the office. Style it with a delicate necklace and plain wedges.

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