Cool and Pretty Nails for Beginners

Getting those perfect nails does become challenging most of the times. The perfect manicure brings out the charm to those flawless fingers.

However, now there are so many DIY techniques that you can easily pull off at home and get those perfect delightful nails you are looking for, so bye bye to those tiring, unnecessary trips to salon, for every single nail color chip.

Forget the boring French tip nails and simply add glitter.Photo:

We all want those flawless French nails, but it does not have to be boring anymore. A twist can be added by a simple glitter, the best part you do not need to be a pro to add it in, just grab a pen with glitter from any store and apply it where the innocent white meets the peachy pink.

Pull off as many designs you can think of using tape.Photo:

Tape should become your best friend, it is so easy to use and you can pull off so many designs with it. You just have to cut it and paste it, after which you can literally fill in the gaps with your favorite color or make a really cool design out of it. The best part is once you are done, you can simply peel it off and the color will not chip, giving you the perfect pattern that you wished for.

Go bolder and wild by trying a snake-skin pattern on your nails.Photo:

Want to go a bit bolder and wild, try the snake skin nail design. It looks complicated, but is really easy to apply and once you are done, you will get a guaranteed satisfaction of an achievement. Just take up a piece of lace with any pattern, a net one will be preferred, dip a makeup sponge in your favorite nail color and then dab it over the lace. Let the color set, remove the lace, clean out the edges and then if you want you can place a small crystal stud on the nail, to add class.

Keep it simple but delightful with a combo of colors and adding glitter.Photo:

Keeping it simple can also be delightful, where you can just use a combination of colors which match your evening outfit, add in glitter to one of the nails, to bring out your party side. Apply the base color, after letting it dry, apply a clear coat over it so that it stays longer without chipping and once you are done you are ready to rock the stage with those awesome shades.

This cute nail is messy but worth.Photo:

This funky nail color technique should be tried at least once by all; it is so effortless but a bit messy when being applied, so use a surface which can be easily cleaned. First, apply the base color, after letting it dry, use a slanted makeup brush, dip it in your favorite color and then dip it in a nail polish remover, to make the color thinner so that you can splatter it over the nails. You can repeat this process for different nail colors and add it to the previous ones, it will just look fantastic.

Bring character to your nails by trying out this awesome ombre color.Photo:

Ombre nails is not only a must do, but also with its varying shades, it brings out character to the nails. Start off with a base coat, ranging from cool blues to ravishing oranges, anything can work. After the dried up base paint, take a makeup sponge and apply the shades you want on your nails and before the shades run dry on the makeup sponge, apply it on your nail. Remember every nail will require its separate reloading of paint; you need to be patient with this one. After the applied colors, take the other side of the makeup sponge and apply nail color remover to it and then just dab it on the previously painted nail, in order to magnificently diffuse the colors. Don’t be harsh with this step; otherwise, you will end up removing the shades. Once this step is done, just clean the edges of your nails and skin with a Q-tip swab and apply a final clear coat to give it the shine it needs. Repeat this process for all the nails and voila you have the perfect ombre.

Stun people with this gold and turquoise nails.Photo:

Another easy technique for those stunning nails, in this one contrast, will play its major role, so any base color you choose make sure for the pattern on it, you select the one what complements the base on the color wheel, or you can play it safe with gold or silver. First apply the base color, after letting it dry take a piece of soft plastic and shape it into a flower, apply the contrasting color to it but before putting it directly on your nails, remove the excess paint by gently dabbing it over a piece of paper once or twice, after which place it over the nail. This will give you a unique design on every nail. Finish it off with a nice clear coat, after cleaning the sides of the nail.

Dotted nail design.Photo:

Polka dots never grow old; they are everywhere from clothes to furniture to even nails. Getting that perfect dot on that small nail can be very challenging, but if you use a bobby pin, you can easily achieve that perfect circle. Apply a base coat, after letting it dry pour a little amount of paint on a surface you can easily clean later, the liquid should be enough to dip the round end of the bobby pin. After getting the color on the pin gently dab it over the nail, it’s your choice whether you want the dots to be placed densely together or you want the tinny rounds to breathe some air. Complete your technique with a nice fresh coat of clear polish paint.

Graffiti-styled nails can be achieved with black, gold and silver.Photo:

Why go to the walls for graffiti when you can use your nails? This graffiti nail technique is bold, unique and impeccably simple. Black, gold and silver is the perfect combination of this nail art. Start off with a base coat of black, let it dry and then apply silver color over it, but for the ultimate graffiti, wipe the metallic color over the top of the bottle a couple of times so that when you paint over your nail you get to see the bristle effect. Repeat this for the gold color and then complete the process with a coat of clear nail color.

Marble art is a fun design to work with and will go about any dress.Photo:

Marble art is another fun design to work with and it will go with just about with any dress. For this design, you will need a lot of colors to begin with, the more the merrier, but pastel colors against a black background will work the best. Begin with the black base coat, after it’s dried, use a bobby pin and dip it into the paint and place a dot over the nail. Repeat this for the various colors you have selected, until you get this curve of joyous dots, dancing over your nails. Do not forget to end the technique with a clear top coat; this will give the design its varnish.

Mix and match any two colors and alternate for variety.Photo:

Speckled nails are another easy and fun way to go about your nails. You can mix and match any two colors and alternate the base coat for it, on a different nail to bring out the variety. Black and white is a match made in heaven and it will go with any dress. Alternate white and black base coats on every nail, let it dry and then with the help of a bobby pin alternate the dots on every nail. Black on white, white on black, how can you simply go wrong with it?

A quick design for beginners to pull off.Photo:

Another really quick design to pull off for beginners, you just need two colors for this one. Start off with a base coat, then take a thin brush and dip it in your desired color and paint two vertical lines over the dried up base coat. Varnish it with a clear coat to give it its finish.

Feel romantic by wearing this red and heart combo.Photo:

Need a change for valentines and show off your love for that special one, then do try this one out. Start with a glittered bright red and apply it as your base coat, leaving out the ring finger. Apply a white base coat for the ring finger; this gives a background for the heart to pop out. After the white base has dried, take a small dotting tool and apply two dots of red glitter paint over the nail, then drag it down to make the shape of a heart. Let it dry and apply a clear coat to finish off this beautiful design, dedicated for that special someone.

Try this convenient and great way on applying nail art with stencils.Photo:

Stencils can be another great way to work with; it is convenient and does not create a mess at all. Start off with selecting your stencil, then apply base coats on your nails, you can create variations in the colors of the base coat. Like here, one base coat is magenta and the other one a lemon yellow, the stencil is placed over the yellow and coated with magenta, this fills out the negative spaces of the stencil, bringing out the hearts. You need to allow the color over the stencil to dry properly; otherwise, you will get smudged hearts, which obviously we do not want at all. Once you are done, apply a clear coat to seal the deal.