How To Do A Perfect French Manicure On Short Nails (4 Tips)

A Perfect French Manicure On Short Nails

French manicures became a golden standard back in the nineties.

Since then, French tip nails have become more and more popular. French women surely wouldn’t wear rhinestone manicures decorated with sequin stripes.

You don’t have to have long nails to do French mani. Short nails are not only practical but also look sleek and elegant. And they are perfect for a great-looking French manicure.

So, let’s get back to basics. French manicure on short nails is something that we all have tried. But do you know how to make it at home and look impeccable? Follow our tips.

Things You Need for Perfect French Manicure At Home

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must schedule some time to get your manicure done. Allow yourself at least an hour to get the stuff done. These are the things you will need to get the perfect French mani on your short nails.

  • A bowl of warm water
  • A towel
  • Nail file
  • Nail polish remover (if needed)
  • Scissors
  • Cuticle tools
  • Cotton balls or pads
  • Hand cream
  • French manicure nail polishes
  • Clear top coat polish
  • Plastic bags (if needed)
Beautiful French manicure on short nails

Tips on How to Do Perfect French Manicure on Short Nails

These are some of the tested and proven tips that will provide perfect results for your French manicure.

Tip 1: Always Remove Polish Traces and Jewelry

Removing all your jewelry so it doesn’t bother you while you do your French manicure on short nails is essential. Whether you wear stacked rings or bracelets, stash them aside and start with removing nail polish traces.

Think about non-acetone remover since it will be kind to your nails and the skin around it. Also, remember that non-acetone remover is crucial for fake nails if you have them. Use cotton balls or pads to remove any excess nail polish if you have it.

Tip 2: Styling your Nails Correctly

Short nails are great to style, same as long ones. You should start by cutting off and styling your nails to the preferred shape. Use a nail file and style your short nails. Square and oval shapes are the best for short nails. When filing, don’t forget to do it only in the back-and-forth motion.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget Nails and Hand Care – Cuticles and Massage

It can’t pass without properly caring for your nails and hands if you want to achieve a perfect manicure. Natural nail care can do wonders.

Soaking your hands in a bowl with warm water is the best way to soften the cuticles. Let them sit in water for at least five minutes. This is especially helpful if nails hurt after cutting them too short.

If your hands are really dry, you can put them in plastic bags and let them sit in water for at least another ten minutes.

By using your cuticle tools, you can encourage them back to the nail base. Use scissors to remove dead skin.

After taking care of your cuticles, you can use another tip – apply a moisturizer or hand lotion to your hands. Just be careful. Before applying nail polish, make sure to wipe the surface of your nails. Otherwise, your nail polish will not dry successfully.

Tip 4: Base Coat, Tips, and Over Top Application

The best tip for applying your base coat is to start with the center and then to the left and right sides of your nail. All coats should be really thin, so they can dry quickly.

Paint your tips in a classic white shade. You can use a tape or a guide strip that usually comes in a French manicure kit, or you can DIY. If you feel confident enough, you can do it without a tape. The key is to paint your tip in the same direction as a base coat, not horizontally.

Wait for all the coats to dry completely before applying over top polish. Your manicure is now totally complete.

French Manicure on Short Nails

In this video, you can see how this blogger paints her short nails with a French manicure. Her nails are super short, because, as she said, her long nails broke.

She starts by applying a sheer and milky base. As you can see, she is applying a small coat first. First, paint the middle with one brushstroke, and then fill the sides of nails.

Fill in the tips with milky white nail polish. Mima suggests not to stress about doing the perfect line. She uses an x stroke to connect the line and make it even. In the end, apply a sheer top coat nail polish that will keep everything in place.

She reminds us to take care of our skin, below the short nails. That is usually the place where nail polish finishes when you have short nails.

French Nails with a Guide Strips

This is one of those super easy French manicures for short nails that don’t require any skill. You will need to find a guide strips or reinforcements stickers for the binder. You see them in any store.

Start by taking the sticker and dab it a bit, so it is not too sticky. You will remove it easier from your nail later. Apply it above your actual nail line and paint the line with the white creamy nail polish.

After finishing the tips of your nails, you should clean residues of nail polish with a brush and acetone. Then you apply a light milky nail polish all across your nail. This coat will give you a beautiful finish look, leaving your nails with milky touch.

Rita didn’t wait for her nails to dry completely. She says that splotches around the nails and other unevenness can be blended out with the top coat nail polish. Clear nail polish will give your nails a subtle gel-like finish.

French manicure on short nails is classy, chic, and, most of all, easy to achieve. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your short nails look nice. Things you need can be found in your house or the closest store.

If you think about this kind of manicure, we can only say to go for it, follow our tips, and show off your perfectly done nails. After all, the French manicure is timeless.

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